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Okay so I was thinking and came up with this idea. What I want to do is basically make this thread a place where we keep track of all upcoming game releases in a Google Docs spreadsheet in the opening post and the rest of the thread will be for people posting and discussing news relevant to upcoming video games that are coming out in the near future. I first came up with the idea when I was thinking of how the "currently playing" thread is used for a lot of different things pertaining to gaming and that it would be better to have a focused discussion over an all around discussion. So this thread will be exclusively used for discussing upcoming game releases as well as posting new information about said games. You can still use the "currently playing" thread for discussing older games that you might be playing at the moment, but I would appreciate it if we could move all other upcoming release discussion to this topic instead. Not only will this thread be used for discussing upcoming games but also as a place to discover new info on games that will be coming out soon.

Originally I was going to do a list/directory in the OP of this topic, but I quickly re-evaluated that plan and came to the conclusion that the easiest and most productive way would be to make the list into a Google Docs spreadsheet. Now not only is the list easier to manage and present but also later down the line if people are interested in helping me maintain the list it will be a trivial matter to just give the correct permissions to edit the spreadsheet. The link to the spreadsheet will be located on this post and I'll also include in my signature, other people are welcome to do the same and you can also from time to time post the link in this thread once it starts to grow. My biggest motivation in starting this is to drum up more exciting and engaging discussion here in this sub-forum and also have a place where people can easily and quickly find new info on the games that they are interested in.

Topic Guidelines

  • Primarily when posting news it would be ideal to use YT videos even if it's only people discussing relevant info and no actual gameplay or cinematics.
  • If a video is not an option then you may post the news in text form instead.
  • When posting any news that's not in video format please use the quote feature for the text and include a source link at the end of the post
  • Do not just link to the original article and leave it at that. It makes it easier to overlook cool news when it's just a link.
  • Don't be lazy when posting news (especially videos), write a few sentences describing what the video is about and what game it is relevant to. Hell you can even share your opinion on the topic, after all discussion is what this thread was created for.
  • Last but not least remember to have fun!

Upcoming Video Game Release List

✧ Last updated September 5th, 2014 ✧

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I will take this opportunity to get this topic started by introducing you guys to a game that probably has flew under a lot of people's radars and is coming out tomorrow in fact. That game is called Azure Striker Gunvolt.




Inti Creates announced that its Mega Man-inspired side-scroller Azure Striker Gunvolt is primed for a North American eShop release on August 29, arriving stateside shortly after its Japanese debut.

A European release featuring French, Italian, German and Spanish-language text is also in the works. Developer Inti Creates previously revealed that it was nixing localized voice acting in a bid for a near-simultaneous global launch.

Azure Striker Gunvolt will be priced at $14.99 when it hits the 3DS eShop later this month.



So basically this is the other game Keiji Inafune (creator of Megaman) has been working on along side Mighty No. 9. It released earlier this year in japan and is coming to the west tomorrow on the 3DS Eshop for 14.99. This game could of easily passed under anybody's radar (hell it did mine until a week or two ago xD) so now you know :)

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Tales of Hearts R for the PS Vita. Developed and published by Namco.



If you're familiar with the Tales series, you already know what to expect (Tales never really strays far from its core formula). For those unfamiliar, this game is an action-RPG that's basically a shounen anime in game form (cliches included). The battle mechanics feel like a fighting game, actions done through button input rather than menu selection, although you could change the settings mid-battle. You're in control of one character while the others are handle by A.I. which can also be adjusted mid-battle. Usually the focus is on character development but the plots are pretty interesting too when you break it down piece by piece.


US release is November 11, 2014. It will probably go for $39.99.

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Ah yes Tales of Hearts R the game I've been waiting to come out here since I first heard about it. Probably my most anticipated Vita title this year besides Freedom Wars. The Vita really needs a quality game to help move units and a Tales game sounds like a great candidate.

But speaking of Freedom Wars...


