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Notable (Maxi-)Singles

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I think it's pretty clear that many music buffs tend to be more album-oriented. Just look, year end lists tend to consist only of albums! EPs/mini-albums squeak their way onto these lists occasionally, but it's not often that maxi-singles get any attention. "If the title track is included on an album, then why bother talking about the maxi-single release!" Well, this thread is to help us mend that ideology.

While the OR team is taking strides towards more recognition of individual tracks (see our monthly and year-end best track lists), this topic is to help recognize notable (maxi-)singles that might have been overlooked in all the hubbub over albums.

Discuss some of your favorite (maxi-)singles here!

A few pointers:
1) If the release is a single (i.e 1 track, no b-sides), it must not be included on any of the given band's albums/EPs/mini-albums (greatest hits collections are excluded). You can fudge this rule if the single recording is different from the version included on another release.

2) If the release is a maxi-single (usually a single track, with 1-3 b-sides/SE/instrumentals), the entirety of the release must be of note for you. And preferably, the b-sides should not have shown up on any of the given band's albums/EPs/mini-albums.

3) For now, let's keep this limited to Japanese music (but any scenes/genres are welcome!).

4) Share your (maxi-)singles with a little blurb about why you chose it. If you can provide links (YouTube, etc.), do it!

So let's get this started! I'll share a few that I have in mind later.

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All of the Kiryus 12040502239491294 singles are unique and special to me, especially the one with the old Japanese-ish influence.


For realz though, 弥叉's Desperate... maxi-single is probably one of my all-time favorite releases ever. As Champ kindly pointed out in the compliment your last.fm thread, I may or may not have listened to it more times than the band did themselves and proudly own a copy. I don't even know why I'm so drawn to it: I just really enjoy every song on it and wished that they stuck around for a bit longer to actually put out a large release. :(



My other favorite is E'm~Grief~'s A...metonality! (lmao @ all the metal heads almost clutching their pearls right now) As one of E'm's 3 fans, I really liked them as soon as I heard their song "Infinity Daze" (which is still one of my top vkei songs, btw. It wouldn't fit for this thread though since I'm not really into the B-side that much) and silently waited for them to take 8+ months to ever release anything, only to go on hiatus and never come back. All bitterness aside, Atonality was their first, and last, attempt to prove that they had something going on that was pretty unique for their small circle of fans and friend-bands and it was also their peak in terms of composition and execution. Thankfully Yuuze decided he only need 5 or 6 samples that come with Garageband in this song instead of all of them :staru: 

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Off the top of my head, I could list:



LUNA SEA has always had some spectacular b-sides (even after reforming they still kept it up, mostly with "Lost World"). The title-track here is not really the standout imo, although it was one of the first songs I heard from them so it holds lots of nostalgia for me. The real reason for mentioning this single is because it also includes this gem and possibly the best b-side ever released by a Japanese band:



2) RENTRER EN SOI - 水夢見る蝶々

Everyone raves about Sphire-Croid and the Kein and Astre mini-albums, but they all seem to forget that RES released this single inbetween and it might as well be one of their best CDs. Third track "偽りの渦" is absolutely gorgeous and I could say that, considering their entire disco, it's easily top 3 material for me.



I'll go around my library later to see if anything else comes to mind.

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@fitear1590: Totally love this idea! I'm a single man myself (no pun intended. Actually, intended.).
@saishuu: Totally second Mizu Yume Miru...I LOVE the 3rd track.

Dir en Grey - ain't afraid to die


This is my absolute favorite Dir en Grey song of all time, dare I say in all of Japanese Rock. It's an awesome rock ballad with powerful vocals and melodies and features my favorite guitar solo from a song. I just feel like the band plays well here and it sounds like they're unified. There are 2 pretty sweet remixes included as well. While I'm not a big fan of Dir en Grey remixes, these 2 aren't so bad.

Sadie - Kokui no shita no yokubou to, kunou no hate ni mita hyakkei no yuritachi

(Not the version I wanted to show, but can't find the single version)


I'm not exactly sure how to categorize this since the first song was re-recorded as a live distributed single, then included in their bleach mini, the second track was re-recorded for their first best-of compilation "Singles", and the last song was re-recorded for their "Undead 13+2" best of album which was also technically named as their first album........but imma just roll with it.

I like Sadie's first single a lot because it shows what they originally sounded like before all their comparisons to Deg, etc. Surprisingly, before they were ripping off Dir en Grey, they were ripping off the GazettE.

That was a joke.

Well, sort of not. Aka Chou Chou is one of my favorite Sadie songs but it has an uncanny resemblance to the musical style of the GazettE in their indie days. There's a sort of Japonesque quality to the melodies (like in Akuuyukai) and the same raw and snazzy guitar playing similar to songs like "The Murder's TV" or anything off the "Hankou Seimeibun" mini album.

Anyways, I love that style of vkei and Sadie does it really well. 

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I don't play singles too often, but as far as Japanese bands goes there's three singles I've kept coming back to since I first heard them:


Kagrra - Yotogi Banashi

Great single which consists of two of Kagrra's best songs ever, and one very good one. Classic Kagrra!


Sigh - Shadowking

This single was never actually released, but it's listed on MA so I'll include it. It contains the title track and two Venom covers. The Venom covers are good as always, but the title track is a masterpiece. It was recorded right after Infidel Art for the band to experiment with MIDI for Hail Horror Hail, and it ended up as one of the best experiments ever. Fantastic song.


Magnesium - Time Tells No Lies / Over the Rainbow

One of the very best heavy metal releases ever. It's as simple as that.

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