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Danao's Sellings more than 480 CDs !

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So I'm selling some of the stuff I have

[CDs are Japan Edition unless it's said to be EU]
[shipping fees are: depends of the amount of CD you buy

Ask for Pictures if you need it


Everything gets shipped from France


FOR LATIN AMERICA BUYERS: your post offices in Latin America seems to be shit (like really) so please understand that parcel may take a huge amount of time to arrive, and they don't seem to give a shit about tracking codes and don't scan it as they arrive so it doesn't get updated anymore. Furthermore as long as the parcel leaves France, I can't be held responsible for any loss


Please note: I can't be held responsible for any broken case, when CDs leave my house, they are in great condition, if not like new, and I wrap them carefully to prevent any damage. It happened before that CDs arrive completely broken, this is most likely due to post offices putting heavy stuff on letters and small packages, result is broken cases.


Everything is now in a google sheet, easier to read and keep track of ! enjoy the more than 480 CDs on this list !





Koda Kumi


Bon Voyage Fanclub Edition 20€

Bon Voyage CD+DVD edtion 10€

Live Tour 2011 Déjavu (Live CD) 10€

Live Tour 2013 Japonesque (Live DVD) 15€

Hall Tour 2014 Bon Voyage (Live DVD) 15€


Goodies (shirt, hoodies etc)


ペンタゴン / Pentagon

T-Shirt onesize 25€



Chekis & Photos


All Chekis & photos can be seen here, prices are put on the pictures.




PM me if you want to buy any of those, thank you


Please PM an offer for the Tenten cheki if you are interested in it, there's no fixed price yet.



Payment can be done by Paypal only for now

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Added some stuff from AvelCain, Diaura, Lin, Gossip, GACKT, ZAKLIA, Aldebaran, Black Line, DaizyStripper, DPG in the PWO, Effet de Reve, GHOSE, HOLLOWGRAM, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Kaya, Soroban and more

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Can you maybe hold the Diaura 「Dictatorial Garden Akasaka」 Live DVD => 20€ a little bit??!!

And how much you want for the Encore DVD and how long is it???

And I'm interested in the Kaya Live DVD dor my friend(maybe we talked about it on FB?!)

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Thank you so much for the DVD!

It arrived in great condition and quickly too.


+1 for Danao

Great communication and shipped my item safely.

BTW, for people in the states, it took about 10 days for my package to arrive from France.


Thanks again!

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CDs were shipped on 22 January, and I received them today (they were sent out for delivery yesterday, but I was not home to sign for them). Took 13 days. Danao is an excellent seller, who responded promptly to my messages and was very reasonable with offers.

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