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Found 20 results

  1. merchenticneurosis

    Decided to open a sideblog for this band! Uploaded every booklet i own yesterday, so if you have interest in working for romaji/english translations, please contact me and let's work together! (Example/preview below) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please follow, like, retweet if you enjoy! http://despairofmasquerade.tumblr.com/
  2. As every year, Starwave Records has decided to organize a final year event. This year will be held at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on 31/12/2018 and (of course) all Starwave Records bands will join in addition to someone from outside. (that does not have a contract with it) The bands that will participate are : - 未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) - Scarlet Valse - ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - FIXER - La'veil MizeriA - L.A bate - ALEVAS - Magistina Saga - nüe - Vagu*Project - EYEZBERG The event will also be repeated on January 1 with all (and only) Starwave Records bands (so, without nüe , Vagu*Project and EYEZBERG) https://lineblog.me/labaiser/archives/1326759.html PS: WHERE ARE THE SOUND BEE HD AND DAV!?!?!
  3. Visual-Kei band "Mikansei Alice (未完成アリス)" perform at Aki No Matsuri 2018. This event will be held in Zofingen [Switzerland] on 28-29 September 2018 It has not yet been defined whether the band will perform two days in a row or one day.) -> https://sumikai.com/musik-news/mikansai-alice-rocken-die-aki-no-matsuri-2018-205080/ <-
  4. †発売記念ツアー† 7.19渋谷club asia 7.24仙台space zero 7.25新潟REVERST 7.29浦和ナルシス 8.6名古屋HOLIDAY NEXT 8.7大阪心斎橋SHOVEL 8.9福岡graf 8.11大分DRUM B-0 8.15埼玉会館 8.16池袋RUIDO K3 †ツアーファイナル単独公演† 8.29池袋blackhole
  5. merchenticneurosis

    Didn't know which category these would fit the best, but hope this is okay! Have been slowly working on these since the late summer Inspiration mostly from 薄紅ノ葬 but combining elements from various looks, live & printed. Makeup, hair, costume by me Photos by Riotcolor ✝️
  6. Serox

    https://lineblog.me/fixer_lineblog/archives/1072311.html Korey will leave the band (unknown reasons) after their concert on May 8th 2018 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
  7. Mikansei Alice announced on their Twitter account that the band was involved in a car accident so their two future concerts will be canceled.. they are : -2/6 At LIVE HOUSE JUZA (Mikansei Alice vs i.Rias) -2/7 At LIVE HOUSE 栄 R.A.D (Mikansei Alice vs i.Rias) None of the members, however, is in danger of life
  8. Serox

