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[Lyrics] JILUKA - Faizh

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I can't help with the translation, but here's the lyrics transcribed from the liner notes. Maybe someone else can pick the ball up from here.



1. Faizh

music : Sena   lyrics : Sena


Without a feel, Khronos flew

I got nothing   All is none


It’s like chaos of mind that turns like a dream


Slight hope I still hold





見えないもの   失くしてゆく

Within a spiral scope that

turned from a rounding helix cross

Where is the point of no return?

I lost something like a faith



こぼれそうな寂しさが   温もり求めてゆく


望まない空白を   せめて今は



With my fall through the days

I had run out of all

No mean   No more life forward

No more sad tears

With my call now and forever

I get through under the daze

Time flies just like a flash

I’ll rise far away from here

I fall down deep into phis

No sight   No more life forever


Will I not tell you ‘bout a true lie

Fall down through doubt

Will I not tell you ‘bout a true die

Whole doubt fell down

Will I not tell you ‘bout a true lie

Will I not tell you ‘bout a true love



同じ影に溶けたはずなのに   想いほどけてゆく

二度と戻れないなら   この空白をせめて今は



I fall down deep into the Faizh.


気付けば   許し合うことに疲れてた

戻れない夜は甘く遠く …


同じ傷を抱いたはずなのに   離れてゆく

淡く脆い夢でいい   せめてこの空白を…


今も   こぼれそうな寂しさが   まだ切なくて


無意味でも今だけ   この空白を深く染めて


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