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Show your Wattpad writings

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Anyone into Wattpad writings here?

I just started writing on it last month.

It has lots of pop literature inside so I started a story about poppish themes like vampires.:roll:...Didn't get many readers though lol.


Here's a synopsis of my story:

"Liam Delacruz is a fictional vampire who exists in a book called The Book of Light and Shadow. His ex-lover was a human slave called Acadia, the heroine of the book. When Cassie Valencia read this book on the airplane, she never would have thought that during the plane crash, she would travel into the book revived as one of the book's redshirt character who was killed by Liam. Would Cassie's existence in the book change the fate of how its whole story goes?"


Read it here


I'm curious if there are other writers here. If you are, please feel free to share your works!

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