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Basically, this thread is for posting whatever song(s) you're really digging at the moment (doesn't necessarily have to be a song you heard today lol). Song can be Japanese too. You don't have to provide a link if you don't want to, you can just write the name of the song and the artist (though I'm sure others might appreciate a link). Really simple :P

At the moment, I'm really diggin' BIT K.R.I.T...He's a very refreshing rapper with an oldschool southern flow/style. This is one of the tracks that I've really been diggin from his material.


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I'm really enjoying the new tracks on the US edition of Kimbra's album.

For instance, until "Come Into My Head," I didn't realize she could be so weird and funky!


(Great topic idea, btw!)

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someone recommended this to me and i have to say it's riddiculously awesome.

although some type of avant-progressive-whatever-deathmetal it still is funky as shit and grooves the crap out of your shoes...

Band: Shining

Album: Blackjazz that a cool name or what?

Song: "Fisheye"

Genre: see above


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Rheinkaos - The Commencement Fear

This is a a new Step in the Evolution of Black Metal. It´s experimental, progressive and diverse.

Maybe a little bit like Thy Catafalque, regarding the uniqueness. I enjoy this fascinating Song for some Time now, and still find something new every Time i hear it.

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Full version is not yet on YouTube but it can be downloaded. This makes me want to get drunk and go dance (and eventually fight) in an Irish pub.

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today's song incorporates known greatnesses into more greatness.

this is smashingly epic powermetal flavoured with blasting c64 chips barfing out their sweetest sounds.

a little bit like "demetori" meeting "Metronome メトロノーム / Floppy"

from the soundtrack to the "jets 'n guns" sidscroller game by swedish (?) progressive metal band "Machinae Supremacy" (the whole soundtrack is awesome and very versatile...)

honestly, if you like demetori you should really check this one out..

Band: Machinae Supremacy

Album: Jets 'n Guns OST

Song: "Megascorcher"

Genre: Powermetal/8bitChiptune/Gamemusic


EDIT: if anyone's interested, here's some more samples+downloadlink, one track just doesn't do the album justice





*download for free and legal from their website in mp3 or flac*

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(trying to comment on some of these just to get some more interaction going)

@sai: ...I always thought what's-his-face's vocals were pretty good, but wtf is that warbly opera-ish singing he's doing. Ugh, "A" frustrates me sometimes.

@bonsaijodelfisch: chiptune powermetal... oh god! Actually a fun listen!

@cat: that 宮内優里 track is nice and relaxing. Kinda like a more digital-sounding ハイスイノナサ? Interesting video too!

I can't even remember how I stumbled on this, but it's also relaxing, in a different way. Enjoy Hiiragi Fukuda!


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found a facemelting neckbreaker-rockband band from canada today.

this is the teaser-song-PV for their soon to come "sargent house" label debut-album

Band: Indian Handcrafts

Album: Civil Disobedience For Losers

Song: "Terminal Horse"

Genre: Rock... just Rock


and a full song from their self titled demo-album which is surprisingly nowhere to be found on the internet, :wat:

only rippable in 128kbps from their soundclound or bandcamp...


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inb4: sorry for long post

TL;DR : at least click through each of the three song-parts (yep its actually one song in three)

lalala, nobody else seems to want to post but i don't give the tiniest f*ck :gaga:

today i once more disregard the "song" of the week premise by posting three songs, but upon closer observance you'll notice that it's actually one song just split in three to fit the CD-Song format better.

and holy unicorns-testicles what a song that is!!!

it's from a canadian band called "mare" which only existet for about three years (2004-2007 i think) and they only put out one minialbum, but this mini-album is simply flawless...

they play sort of really moody and sludgy doom-metal with scream elements and garnish that with quite a dose of jazz and almost classical vocal music and manage to make this whole package to actually work together pretty well!

if you can and have the 15minutes i highly suggest to hear the hole thing in one on good speakers/heads and loud, if not at least skip to all the three song-parts to see the great mixture of elements and to convince yourself to listen to it in its full beauty later...

Band: Mare

Album: Self-Titled/Mare

Song: "Tropics-Palaces-SunForMiles"

Genre: Sludge-Doom-Jazz-Vocalpolyphony




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addicting xD

and some more Australian goodness


Don't know what kind of can they opened down under the last year, but one after the other good band/artist keeps on coming from down under...

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