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01. 3nt3r

02. w0r1d

03. f13Ld

04. w4rp

05. b0ss

06. v1ct0ry

07. L34v3


This is my first album in over 2 years or so. Today I released my new album g4t3k33p3r for free to listen to on YouTube under the moniker digitalmonster. (After some copyright disputes, it'll be up on SoundCloud sometime. It's also available on SoundCloud and Clowdy now too.)


It's a 7 track 20 or 30-something minute dive into instrumental dance, chiptune and creepy atmospheric ambience. I tried to sway away from the current EDM sound but it's still somewhat present in some parts of songs (but it's not the main point). I know a lot of the songs are long but please give it a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's kind of music you could listen to while studying, driving around or relaxing - it's very chill and not heavy at all.

Streaming Hub:
SoundCloud (320kbps)
Clowdy (320kbps)
last.fm (320kbps)

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