One of the games that stood-out to me most at E3 this past June was Freedom Wars, a PS Vita-exclusive project developed in tandem by Sony-owned Japan Studio, Shift, and Dimps. Indeed, it may just be Vita's most promising upcoming exclusive, and today, IGN can finally confirm for you when it's coming out in the west.


Freedom Wars will launch in North America on Tuesday, October 28th. It will be available both as a digital download and at retail, and it will cost $29.99. In Europe, Freedom Wars launches on Wednesday, October 29th digitally, and on Friday, October 31st at retail.



Should you choose to pre-order the game before it launches from "participating retailers" or via PlayStation Network, you'll get DLC that's identical to the pre-order DLC the Japanese audience got when the game launched there earlier this year. Those bonuses include a "Limited Edition Costume" (Formal Wear), "Powerful Starter Weapons" (Heavy Melee and Rocket Launcher), a "Limited Edition Sticker Set" (in-game), and a "Combat Pack Item" (Medical Supply Set).



Freedom Wars is pretty much a God Eater or Monster Hunter clone with some really interesting twists in gameplay and story plot. This is another candidate for the Vita game. So far from what I've seen it looks really fun.

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I'm glad we're getting Tales of Hearts R, but It saddens me to no end that means we're not getting the original vanilla Tales of Hearts wich is a completely different game and superior in every single ascpect that is not purely technical. 


I didn't want to turn this to a game about talking about games the previous poster mentioned, but since we all know what Smash Bros. is...



Meet the expanded version of the 4th installment of the king of the kill big monster→carve→make bigger weapon→repeat kind-of-game. It's a game about hitting dinosaurs that shoot lasers with big heavy hammers, stupidly long swords, bows and many other weapons. And in this game, even more than ever.  It's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


But mostly it's about weapon mastery, timing, pattern learning, strategy and having a lot of fun watching your friends die (but not too much! this is a cooperative game, you know). That's why it's particularly welcome that this is the first portable Monster Hunter game to feature online (in the west, at least).


Other features include a new aerial combat system, a greater degree of movility on vertical surfaces and the return of in-land only hunts, among lots of new content from the vanilla Monster Hunter 4, wich has been expanded on, that will probably make it the most complete version of the game in the whole series, hopefully.


The game is set for an early 2015 relase in the west.

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Freedom Wars sounds interesting but I've tried God Eater and one of the things that turned me off from that game was the camera, you have to adjust it constantly.

I was considering trying Monster Hunter for the 3DS (it doesn't suffer from difficult camera does it?) but I heard it's really hard. Neither problems I want to put up with when playing an action-RPG. Speaking of difficult RPGs.



Persona Q aka Etrian Odyssey with Persona skin. From what I've seen it really does look like a combination of both games. There's the first person dungeon crawling, map drawing, F.O.E and boost system from EO and the press turn system and social links from Persona.


I have a feeling I'm going to like this game more than the main Persona games since Q won't have constantly changing rooms and everyone can change personas, not just the main protagonist. I've played both EO Untold and P4 so I mostly know what to expect.


Persona Q for the 3DS comes out November 25, 2014 in the US, 28 in the EU.

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Freedom Wars sounds interesting but I've tried God Eater and one of the things that turned me off from that game was the camera, you have to adjust it constantly.



After playing Resident Evil 2 I can never complain about games that have shit camera angles but let you adjust the camera. At least they let you adjust the camera. In the example above, for some reason to move forward you have to press up. Even though you're facing left the game's going to make you press up to move forward because the camera always thinks you're rotated 90 degrees in another direction. And then after an arbitrary amount of steps the game "catches on" and adjusts so that now instead of pressing up you press right but it won't tell you when this happens so if you stop for any reason and press up to move forward now you're moving in a completely different direction. Absolute shit.

Speaking of games I'm hyped for, DESTINY! MMOFPS? Sign me up. Just looking at the gameplay footage from the demo gets me hype.

