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Found 8 results

  1. Mamo

    I feel like the exact opposite of this statement is true. They started coping DEG with the release of "Cold Blood" but before that they had their own original sound.
  2. Hello Monochrome fellows~ ヾ(。・ω・。) As I sorted through my VK collection, I came to realize that I way too much VK goodies, which have been sitting on my shelf for years. To make space for newer VK stuff, I've decided to sell some items, so they can go to a new home where they won't be lying on the shelf being ignored, lol. For now, this list mainly includes goodies. More will be added later on. This is my first time selling items online, so please bear with me as it will take me a bit to learn shipping rates, prices, and such. Apologies in advance. Here are some notes: - I ship from the U.K. - I only accept payments through PayPal. - All prices will be listed in UK pounds. - Prices do not include shipping rates. - Flyers/smaller magazines/bookmarks will be free with any purchase if requested. Please let me know if you prefer any particular item. These will be on a first come, first serve basis. - I bought some items from second-hand stores, but I've never used them myself. I will mark which items are bought from these stores. (They literally sat on my shelf unused, lol.) - Pictures are inside of the spoiler tag. (I apologize for the fuzzy/unclear pictures. My camera wasn't cooperating with me.) Please let me know if you're interested in anything ^^ If you want extra pictures or have any questions, then please don't hesitate to ask! D=OUT Kabuki Disco Poster (x3) - £7 (each one) - I obtained these posters while in Japan when D=OUT was promoting their Kabuki Disco album. It will be tightly wrapped and unopened. There are little bends at the corners, but nothing noticeable to the overall quality of the poster. The picture below will show what it looks like (minus the signatures and lamination). Kiryu Shuka Ensen Photoset (x1) - £10 (whole set) - These photos came as extras from Brand-X when I ordered the album a long time ago. I'd prefer to sell this as a whole set. Royz Concert Glowstick - £5 - I bought this when I attended one of Royz's concerts. The item has only been used once. It comes with batteries and still lights up a bright neon green. When shipped out, I will cover it in bubble wrap. SCREW Chekis - £10 (each one) - These are some of the SCREW chekis I've collected. If I'm not mistaken, I bought most [if not all] of these at SCREW's 7th anniversary live and were only available then. (Note: I'll be posting more later chekis and photocards. If there's any particular member you want, then let me know and I can check to see if it's available for sale.) Biosphia Cheki Booklet - £6 - I bought this at their Osaka Muse live (5th May 2013). It comes with a handwritten note of which live it was sold at on the inside (in one of the cheki slips). Bookmarks - N/A - If making a purchase, these can be added to the order with no extra charge if requested. Reversion Fruits pin and guitar [Two Man Live - vistlip & baroque] - £4 This was purchased from baroque's and vistlip's two man live. It contains a pin and a guitar pick. The items are not sold separately. Gazette pen & sticker - £3 - I bought this from a second-hand store, but I've never used the item and has been in the same condition since I bought it. The items are not sold separately. Sadie Undead small mirror - £3 - I bought this from a second-hand store, but I've never used the item and has been in the same condition since I bought it. Luna Sea iPhone 5 case - £10 - The item was only open once to look at. It has never been used before and is still in original package. Flyers/Magazine(s) If making a purchase, these can be added to the order with no extra charge if requested.
  3. UPDATE: EVERYTHING SOLD, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Albums - greedy dead souls (first press ltd. edition with bonus track, with Obi, extremly rare) SOLD - underneath the skin SOLD - THE AVOIDED SUN (Ltd. Edition, cover made of cardboard, slightly damaged) SOLD - THE BURIED (EU Edition with bonus track) SOLD - SHADOWS (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - I BELIEVE IN ME (Ltd. Edition; comes with a bonus DVD, a postcard and a sticker) SOLD - INFERIORITY COMPLEX (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - EXODUS-EP (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - GALLOWS (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs) SOLD - 10th Anniversary 2004 - 2014 The Best (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs and two posters) SOLD - D.A.R.K. (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs, a note pad and two posters, one of them signed by all 5 members) SOLD - AVANTGARDE (Ltd. Edition, comes with a bonus DVD and a bonus CD and a ticket holder) SOLD - SINNERS-EP (Ltd. Edition, comes with a bonus DVD) SOLD Singles - a grateful shit (rare, didn't come with an Obi) SOLD - roaring in the dark (with Obi) SOLD - enemy (Ltd. Edition with bonus track, with Obi, quite rare) SOLD - forgiven SOLD - Adore (Ltd. Edition with DVD) SOLD - Ambivalent Ideal (Ltd. Edition with DVD) SOLD - A GLEAM IN EYE SOLD - JUDGEMENT (Ltd. Edition, with Obi) SOLD - MIRRORS (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - LIGHTNING SOLD - BALLAD (Comes with a bonus DVD) SOLD - EVOKE (comes with a picture (slightly damaged) and a sticker) SOLD - ETERNITY (comes with a picture and a sticker) SOLD - BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE (Ltd. Edition, includes a photobook and a Blu-Ray, comes with an extra key chain) SOLD - ANATHEMA (was only available during their NITE BEFORE EXODUS tour when bought at the venue) SOLD Live DVDs/Blu-Rays - Official Bootleg I SOLD - Official Bootleg II SOLD - Official Bootleg III (Fanclub only, so very rare) SOLD - THE SHADOW IMPULSE (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - il inferno (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - Tour ‘14 to the Gallows (Ltd. Edition, comes with a (slightly damaged) poster) SOLD - Hall Tour ‘15 The Decade of Greed (Ltd. Edition, comes with a poster and an A4 postcard) SOLD - IMMORTALITY Blu-Ray (Ltd. Edition, comes with a poster and an A4 postcard) SOLD Merchandise - Small Cat Pouch “My little devil” SOLD - Omamori from their New Years Live this year SOLD - T-Shirt from their ‘14 To the Gallows Tour, white, size L (EU size M, little washed out) SOLD - T-Shirt from their ‘16 Dark Darker Darkness Tour, black, size L (EU size M) SOLD - T-Shirt from their Comeback Live 2017, size L (also EU size L, they changes sizes) SOLD - T-Shirt from their ‘17 The Sinner Strikes Back Tour, size XL (=EU XL) SOLD - Signed Birthday Card from the fan club (with their Black Triangle CD release as a bonus) SOLD - Signed New Years Card from the fan club (with Anemone as a bonus) SOLD - Hazuki’s Photobook with CD, signed SOLD - Flyer Set from some of their tours, album promotion etc. SOLD - Shirt from their fan club only live tour “Deadly Deep Kisses” 2017, so kinda rare, size M, 20€ (pic here) SOLD - guitar pic from Yuusuke SOLD - tote bag from their “The Sinner Strikes Back” tour in 2017, faux leather, looks really high-quality actually, could for example be used as a laptop bag (fits a 15″ one easily), 30€ (pic here) SOLD Magazines - Rock and Read #42 SOLD - Rock and Read #61 SOLD - Rock and Read #67 SOLD
  4. ghost