    lix (duo formed by Chihiro [Vocalist] & Yuu {THE SOUND BEE HD} [Guitarist]) went on indefinite pause in June 2014. Today they wrote this message on their Official Twitter account... maybe they decided to return in the scene!?
  9. FIXER organized a FREE-Oneman tour entitled "dual emotions 【ARBITER】 " There will be a total of 5 FREE dates which will be held in 5 different cities presents by each member + 1 final concert (the latter however is payable) 1) 01/11/2017 at Ebisu Club Aim [Event presented by Jey] 2) 06/11/2017 at Sendai Space Zero [Event presented by Aika] 3) 07/11/2017 at Niigata Club Riverst [Event presented by Yuhma] 4) 13/11/2017 at Nagoya Holiday Next [Event presented by Korey] 5) 14/11/2017 at Shinsaibashi Bigtwin Diner SHOVEL [Event presented by 70] + 6) 4/12/2017 at Shibuya REX (pre-order : 3000 ¥ / Door : 3500 ¥) [Probably this event will go SOLD OUT because with a ticket can enter TWO people!]
  10. Starwave Records will hold its event "Starwave Fest 18" on 23/03/2018 at Holiday Shinjuku (Capacity : 450) Band Participants : - FIXER - Scarlet Valse - シュヴァルツカイン (SchwarzKain) - 未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) - UNDER FALL JUSTICE - THE SOUND BEE HD - BLESS THIS MESS - La'veil MizeriA - ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - Magistina Saga - David (GUEST)
  11. Starwave Records will hold a year-end event at Ikebukuro Ruido K3 (Capacity : 150 seats) on 31/12/2017 (open : OPEN 11:20 / START 11:50) & 01/01/2018 (OPEN 1:30 / START 2:00 / CLOSED 5:00) - 31/12/2017 bands participants : - FIXER - シュヴァルツカイン (SchwarzKain) - Scarlet Valse - ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - 未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) - UNDER FALL JUSTICE - THE SOUND BEE HD - La'veil MizeriA - BLESS THIS MESS - DARIAN MARIAN - クロノ×クラウン (Chrono X Crown) - LARZ - NvM - DIVEIN - バロムナイツ (Varom Knights) - ノクト (Nokuto) - DatuRΛ - 01/01/2018 bands participants : - FIXER - シュヴァルツカイン (SchwarzKain) - Scarlet Valse - ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - 未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) - La'veil MizeriA - BLESS THIS MESS
  12. So I have previously had this discussion with "JILUKA" winning beating "FIXER" by 72% of the votes. So with their new mini-albums released last month I thought this would be a good time to re-open this discussion. So this one can be view two different ways either you can judge weather "JILUKA" is still better than "FIXER" or you simply judge the mini-albums only. I'll set up the poll so you can't vote for the minis and the bands themselves or just the bands if you prefer. Oh and unrelated but they toured together recently as well which is pretty awesome VS. FIGHT!!!
  13. The ex-guitarist of Cell join Under Fall Justice today as support guitarist.
  14. Kiwamu after the end of Starwave Fest Vol.16 (held at Holiday Shinjuku) announced in his official twitter account that Starwave Records presents live "Starwave Fest Vol.17" will be in 4/8/2017 in TWO place : - At Holiday Shinjuku - At Shinjuku Club Science At the moment no other details were announced. PS: I think we all know that after the month of May, Misaruka and Synk;yet no longer part of Starwave Records. The bands that remain are : - FIXER - Labaiser - SchwarzKain - Under Fall Justice - Nüe - THE SOUND BEE HD - Scarlet Valse - Magistina Saga - Rose Noire - syokudaikakkokai
  15. SchwarzKain on 1/5/2017 will release a PV DVD "Scream For Envy" which will contain 7 PVs and inside it will be possible to see their first concert (opening act) held at Shinjuku Reny on 8/8/2016 [Misaruka X Synk;yet] Tracklist : 01. In Myself 02. GrimReaper 03. Distress 04. Limit 05. Moment glow 06. 君が描く瑠璃色の世界 07. Envy - 08. Moment glow (Live at Shinjuku Reny on 8/8/2016) - 09. Envy (Live at Shinjuku Reny on 8/8/2016) You can buy it all for just... 4000 yen. (http://dlonline.ocnk.net/product/1263) They will also hold their FREE Oneman-Live "Mad World Vision -final- "at Tsutaya O-West (600 seats) on 13/7/2017 with opening act: FIXER & Labaiser (http://ameblo.jp/schwarzkain/entry-12265000034.html?timestamp=1492264310) Also, if you have the opportunity to go to this event, you can have a FREE ticket to attend at the event "Mad world vision -Midnight-" that will be held the same day at midnight at Ikebukuro Cyber (Otherwise you have to pay 5500 yen to see this event if you do not go to see them show at Tsutaya O-West) This time, however, FIXER & Labaiser will not act as Opening-Act but as mainstream artists, so there will be a "THREE-Man live" (http://ameblo.jp/schwarzkain/entry-12265000375.html?timestamp=1492264321)
  16. Misaruka will release their latest FULL ALBUM called "All Of Life" on 03/29/2017 and it will contain 26 songs (Divided into 2 discs) DISC 1 : 1) -Amakusa- 2) -Sin- 3) -Jester- 4) -Ariel- 5) -Baiser- 6) -Jailer Of Justice- 7) -Juliet- 8 ) -Rasen- 9) -Butterfly Effect- 10) -Last Scene- 11) -Separate- 12) -Misty- 13) -Reunion- DISC 2 : 14) -Troy- 15) -Curse Of Contract- 16) -Why Only Me- 17) -Rosary- 18) -Prince- 19) -My Dear Rose- 20) -Rogation- 21) -Calling- 22) -Unacceptable- 23) -Maria- 24) -What Do You Want?- 25) -Hitan No Solist- 26) -Jōnetsu No Akai Bara To Tomoni Chiru-
  17. Vocalist Daisuke (The Sound Bee HD) has formed a solo project and will hold its first live on February 18, 2017 at Ikebukuro Cyber in an event sponsored by Starwave Records. Band participants : - Syokudaikakkokai - Kalavinka - Begirama - QEDDESHET - Kasumi Birds Orchestra - Scarlet Valse - Misaruka - DaISUKE DARK SIDE (Details of a new CD or future concerts have not been announced yet.) Source : http://simplog.jp/pub/tw/27796252/32 DaISUKE Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/daisuke_side?lang=it DaISUKE Official Blog (Simplog) : http://simplog.jp/top/2584347799 DaISUKE Official Blog (Ameblo) : http://ameblo.jp/dsb-sync/
  18. STARWAVE RECORDS COUNTDOWN 2015-2016 will be held at Ikebukuro Ruido-K3 (capacity : 150) Starring: - Synk;yet - Misaruka - SchwarzKain - Labaiser - FIXER - Bararaika - Avanchick - Meary - UNDER FALL JUSTICE - Scarlet Valse - THE SOUND BEE HD - nüe - Masqued Liar - La'veil MizeriA - kimi wa surudoku (君は鋭く) - DEGENE - NeruNeru - sith.
  19. Serox