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Ah Yes Destiny is going to be a day one buy for me, I've played both the Alpha and Beta with a combined 30 hours between the two and I can say confidently that the game is going to be amazing.

and now for what will probably be the first of many news roundups :)


Assassin's Creed Unity Delayed


Ubisoft's upcoming current-generation Assassin's Creed game, Unity, has been delayed a couple of weeks to November 11 in the US and November 13 in Europe.

"Now that the team has a near-finished game, those extra two weeks will allow them to focus on those minor adjustments that can make a big difference -- and ultimately help Ubisoft deliver on the promise of the game," the company said in a blog post.

I'll happily count Unity as one less game set to arrive in a laughably packed October. Curiously, the new release date puts it right up next to this year's other Assassin's Creed game -- Rogue hits the US on November 11 and Europe on November 13. Same exact day!



New Features Coming in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix


Square Enix has firmly planted the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix flag in December, sneaking in at the tail end of the fall rush. Even though it’s coming late in the season, Square Enix wants to make sure it doesn’t fall of your radar.

The new video shows off new bosses like Pinnochio’s enormous whale Monstro and Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2, new keyblades in both playable titles, and updated cutscenes (making a big difference in Birth by Sleep). There are also new challenges and a number of new items to collect.


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix includes Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and the cutscenes for Kingdom Hearts re:Coded. The title will be out on PlayStation 3 on December 2.


New Yakuza Zero game is a prequel... Duh!


Sega recently announced the next Yakuza game, titled Yakuza Zero,for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides a few more details. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]

Yakuza Zero is set in December of 1988, and will take place in Tokyo’s fictional  Kamurocho and Osaka’s fictional Soutenburi districts. The magazine report also mentions that the Kamurocho will be cooler than ever.

The protagonist is a 20-year old Kazuma Kiryu, at a time when he was a youth that worked part-time as a debt collector for the Tojo Clan. The other protagonist is Goro Majima, when he was 24-years old and made a cabaret club the most popular in Soutenburi before it closed down.

While the report doesn’t get into specific details, it indicates that many characters from the first Yakuza game will appear in Yakuza Zero, and towards the end of the game, the story will also connect between the two titles.

Yakuza Zero is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


As far as Creed goes I'm kinda glad it got pushed back a bit because October is indeed looking quite cramped right now. Kingdom Hearts news has me pretty stoked for all the new content they're adding to the game :D Yakuza Zero is some pretty awesome news but sadly considering the last two yakuza games didn't even make it over here I doubt this one will... :D such a shame too because they are great games.

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Destiny apparently has exclusive content only on Playstation that none of the other platforms will be getting, here's the video:

I guess that's pretty cool, overall irrelevant but still I guesss I'm just a little bit happier I'll be playing on PS4 now.

Also here's the trailer showcasing Dragon Age Inquisition Co-op multiplayer.

I know some people aren't ecstatic about this, but I honestly think it has the potential to be pretty cool and fun if they can make it work. I wouldn't mind playing some co-op Dragon Age with a friend or two, it could be very successful.

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Welp here we go Nintendo has a new 3DS model coming out in October in Japan.


New Nintendo 3DS model announced for Japan


Nintendo's New 3DS, announced today, has a number of upgrades aimed at hardcore gamers.

Nintendo’s New 3DS, announced today, has a number of upgrades aimed at hardcore gamers. Nintendo

Nintendo’s got a brand new 3DS, one that’s aimed at capturing more of the hardcore gamer market.

Announced today for an October 11 release in Japan, the New Nintendo 3DS (that’s its name) has a variety of upgrades that all seem to be aimed squarely at gamers that demand high-end experiences. It now has a second analog joystick, making camera controls in complex games like Monster Hunter significantly easier. Going along with that are two extra “shoulder buttons” on the back of the unit for more control options. The 3-D screen and camera have been given upgrades.

