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Yo! I art and stuff. Dunno anything about like, digital art. I'm old fashioned, at least until I have enough money to get meself a decent machine.


Comments and constructive criticism fully welcome. Tell me how I can improve myself.


I shall be providing you with necessary commentary on my creations. You wanna know what I used to make them? Tough luck. Too lazy to do that and it's not funny to repeat "promarkers, black liner pencils, white gel liner and derwent studio pens". Just assume I used one or a number of those.


(Also yo, photobucket, bro, you turn half of these blurry so you take responsibility. My handiwork is def not that shabby! Also some of these pictures seem way larger than they're supposed to be, as I resized them on photobucket... dunno what's up with that. Mods can hit me in the head if this somehow bothers the usual forum protocol.)






Dis? Dis a bread wolf. Had to make something to celebrate my awesome nickname. Aaaaaand this is it. Made with photoshop CC.







Starry spacenight subconscious hipster artwolf.






Qwuorg. Had to try out my new markers. Turned out pretty neat. This is my dog by the way. Do not take. My Qwuorg.






Yo, like, shadow manimals. The wolf is a retard so I kinda wanted to draw attention to the fox instead.





The D(r)ead Wolf. Okay it's a wolf... with six eyes. Dat enough. Very floofy.






Another D(r)ead Wolf. Different angle. Maybe less floofy?






Eww faggots. Anders (Dragon Age:  Awakening, Dragon Age II) x Fenris (Dragon Age II)







Have a closeup of a faggoty fag Andors. 'Cause I'm really proud of how that skintone turned out and hair too! Everything's so glossy and pretty. *drool* Also, fuck feathers.







Skintone rehearsal with markers and Fenris! Damn if I could make every picture I make of him look so flawless. Also... Witcher crossover. But... what's that in the upper right corner?






LOOK AT THAT MAGNIFICENT BIRD! It's a griffin. My proudest piece of all. 






Expression rehearsals with... Fenris again. Damn you elf look herpy af.







Aaaaand the newest piece of the collection. Ah, ah, ah... Solas. Anger management issues over the fact that his hand is a half-assed tentacle. 




Leave a like, a favourite and remember to subscribe! No wait this isn't youtube o shit.

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Lol yo. More artstuffies. Digital. Any sort of criticism is highly appreciated.






It's a-me, Bread wolf.


Basically just practising on emotion and expression. Will also prolly be used in the future for YT thumbnails. 





Same thing as the one above. Practising expressions. This is me high on hot dudes/dudettes. Usually in video games. Lately Garrus. God I love Garrus.

I like this one more than the one above. The colouring is more consistent or something. Hard to tell.




My lovely, never-to-exist-in-the-gameverse Inquisitor (Dragon Age: Inquisition). He's a wee hedonistic shit that I love deeply, like a child of mine. He couldn't give a rat's ass if the whole world just got vaporised, as long as he got to lie with everyone, eat everything and misuse the power granted to him. Hopefully I managed to project his awesomely horrible personality in this work.




Same guy, in a bath, without a bathtub (to be added later). Dunno. Wanted to experiment with poses. Love this one more than the other one. I didn't even have to look up a reference to get that arm right, and I suck at human anatomy. 



Like mentioned before, any criticism and advice are welcome. Bread out.

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Your animal stuff is on point. (specially the bread wolf :wub:) but your human stuff needs work. The face anatomy is completely disproportional, where the nose takes up most of the face and the eyes are too high up in the skull. You've got amazing color skills going for you, so just going over some basic anatomy and structure would take your work to another level.


(more bread wolf also pls)

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Thank you for the feedback! Nice to see people actually bothering to even look at my artstuffs. :D


I'm not exactly used to drawing humans. I've always been in my element drawing animals, especially canines. References are easy to find as well. Just pick one up from the floor and check how it works. Humans don't approve when I do that.


However, I would like to mention that I do have a serious Bioware elf syndrome. Basically every single human being is modeled after two characters;








and Solas






And especially in Solas's case you can see his eyes just are like... like all the way on top of his head, almost. 


(Sidenote: to make things worse, Bioware can not be consistent with it's elves. So I take one thing from one game and another thing from another. Fenris's nose and Solas's eyes.)


Anyways, I will definitely look more into weird elven anatomy and come up with an even more bizarre design for sure! Thank you for checking out my stuff!

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New stuffs! Wow Bread Wolf, so soon? Yeah, these aren't hard to make. And I also enjoy making them.




Today's emotion... enjoyment. Damn this was kinda hard, and the paws and arms still aren't exactly how I'd want, but... ehh. 




I also have the lineart ready for the next one. Bear in mind this is incomplete and will be coloured and cleaned at a later date.




Incomplete emotion: anger/irritation. 


Again, replies are appreciated and greatly valued.

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More artstuffs. And more feedback appreciated!




It's Cole (DAI). I've never been awfully successful at drawing Cole. Especially with clothes on. *cough*


Anyways, tried my wings with very simplistic greyscale colouring. 

There are a multitude of mistakes which make me want to redraw the whole thing. Which I'm probably gonna do as well since I'm intending this to be a part of a silent comic at some point.


Anyways. Point out mistakes and things I could do better! Please! I love learning more.

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On 02/07/2017 at 0:31 PM, ShTon said:

My favorite is Qwuorg, because that's some good coloring. Also I like that angry look on Solas's face.

Uwoooooo what is this a person what is it doing here thank you for coming tho. orz


Angry Solas is angry. Maybe someone served him tea. 




Annnnnywaays. Here's more awful artstuffs. Hope yall like.



Here's a piece I call "No clothes is no excuse for a bad hair day":





But as usual, I ended up hating this one. Started to notice mistakes immediately after I had finished drawing it and it looks nothing like I wanted it to. So, two days later (last night) I redrew the picture from scratch:





Note that the time between these two pictures is about 2 nights. So which one do you think is better?


I vote for the second one. Kinda feels like whenever I draw something, the first attempt is without an exception absolute pile of shit. And then, when I get more comfortable with the concept of my drawing, it suddenly gets better. I feel like I managed to capture better anatomy with the second one, and also a better angle, although the latter'd still need some work, but fudgesticks, I'm not good at angles.


Pwease give advise my mighty masters.

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On 18/07/2017 at 11:58 AM, Platy said:

The 2nd picture has a huge improvement in proportions!

Thank you so much for noticing! And commenting! Aw you, you're awesome.




Here's some more.






I have such a problem with this one. It's kind of my first perspective practise like... ever, and while the arm in the foreground worked miraculously well, the arm near the face... ehh... well, let's just say that I erased it and redrew it and erased it again and repositioned it like 4 times and it still looks like a melting candy corn. 


I understand that it looks wrong but I somehow can not comprehend how to fix it. 


I require halp.


Please halp.


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Haa, so. I had a bit of a long streak of not drawing at all and watching like... anime instead. But yesterday I managed to finally do SOMETHING. 




Basically the two younger siblings to the elf I've previously drawn. Twins. Tried colouring again. I suck at it.

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On 25.8.2017 at 12:51 PM, ShTon said:

Hair looks good tho.

A super belated thank you!




I was uninspired to draw anything for the longest time, but for a while I've had this idea of an OC in my head and I finally managed to draw her. Even though I originally planned to do a full body picture and it didn't work out, I'm still feeling okay about the result.






All comments are welcome and I like honest criticism if you have some to offer. I want to improve myself.

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