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Your top 10 favorite visual kei bands?

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My alphabetical list, featuring plenty of unpopular choices


amber gris - Temari is a god-tier singer and lyricist. I got a little bored of them toward the end of their lifespan, but their earlier works are untouchable.


アンド (And) - Ikuma is one of my favourite screamers. Their album "-&-" is a classic.


シンディケイト (CindyKate) - They perfected their unique "Dasakakkoii" (lame-cool) style. Their disbandment remains my single most devastating one.


Crimson Shiva / SHIVA - Mostly here because of Tokiya's enchanting voice. Enchanting in the sense that I'm never sure if he's awesome or terrible. He straddles that line with perfect balance and I can't get enough of him.


D'espairsRay - The first all-male VK band that I really got into. They were my gateway drug into the rest of VK.


Dolly - I would put Mitsu on the same level as Temari - almost unbearably beautiful singing and songwriting. I also appreciated their lighter pop/electronic approach.


jealkb - A band basically born out of making fun of VK, but ended up making catchy-as-hell rock music far more interesting than many of their serious VK counterparts.


己龍 (Kiryu) - The very best at what they do - "Far Eastern Horror Rock". Mahiro is the perfect vocalist for their style. It is not easy to do what he does with his voice.


R指定 (R-shitei) - Scored major points with me for experimenting with many different genres. Their album 人間失格 is so godly.


the GazettE - They have so many great songs and it has been fascinating to watch their evolution over the years. (even though their current phase is not overly pleasing to me)


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No method to my madness here, and this does change:


- Mejibray

- Dir en grey

- Gazette

- Meteoroid (new Meteoroid, fight me)

- D'espairsray

- Buck-Tick

- Fixer

- X-Japan (for what they've done before, not for the form they exist in now)


I have a lot of honorable mentions, but they're bands where I was really into a smaller selection of songs/one particular album (Girugamesh, MUCC) or I'm just starting to kind of get into them (Dadaroma, Morrigan), so I don't think I can really safely call them a 'favorite' yet.

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in no particular order



merry go round

the god and death stars




fuck it, Sadie even though the end of their run was kinda bad


i like bands newer than this too but i feel weird putting them on this list next to some of the others :c
honorable mentions: Pentagon, UNDER FALL JUSTICE, Smells, gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, dim my division, [...], Sadie, BORN, early D'espairsray, Rentrer en Soi, P∽L

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let's see.... (unordered)


newer bands:

- Chanty (seein' them live was life-changing)


- Purple Stone

- Develop One's Faculties

- baroque (all years) - really the band to get me into vkei (thanks Ryan!) don't listen to them as much as i used to, but still love 'em to death!

- Dog in the PWO (also one of my firsts)

- 東京ミカエル。 [Tokyo Michael.] (another one of my firsts! when i started digging a little deeper... drummer now in PWO!)

- cali≠gari

- Schwarz Stein (and Kaya in general.... love Kaya!)

- 新宿ゲバルト [Shinjuku Gewalt] (and Toda and his affiliates in general)

- Missalina Rei (know this now 11 bands but after some thought i had to move them to the main list as opposed to honorable mentions)


"they only released like a few songs before disappearing into the æther but i love them so much" list

- Rosetta


- Cinnamon

- ロマの碧猫


honorable mentions, notes, whatevs:


- My Fairytale (R.I.P.)

- THE GALLO are becoming a favorite

- リンク/鈴育/link's bands (Me'Syu Dear, みるふぃね, PARADE; also vocalist いっち!)

- Shina's bands (NOI'X, モル・ノヲド (moll'e node), 弾丸少女 (Dangan Shoujo))

- ピュエラ (Pyuera) (especially the couple of songs they did with their female vocalist)

- BUCK-TICK (80s and 90s) (i don't listen to them enough even though i love 'em)


will cut it off here before i end up listing every single visual band in my itunes whether i want to or not


still so much out there...

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1. DIV (</3)
2. A9 (first vk band I got into)
3. Moran

5. vistlip

6. Kagrra, (find me another band like this one, I'll wait)

7. UNiTE.

8. Purple Stone

9. Gotcharocka



With honorable mentions in no specific order: Anfiel, Shounenki, THE KIDDIE, D=OUT, Dadaroma, Xaa-Xaa and Arlequin.

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On 3/19/2017 at 9:44 AM, ShTon said:

Kagrra, (find me another band like this one, I'll wait)

There isn't and never will be another band like this one...


though Rin Hitoe is off to a good start.

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  1. Paradeis
  2. Screw
  3. sadie
  4. The piass
  5. LM.C
  6. Memento Mori
  7. Metis Gretel
  8. Blitz
  9. Birth of Sixx/-OZ-
  10. D'ual / xepher


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Outside of Kamaitachi, the other bands are not in any order what so ever.  Kamaitachi has pretty much been ruling the #1 spot for 8+ years, so I think it's going to take a lot to dethrone them. 