And most significantly, New Nintendo 3DS has more under the hood. The internals have been upgraded for flashier graphics and faster internet speeds. Nintendo being Nintendo, it hasn’t said how much of a boost New 3DS will get. But it has said that the new model will actually play some exclusive games that wouldn’t be possible on the current 3DS.


The smaller version of New Nintendo 3DS.

The first of these will be Xenoblade Chronicles, a version of the role-playing game that Nintendo released a few years back on its original Wii console. This is about as nerdy and hardcore-focused a piece of content as one could imagine: Nintendo launching a new platform with a 40-hour RPG? Who’d have imagined this in the days of Wii Sports?

Nintendo will release the New Nintendo 3DS in two models, roughly equivalent in size to the original 3DS and to the scaled-up 3DS XL model. They will retail for 18,800 yen and 16,000 yen respectively (about $180 and $160).

Other new features on both models include built-in support for near-field communication devices like Nintendo’s upcoming Amiibo interactive figures, more battery life and Micro SD card support.

Retreating Upmarket

Nintendo’s announcement of an upgraded portable machine designed to appeal to more discriminating, dedicated gamers comes hot on the heels of new comments by the company’s game design guru Shigeru Miyamoto that seemed to signal just this sort of shift.

Nintendo, he said to Edge magazine, no longer wants to chase after “the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland.”

“Their attitude is, ‘okay, I am the customer. You are supposed to entertain me,’” Miyamoto said according to the report. “It’s kind of a passive attitude they’re taking, and to me it’s kind of a pathetic thing. They do not know how interesting it is if you move one step further and try to challenge yourself [with more advanced games].”

“Abandoning the lower-performance segments of an industry and moving upmarket is 100 percent predictable in disruption theory,” game design consultant Ben Cousins wrote on Twitter this week in response. “Was Miyamoto saying casual gamers were pathetic when the Nintendo stock was at $76?”

Advocates of disruption theory in books like The Innovator’s Dilemma—that’s one of the biz-school tomes that Nintendo name-checked when it launched the revolutionary Wii and DS hardware—would say that Nintendo is “retreating upmarket.”

Losing the “expanded audience” that it once courted to great effect with simplified gaming platforms—whether to mobile phone games or Disneyland—Nintendo is now, at least in the short term, pursuing the high-end consumer with products more geared to their needs. That’s more buttons, more joystick, more RPGs and more oomph.

You might notice that this is not a good long-term strategy, and indeed might be setting Nintendo up for death by a thousand cuts. That’s why Nintendo’s also working on its Quality of Life health-related gaming platform initiative, which might actually be able to capture a brand new audience again.

‘Til then, it’s “What, you want buttons? Here’s all the buttons.”


This actually sounds pretty sweet if this new model can really run more intensive games like Xenoblade Chronicles. Also the price point sounds pretty spot on. I'd upgrade for those features.

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Hatin' on the new 3DS model for splitting the userbase :< I really hope those exclusive games don't become a thing, because I really don't want to have to drop another $150+ for a second 3DS :/

It will if ORAS comes out on the N3DS only. Wherever Pokemon goes, fans follow. We will begrudgingly throw our money at Nintendo and we know this and they know this and now I'm glad I bought my 3DS used.

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I might upgrade to the New 3DS after I see some more game but that Xenoblade game is tempting.

Also, I would like to see more images. I want to see those shoulder buttons.


Also, Bravely Second.

Looks like it will play like the first. No release date yet.

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^ that looks good just like the first one ^^

Speaking of Square Enix, here's a hour long interview with some gameplay in between for Final Fantasy Explorers

I'm really hoping this game makes it out here, it's looking really promising so far :) I would also like more of the spin-off Final Fantasy games to come here because there are some pretty good ones that never did.

btw who do I have to blow over at Square Enix for them to get Dragon Quest X localized over here?

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Eight Big Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Questions Answered



The first current-gen Final Fantasy will be out within the next year, it'll serve as something of a stopgap before Final Fantasy XV, and, well, it's got kind of a silly name.

