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SCREW will disband

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 What a synchronicity that both them and girugamesh announce their disbandments. At one point both were those bands that I couldn't believe were still around. Screw was like a car gassing it on the driveway without going anywhere and girugamesh had gone through such stylistic amalgamations that one didn't know what to think. It is only recently that Girugamesh seemed to have gotten their groove back and Screw started showing some signs of life as well: and then they both disbanded lol. If this had happened like, two three years ago I wouldn't have been surprised at all, but now it caught me a bit off guard with the recent surge of activity from both of them. Screw especially I have been expecting to disband for such a long time that I kind of got comfortable with the idea they were just going to stick around forever ( much what I thought of BORN as well before they disbanded ).


I moderately liked a bunch of the indies stuff, however the one time I saw them live they were so good that I have quite a bit of nostalgia for everything thing they played that night. rip



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While this news is not as unexpected as Girugamesh's disbandment, I am still sad to see another long time band in the scene call it quits.  I honestly enjoyed their releases and stuck with them even in recent years, so to see this announcement with so many others makes the month of May a dark time for the J-Rock world.

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I wasn't a fan, but here's a translation for those who were.


We're closing the curtain on 10 years of SCREW.
In this time many purple flowers have bloomed and purple rain has fallen.
The reason we were able to come this far is because of you, reading this.
For the remaining six months, please continue to support us until our final breath.


So SCREW will disband on November 1. Sorry for the sudden announcement.
In these 10 years, we have been able to overcome any number of difficulties. I believed that SCREW was a band that could continue year after year.
The courage to persevere, the challenge of going on, and the fear of stopping.
Honestly, I think this was always somewhere in the back of my mind.
If you felt even a little bit that our music was able to support you, then I am satisfied as the guitatarist of SCREW.
Throughout these 10 years, I was able to meet so many wonderful people and so many of you came along with us, supporting us with your smiles.
To all of you who have supported us until now, I want to thank you sincerely from my heart.
Although we only have a short time left, please accompany us to the end of our dream. Please continue support us until the very end.


November 1. On this day, SCREW will disband.
I'm sorry that we couldn't keep the promise we made on stage.
It's because of all the people we met and who supported us that we were able to come this far.
As for me, I plan to leave the stage after our final live.
Thank you so much for your support.
SCREW is my last dream. I am truly happy for the time we were able to spend together.
But it's still too soon to say farewell. I want to cherish this dream until the final moment.
To all of you who loved SCREW for these 10 years, you have my sincerest thanks and love.


SCREW will disband on November 1. Sorry for the sudden announcement.
Actually, although of course we've been doing our best these 10 years, the limit of SCREW is something we have been discussing since the start of the year.
Despite the departure of Yuto and Rui, we've remained positive in the face of adversity. Our fans supported and cheered for us.
But somehow we've lost sight of our goal, the struggle became reality, and we began to think that maybe SCREW can no longer exist as SCREW.
We feel terrible disappointing our fans like this, but all things must come to an end, and this is just the right time.
My chest ached to hear all the congratulations on our 10 year anniversary; I even cried.
Looking back on these 10 years, we've shared pain and happiness alike along with our fans. I'm really sorry we can't celebrate the 11th.
But I have no intention of quitting making music, so I promise you all I will return some day.
Please give us all your love at TSUTAYA O-EAST on November 1, and we'll repay it in kind.
Thank you so much for these 10 years. I am so grateful to everyone.
I loved SCREW.

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