  1. Kamaitachi
  2. Color
  3. Strawberry Fields
  5. Baiser
  6. La'cryma Christi
  7. La'Mule
  8. Luna Sea
  9. D=OUT
  10. Irokui

The bottom five artists often rotate in and out of my top 10 list with other artists that's not on the list, but this is what I've been digging a lot lately.

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1. Mediena

2. Mediena

3. Mediena

4. Mediena

5. Mediena

6. Mediena

7. Mediena

8. Mediena

9. Mediena

10. Mediena


...Okay for real though


1. Mediena / Virge

2. Gossip

3. Rides In Revellion

4. Schwarz Stein


6. Moi dix Mois

7. Morrigan



10. Initial'L

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(in no particular order, even though I'd say the first three are my favourites):


1. AnCafe

2. Dir en Grey

3. Girugämesh

4. Versailles

5. Abington Boys School

6. The Gazette

7. Oz

8. Luna Sea

9. Merry 

10. Rentrer en Soi

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1. Buck-Tick (thnx lil weeb me for watching xxxholic and being like dayum that ending song is lit)

2. Plastic Tree <3

3. Malice Mizer (I have a couple glass cased blue morpho butterflies...)

4. Old X-Japan

5. Guniw Tools

6. Kagrra,

7. deadman


9. Dir en Grey

10. Probably the GazettE? I don't listen to them often but I somehow got my childhood friend addicted to them for life


Also shout out to my undying love for Kaya, because I never got into Schwarz Stein so can't really list them.

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1. X Japan (pre-1997)

2. 黒蜴蝶 (Kuroageha)

3. Gigaslave

4. S

5. Sakrun

6. Sleep My Dear

7. Buck-Tick

8. Versailles

9. 摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera)

10. Baiser


The first two are definite, the rest are in no real, particular order.

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There is no particular order ,
and this is my favourite top 10 bands !

2. D.I.D.
4. Para:noir
5. the GazettE
6. sukekiyo
7. Mejibray
8. aliene maφriage
9. 黒夢
10. 聖飢魔 II

Special mention : though they are not in visual - kei ,but they are filled in my life lol
The band is Pay money To my Pain , I just miss K so much...

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In no specific order:


2. アイオリン

3. Crimson shiva / SHIVA


5. ピサロ

6. 真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ- 



9. ラミエル

10. 篠突く雨


I also really love アヲイ and XIBALBA but I don't listen to them anymore.

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In no particular order. 


1. UnsraW

2. Kagerou

3. Versailles

4. more

5. Malice Mizer

6. The Piass

7. Megaromania

8. Lament. 


10. deadman


If BlESS THIS MESS's new album ends up being a banger they'll probably overtake more or deadman on my current list. My top ten list is not permanent. Artists come and go depending on how I feel. 

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i don't remember if i posted here before or not, but here goes:


1. マルコ


3. Megaromania


5. the god and death stars

6. ラヴェーゼ

7. 次世代エキサイト

8. Metis Gretel

9. Crucifixion

10. Mandragora


I'm hoping Sui's project makes it somewhere on this list once I get his single...

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「Golden age of ヴィジュアル系 & 名古屋系 1991 - 2000」

MALICE MIZER  ⁄⁄  Sleep My Dear  ⁄⁄  Eins᎓Vier  ⁄⁄  D'elsquel  ⁄⁄  NOISY CROWDS & NOi'X

ROUAGE  ⁄⁄  LAREINE  ⁄⁄  Madeth gray'll  ⁄⁄  Aliene Maφriage  ⁄⁄  妃阿甦 (THE PIASS)


「Jewelry from past decade 2001 - 2010」

蜉蝣 (KAGEROU)  ⁄⁄  Schwardix Marvally  ⁄⁄  RENTRER EN SOI  ⁄⁄  12012  ⁄⁄  ヴィドール (vidoll)

モル・ノヲド (moll'e node)  ⁄⁄  バビロン (BABYLON)  ⁄⁄  the studs  ⁄⁄  boogieman  ⁄⁄  E'm~grief~


「2011 and today」 (this rating also included bands/project from period 2007-2017, when released their best works or/and disbanded after 2010.) P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

kannivalism & バロック (BAROQUE)  ⁄⁄  9GOATS BLACK OUT  ⁄⁄  cocklobin  ⁄⁄  amber gris  ⁄⁄  Moran

DIMMDIVISION. & StrangerSaid.  ⁄⁄  the god and death stars & gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy  ⁄⁄  emmurée  ⁄⁄  MERRY  ⁄⁄  sukekiyo


In my humble opinion.

Edited by miyamoto_kasumi

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