RPG fans have been waiting a very long time for Final Fantasy Type-0, which was released for PSP in Japan way back in 2011 but has yet to make it to western shores. So when publisher Square Enix announced an HD remake for PS4 and Xbox One at E3 this year, people were stoked. Finally, we'd get to play this thing in English.

But if you're anything like me, you've got a lot of questions about this HD remake, mostly because Square Enix has yet to show any real gameplay footage from the game. Don't stress: I saw it today, it looks good, and Square promises they won't make us wait much longer to play Final Fantasy Type-0.

Today in Seattle, I sat down for a hands-off presentation and Q&A with Hajime Tabata, the veteran Square Enix producer who is heading up both Type-0 and the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. Speaking through a translator, Tabata was candid and friendly, answering questions about both games to the best of his ability. (Sadly, Square Enix's PR folks didn't want him talking too much about XV, but he did let a few tidbits slip out.)

Let's go through some of the biggest questions I had about the Type-0 remake.

1.) When is Type-0 HD coming out?

Within the next year, Tabata says. We won't be waiting longer than 365 days. Tabata and Square won't commit to a concrete release date yet, but by August of 2015, we should be playing this game.

"We probably wouldn't age another year until it's released," Tabata said. "We really do want the PS4 and Xbox One install base to grow in Japan as well, so we do want a release as quickly as possible."

Though Square's seemingly-hasty announcement at E3 this year made it seem as if the company had only recently started working on the HD port of Type-0, Tabata told me they've been developing this game since mid-2012, when the company shifted development of Final Fantasy XV to PS4 and Xbox One and started getting a feel for those new consoles (which at that point had not yet been announced).

"I started to be involved around July 2012ish," he said. "And at that time, I started to gain a better understanding of the PS4/Xbox One console, and really liked the environment of the platform itself, and I believed it would be a good fit for Type-0 as well."

2.) Why Xbox One and PS4? Why not Xbox 360 and PS3?

Because Square Enix is concerned about Final Fantasy XV. They want to make sure Final Fantasy fans own current-gen consoles, and Type-0 is their way of helping get people to segue into the modern generation.1

This was something I had assumed when the HD remake was first announced, and Tabata confirmed it this afternoon. "Is it fair to say that this Type-0 HD remake is meant to get more people to buy PS4s and Xbox Ones for Final Fantasy XV?" I asked.

"There is a part where we believe it's kind of like the first step," Tabata said. "When we released Type-0 on the PSP in Japan, we were able to garner a new audience, a younger user-base. There's a lot of fans who say that Type-0 was their first Final Fantasy, so we're hoping that'll be the same for the overseas market as well, in kind of garnering and capturing that new age group when a lot of our Final Fantasy fans are becoming older, more mature.

"We do hope that it becomes the first basis for Final Fantasy XV when we release that globally."

Plus, Tabata added, he has no experience developing games for Xbox 360 or PS3, so those were never really considered.

3.) Is Type-0 ever coming to portable systems?

Don't count on it. Though Sony flubbed the Type-0 HD announcement, at first declaring that it would be released on Vita before realizing they'd screwed up, Tabata says that was never part of the plan.

"We did consider whether a Vita version would make sense for the title or not," Tabata said. "And then afterwards—this is actually something I realized after creating the PSP version—in order to really bring out the best in this title, I felt that a bigger screen would be more appropriate in terms of the depth that it provides and the distance you have to the enemies, to the characters. It just made more sense to take it to the big screen.

"In terms of controls, also, it made more sense to have these sort of intuitive controls that are available for the console. In addition to that, I am aging as well, and my eyesight is getting worse, so it was easier, naturally easier to develop something for the bigger screen versus the smaller screen."

Tabata says they have no plans to release an English PSP version digitally, either. "That is not being considered," he said when I asked. "First and foremost, we want to get the packaged version to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One."2

4.) Is it true that Square Enix was planning on localizing the PSP version but changed their minds because of business realities?