    Misaruka are a Visual-Kei band formed in 2004 under the name "La Neige" (2004 - 2007/7/17). They have since changed their name to "Misaruka" in 2008. Members : Vocal : RUI Guitar : MIZUKI Guitar : YUSEI (Ex-Epilatoire) Bass : AZAMI Drums : VETCHIE -> (Since they have formed, Misaruka have "self-produced" until 2011) <- In 2009 the guitarist Yusei announced that he leaves the band on 10th December but the band have decided to continue the same the activities. Unfortunately even the guitarist Mizuki in 2010 decided to leave the band after their concert on April 19th. (He later abandonment of Misaruka became the guitarist of the band Lin -The End Of Corruption World-) But this time the band decided to stop the activities and form a temporary project called "Project -Merrow-" This project was born on 10/07/2010 and more than 3 members of Misaruka (Rui, Azami and Vetchie) included two new guitarists, or Rin (Ex-Amaryllis) and Sawah. In 2011 they decided to break the project and to bring back Misaruka in action but this time they decided not self-produced more and decided to join Starwave Records. Over the years Misaruka have released singles, mini-albums, albums, live-distributed CDs and DVDs having a steady growth in the world of Jrock Visual-Kei music. In 2015 Misaruka announce a new side-project called "Misaruka WDP" (World Domination Project) composed by singer Rui and guitarist Rin. They have released a DVD containing 3 PV (Calling, Segula, Rogation) but they have never been a very active project. The band is still active and continues regularly to dump material and playing in concerts! 80% of their PV's are available on You Tube on the official channel of Starwave Records PS: I will put them in order by : OLD LOOK -> NEW LOOK ENJOY! ♪ Misaruka W.D.P - Rogation Misaruka W.D.P - Segula Misaruka W.D.P - Calling Misaruka - L'oiseau Blue Misaruka - The Butterfly Effect Misaruka - Zakuro Misaruka - World's End Misaruka - Pathetique Misaruka - Violet Misaruka - Unacceptable Misaruka - Separate Misaruka - Kono Sakura Ga Mai Chitte Yuku Koro Ni Misaruka - SIN (New Version -2015-)
  20. So this is simply what do you think are the top ten "Starwave Records" bands of all time. Which simply mean that you may consider disbanded bands of the past or band not currently signed to "Starwave Records." Thanks to @midi:nette providing me the link I have a comprehensive list of "Starwave Records" bands: Starwave bands: Synk;yet Misaruka シュヴァルツカイン(Tokami) ラヴェーゼ(Labaiser) FIXER UNDER FALL JUSTICE nüe THE SOUND BEE HD Magistina Saga Scarlet Valse 燭台(怪)(Syokudaikakkokai-) Rose Noire LIKI PROJECT Calmando Qual Tokami VELVET EDEN LIV'ERT MAJOLICA @LOID SUICIDE ALI Capella lix BLOOD HimemaniK BESPA KUMAMERO 風里銃(Hooligan) サンドイッチで120分?(Sandwich de 120pun?) Frenzy -Mr.SaTaN solo project- SaTaN the fool Variable Messiah Luzmelt GPKISM Seileen BLAMHONEY Takuya Angel Vanished Empire Xodiack SchwarzKain Dunkelheit umbrella Here's my top ten: 1. THE SOUND BEE HE 2. LIX. 3. Xodiack 4. FIXER 5. SaTaN 6. SUICIDE ALI 7. BLOOD 8. シュヴァルツカイン(Tokami) 9. LIV'ERT 10. UNDER FALL JUSTICE
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