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Hi everyone!

I'm selling a bunch of Cheki!
I'd really love to have them gone soon, so price of a bit more expensive Cheki can be discounted by 10% if you buy more than 3! (I will write which ones below!)
Please take a look at them here 

Selling Cheki of:
Lycaon (all members, 4-8€!)
ex. BFN (Ice, Cosplay/Signed, 8€)

Shounenki (all members 6 Cheki Set for 20€!)
ex. SCREW (Byou, 7€)
PENTAGON (All members 6-8€, some only sold in sets though)
JUPITER (Zin, Cosplay, 10€ each)
Inugami Circus (4€)
Kaya (Coupling Cheki with Inugami Circus/ Solo Cheki/SIGNED/ Femme Fatale Cheki) DISCOUNT POSSIBLE + FREE REGULAR SHIPPING IF YOU BUY 5 OR MORE

Femme Fatale (Chargeeeee)

Also selling a big BLACK LINE/ G.L.A.M.S. / MIKARU Set!
Contains: 35 Cheki (Mikaru, Black Line Members, GLAMS Members, most of them signed), 2 Photsets, 1 CD (Glams - Under the Moon), 1 Handwritten Atari Card by Syu from Black Lines Last Live.

The original Price of everything would be around 180€-200€, I'm selling everything for 100€ on ebay OR 90€ if you contact me via facebook or here!
See pictures here

Pleaseplease contact me if you're interested <3


FEEDBACK can be found under my Photo Album!

Shipping is from Germany! For Details please read the photo album desription :D
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a message!


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