Yes. Last month, I reported that Square had done the bulk of localization work on Type-0 way earlier, back in 2011, but the PSP's sinking popularity outside of Japan led Square Enix to scrap plans to release Type-0 in the United States and Europe.

Tabata confirmed this today, saying they put a hold on the PSP release outside of Japan when they realized the PSP marketplace wasn't all that viable anymore.

"The biggest reason really was the timing," he said. "After we released the Japanese version, and then it would go into localization, the US PSP market at the time was kinda shrinking. It wasn't the best time for us to garner the best results, so that was the biggest reason we had to forgo the PSP version for the overseas market."

5.) Will Type-0 HD's development delay Final Fantasy XV at all?

Tabata, who is both directing Type-0 and co-directing Final Fantasy XV, says no. XV, which was first announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII almost a decade ago, is their top priority.

"So I had personally, I do want to really kinda push the install-base for PS4 and Xbox One in Japan as well," Tabata said. "I believe that FFXV would play a big factor in that, so I'm prioritizing my time for the development of that, to make sure it releases as soon as possible. Currently for the other titles I'm directing, including Type-0, since we're not building the game ground up, the contents already exist. We're at the point where we're just fine-tuning and balancing the game. My personal time spent on the tuning and balance and whatnot is about 10-20% of my time.

"We have an amazing development team working on this project that I trust, and there are segments that I kinda leave it up to them to make the final calls on."

6.) How do Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV differ?

When you see Final Fantasy Type-o in action on a big screen, it's hard not to think of Square's big E3 2013 presentation of Final Fantasy XV. There's blinking, jumping, and all sorts of high-octane action that makes it all feel more Kingdom Hearts, less traditional Final Fantasy.

So I asked Tabata to describe some of the differences between the two games. Though he said he couldn't talk much about the combat in XV, he did offer this:

"As an over-arching theme, Type-0 is a war-themed game, so it's kind of like a war movie in a sense. Whereas XV is a road trip kind of movie and adventure that focuses on brotherhood. The overarching theme is kind of different in terms of scenario."

7.) Are they adding any new content that wasn't in the PSP version?

Nope. No new story or challenge modes or anything like that. The three main differences are A.) high-definition graphics; B.) new controls for traditional controllers; and C.) difficulty modes, because a lot of Japanese fans told Square Enix that Type-0 was just too hard.

"In the PSP version, the conclusion, the ending, was actually very well received," Tabata said. "But since it's an action battle, and the difficulty's a little higher, not everyone was able to reach that ending... We wanted everyone to really experience, to make it to the end to see the conclusion for themselves.

"At dinner last night, [translator Amy] told me that she wasn't able to reach the end because action battles were a bit too difficult, so I'd like to apologize for that."

(And Amy, as a Square Enix PR representative added, is very good at video games.)

So the HD remake of Type-0 will have four different difficulty modes, designed to give people options when it comes to how tough they want it to be.

8.) Does the game look good?

I think so. Don't expect a traditional Final Fantasy here, and don't expect something that pushes the boundaries of what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can do—this is a remake of a PSP game, after all—but the few minutes I saw of Type-0 made me want to play more.

This will be the first single-player Final Fantasy game on current-gen consoles. It's hard not to look forward to that.


I'm glad that this game is finally coming out here and all, but I still think it's a betrayal to the vita fans who have been patiently waiting for a Type-0 port for years... and then all of a sudden there is gonna be a localization but only on PS4 and Xbone? Pretty much nothing is stopping them from putting this game on vita except they want to make people buy the new consoles for this game so when XV comes out they'll have the install base needed for it to sell well :( I know that is business and it makes sense but it's still kinda shitty of them. Vita needs a game like Type-0 right now.

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Feast your eyes on the very first Persona 5 teaser kids!

