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Selling almost all my vk collection (mostly UCP bands)

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Due to my musical change taste and consequent money needs to buy more CDs I actually want, I am selling almost all my old vk collection. More stuff to come so please check out :D

Anyway, I am gyakutai, I've just changed account. Surprise XD but I guess someone already knew it The old post sale was this one

[[ RULES ]]

♥ Shipping from Italy worldwide

♥ Pictures can be found here. If you can't find a certain pic please let me know a.s.a.p.

♥ I accept only PayPal

♥ Prices are always negotiable

♥ First pays, first gets the item

♥ If you buy at least 3 items, you'll get a discount

♥ I can hold items up to 5 days

♥ Shipping depends by the country you live and the weight of the items, so let me know which items you want to buy and where you live

CDs/DVDs/Comment DVDs

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - Biashoku Cake 8€

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - Yuukake Rensa (FOOL's MATE EDITION) 8€

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - Yuukake Rensa (Regular Edition) 6€

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - OUTO DEATH CUSSION 8€

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - Hitoribocchi 10€

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - Tsumikigokoro (5 copies! Each one with a bonus) each one for 6€

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - Vell and Maro's former band W/C CD, rare! 13€

0801弐209336 - eg Paraphilia a certain 7€

0801弐209336 - Keitai Bokumetsu Iinkai 7€

Alice Nine - White Prayer (reg. edition) 8€

Alice Nine - Alpha (lim. edition) 16€

Alice Nine - Zekkeishoku (reg. edition) 16€

An Cafe - Amedama Rock 20€

An Cafe - Cosmos-孤妄- 14€

BLACK CAT (Black Cat) - Aoiro no resurrection 7€

D - D Tour 2010 In the name of justice Final DVD 20€

Dio - Embrance at Distraught 18€

Dio - Tour Dictator Dio 20€

Edogawa Paradox - 4 live distributeds (ask for more infos), brand new, never opened (each one for 10€, if you buy all 4 you'll have a discount)

Kaya - Queen (type B) 18€

Kiryu - Kisai (type ) 9€

Lin - As If Forever Exists (type B) 8€

Lin - Metamorphose (type A) 8€

Lin - Silent to my pain (type A) 10€

Lin - Silent To My Pain (type B) 10€

Lin - Flowers Bloom (type B) 12€

Lin - Independent "Maze" (limited edition type A) 18€

Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区 / 少女-ロリヰタ-23区) - I'z' (type A, brand new, never opened) 9€

Lycaon - Jouyoku no Acme w/Obi and DVD comment /brand-x/ 15€

Lycaon - Ambrozia 19€

Matenrou Opera - Helios (type A) 9€

Megaromania - Oath-cross of eternity type A w/obi and card 7,50€

Megaromania - Oath-cross of eternity type B w/obi and card 7,50€

Megaromania - Birth of an Idea type A 12€

Megaromania - Transparent Shine 7€

Megaromania - Kimi wo nosete tribute single 15€

Megaromania - Prophetic Faction (type A) 18€

Megaromania - Quintessence Voyage (limited edition type A) 16€

Metis Gretel - The Scene of Transmigration 15€

MoNoLith - fiction & non-fiction (brand new, never opened) 18€

Nega - reminiscence [w/ DVD, Limited Release / Type A] 9€

Nega - reminiscence [Limited Release / Type B] 9€

NEGA (ネガ) - NEGATIVISM type B /bad condition of the plastic case, received it broken. The CD has been played just once, it's just the case which is ruined. 10€

NEGA (ネガ) - FABLE IN THE COLD BED type B /not bad condition, but a part of the plastic case is broken. never opened 7€

Nega - dig 8€

Nega - ill 8€

Pan-d-ra - Glass wo Hedateta Kono Sekai 4€

Phantasmagoria - Wailing Wall 2004-2010 (2CD+DVD) 40€

RounoiЯ (Rounoir) - Solitude 4€

Royz - a (TYPE C, brand new, never opened) 7€

Schwein - Deep scars 6€

Tokami - The Under of Garden 8€

Ultimate Sonic - Toki no kizu 4€

Unite - Middle Note (type B) (brand new, never opened) 8€

Velgat - butterfly 3€

Vellga - category 3€

Vior gloire - Inspire 7€

XodiacK - Shinra Bansho w/sticker 10€


Each cheki cost 4€. If you buy more than 3 cheki, you'll get a discount.

[_Vani;lla] (【_Vani;lla】) - about 40 cheki featuring Kru, Yuuna and Vell.

Lycaon (Lycaon) - Satoshi cheki

NightingeiL - Mukui/Shouichi cheki


Each flyer for 1€

【_Vani;lla】 ([_Vani;lla]) (many flyers)







ReivieЯ (4 flyers, all different)



Ultimate Sonic

V.A. Backstage Project feauting several artists

ValettA (2 flyer, different from each other)




Yoshimori Sugimoto (?)



アンド (AND) x グルグル映畫館 (Guruguru eigakan) x アリス九號. (Alice Nine) magazine 3€

Cure vol.89 featuring as cover artists シンディケイト(CindyKate) and HERO (HERO) 6€

TAKADANOBABA Area Final '09 feauting several artists 4€

[_Vani;lla] + SuG Hakkutsu Ban 007 with CD 6€


UCP 2012 calendar - 3€

UCP bag (featuring Vidoll x 12012 x Phantasmagoria logo) 45€

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