So pretty much we get introduced to the protagonist and it's probably safe to say the story will be taking place in Tokyo. Also it's not just coming to PS3 like it was previously announced but to PS4 as well.

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First Look at Mighty No.9 Gameplay

Mighty No. 9 is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2015. After a massive Kickstarter, creator Inafune and developers Comcept and Inti Creates have kicked off a long line of products to hype it up, including Mighty Gunvolt and a potential cartoon.

After all that hype though we finally have a chance to play the game. I have to say, it has the feel of a Mega Man game, but a few aspects definitely took some getting used to.


Mighty No. 9 (3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Developer: Comcept, Inti Creates, Abstraction Games

Publisher: Comcept

Released: 2015

MSRP: TBA ($15 based off Kickstarter)

Let's get the concepts out of the way first. For the most part, Beck controls the same way Mega Man always has -- he can jump and shoot, and in lieu of the classic slide move, Beck has a dash that can be used in succession without any real restrictions. This allows him to boost forward, air dash, and "slide" underneath gaps.

But the dash is much more complicated than that. In Mighty No. 9, you'll have to use it to "absorb" enemies. By firing at them and decreasing their health pool past a certain threshold, they become "destabilized." Beck can then dash through them to absorb their powers (extra damage, speed, life, and defense boosts), thus killing them in the process -- most enemies cannot be destroyed by your standard shot and must be dashed through.

This mechanic is seemingly a core precept of the Mighty philosophy, as it is used constantly throughout the level and is paramount to success. It's also a double-edged sword. For one thing, I found it kind of annoying at first to have to dash through almost every enemy in my path to remove them -- I was constantly jamming on the dash button so often that I skipped some enemies entirely.

But once you play it for a while, it becomes second nature. Skipping enemies is actually bad, because you will need their absorbed powers sporadically throughout the game. For instance, by absorbing a close-by enemy with a red power that strengthens my standard shot, I could then get through a subsequent area with a much easier time -- one that nearly requires you to fire through multiple enemies, which is only possible with said power-up. You can see this at 1:54 in the below video.

Like Neo when he became aware of the Matrix for the first time, so too did I eventually pick up absorption and destabilization. I don't suspect it will be for everyone and I can see some changes happening before launch (perhaps a buff for the standard cannon), but I enjoyed the strategic element, and dashing around everywhere is a ton of fun.

I partly enjoyed boosting about because the levels are designed very well, combining action, light puzzle elements, and secret areas and paths that really started to shine in Mega Man 5 and 6. The beta only provides us with one stage -- the Military base -- but it's enough to show us what the development collective has planned for us. While No. 9 isn't what I'd call extremely difficult, it did give this Mega Man veteran some pause throughout. It wasn't just something I could pick up and master immediately -- I had to learn the ins and outs of the dash system, and there were some very tricky portions littered about the stage, most of which involve one-hit spiky pits of death.

The boss, Mighty No. 5, was one of the best parts. It was fun to just unload burst fire on him and occasionally dash to destabilize his lifebar, as it felt like your standard cannon counted more for something. His pattern is very predictable (like a classic Robot Master), but his ultimate move (which effectively closed off half the arena periodically) was interesting, and his overall design was memorable.

Mighty No. 9 didn't blow me away as a Mega Man fan, but even at this early stage I'm impressed by the layers of technical gameplay it provides. I think it's shaping up to be a pretty promising platformer, and just like Azure Striker Gunvolt, it does enough differently to make its own mark on the genre, without simply cloning Capcom's methods at every step.


for a beta it's looking pretty nice, let's see what it looks like in another 8 months :)

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Mega Man Legends 3 8-bit fangame is now available to the public

Mega Man Legends 3 may be cancelled, but fans have worked tirelessly to create a fangame based on the concept. Created as a prologue to Legends 3, this 8-bit release walks you through what might have happened, with great gameplay to boot. You can grab it right here (type "dash3" in the info box then download), or here if the source is down.

Having played it, I can safely say it's pretty good! It feels like a classic Mega Man game with a few extra caveats that allow it to have its own style, which allow new protagonist Barrett to really shine. First, there's the "roll" button, which lets you tumble in the direction you're facing and avoid damage for a second with a true invincibility frame. It's a cool idea and "dodging" in an 8-bit game still feels natural, especially during mini-boss fights.

Next, you also have a special meter that can be used to instantly fire off a charged shot at the cost of some meter, or use a more damaging (and risky) jumping kick akin to a Street Fighter game. You can also use said kick to fly up in the air and get a higher jump, which adds to its utility. Since you aren't overwhelmed with a ton of sub-weapons with varying effectiveness, it's up to you to really decide when to use your meter, which adds a lot of strategy to the mix while keeping things simple.

The actual levels are very short, but well designed. Barrett can climb up ledges, dash, and dash-run across gaps, which also give off a more Mario feel. It's 8-bit, yes, but it truly advances the formula to the point where I'd love to see a Mega Man 11 from this same team.

Go check it out!


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God Eater Series Makes Console Debut with Rage Burst


Bandai Namco used its stage time at Sony's pre-TGS media briefing to reveal that its highly regarded monster hunting series is making the leap to consoles.

The God Eater series cut its reputation as a Monster Hunter style game with more of an emphasis on narrative on PSP and Vita. The new entry, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, is continuing the handheld legacy on Vita while at the same time jumping into the console place on the PlayStation 4.

You can watch the trailer below:


More details, including a playable demo, will appear at the Tokyo Game Show when it begins on September 18.


Well this was a pleasant surprise from last night conference... I was waiting for an announcement for a western release of God Eater 2 but I didn't expect it would be making the switch to PS4 as well.

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This news isn't that new, but did anyone check out P.T. the teaser for the new Silent Hills game? I was just watching some gamplay footage on Youtube but it's already dark outside and, not gonna lie, I almost peed my pants a little.

It looks amazing and I have this love/ hate relationship with horror games so I kinda can't wait.. ?


PT, the free interactive horror teaser released recently on PS4, played host to one of the best game reveals of recent memory. Announced to little fanfare, it masqueraded as a demo for a new game from an unknown developer during Sony's gamescom press conference, but was soon revealed to be a playable teaser (hence the name, PT) for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's upcoming collaboration on new game Silent Hills.

As a marketing ploy, it's created a tremendous amount of buzz for a dormant horror franchise, but it's also proven to be a captivating game in its own right, one that's unpredictable, challenging and undoubtedly terrifying, subverting the way games have approach horror for some unique and effective results.

It's entirely set in one small location.... read more

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Update to the Upcoming Video Game List.
- SEPT. 16th -
Air Conflicts: Vietnam
Run Like Hell

- SEPT. 23rd -
Slender: The Arrival
Frozen Synapse Prime

- OCT. 14th -
Peggle 2

- OCT. 24th -
Bayonetta 2
Spellforce Tactics

- OCT. 31st -
Moto GP 14

- NOV. 4th -
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

- NOV. 5th -
A Bird Story

- NOV. 30th -
Project Cars

- JAN. 27th -
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

- APR. 14th -
Mortal Kombat X

Full list of upcoming game releases HERE

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Here's the first gameplay video of Assassin's Creed Rogue

It looks good, but I'll probably wait on buying this one considering I'm already gonna buy Unity day one and plus there's gonna be a lot of other games coming out around this time.

here's a tease for the new Sherlock Holmes game

This seems interesting and I hope it turns out good but I'm definitely taking a wait and see approach on this one.

And finally a nice chunk of goodness in this new Bayonetta 2 trailer

ughhh... so good. Though I'm still salty at Platinum for betraying us and only releasing this game on what is virtually a dead console up to this point. I might have to buy a WiiU for this tbh, The first Bayonetta ranks in my top ten games of the last console generation.

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