    This is the worst release Sadie has ever put out. It's inconsistent, repetitive, and unmemorable. The first problem is that every track overstays its welcome. More than half the album is over 4 minutes, most going almost up to 5. While you might think that's actually a good thing, it isn't. There are plenty of tracks that would be fine if they ended about halfway through, especially the heavier ones, but they keep going and going repeating the same elements. It really drags the album down. The inconsistency in this album is no secret. You've got tracks where M to the ao tries the rapping thing (2 only actually), a few that sound more like a poor rendition of a middle school jazz play soundtrack, one that tries to implement electronics and synth for that fun and poppy yet heavy sound, a heavy alternative song (that sounds somewhat like Yellow Card's "Lights and Sound"), an uplifting pop ballad, a "Spirited Away" instrumental piano track, and a majority of songs that feature Sadie's typical chug a chug who gives a shrug style. I'm not even disappointed that the album doesn't incorporate any "gangsta" elements. I just at least expect a uniform sound throughout the album. The album is all over the place and has absolutely no idea what its identity is. I found "Madrigal de Maria" to be a poor album, but it still had a uniform sound between all the songs and you can tell they're all from the same album. But not using the gangster elements is another thing. If you're going to call your album "Gangsta" and even have a few tracks where you try to implement things like rap, why are there only 2 tracks that you do this on? What is the point to all this? You take these 2 songs out and you're left with nothing that relates to the title. Either go full out or don't do it at all. Make a choice and stick with it. * * I found barely anything worth listening to on this natural born trash CD that is only good as orange rotted. -Shoot the targets, hidden in your mind - there's a lovely melancholy guitar break 2:40-2:50. The actual break is longer than that but when Mao comes in his vocals ruin it. -Gesshoku - It sounds like Mao says "I scream for you p***y". It's kinda (kinda) funny. -I find Tokyo Gypsy to be the only song I can listen to (the last guitar melody actually kind of sounds like something off the GazettE's Disorder. Tokyo Shinjuu, Tokyo Gypsy. Coincidence?...maybe?) All in all there's about 5:04 worth of stuff I would listen to on this album. Sadie needs to stop releasing material for a while and really think about what to do with their music. I think this album proves that they have no idea. Gangsta is a prolonged cluttered wreck that needs to be banned and cut off from all access to consumers. In fact, someone needs to take every copy and
  5. i'm selling my sadie live FC dvd because i dont like them that much anymore. ************************************************************************************************************************* Official Fanclub UNDEAD 限定ver. 6th LIVE DVD発売決定! Now On Sale! 6th LIVE DVD 6th Anniversary Special GIG ! 「DEADLY BIRTHDAY」at NAMBA Hatch 20110722 UNDEAD ver.   2011/07/22 満員御礼! なんばHatchで行われた、6周年記念special GIG! 「DEADLY BIRTHDAY」公演をDVD化!! なんと!Sadie史上初となる、全37曲収録!約110分! (※ダイジェスト曲含む) 2枚組 シリアルナンバー入り、EPサイズスペシャルジャケット!! MRSV-0016 ¥12,600-(税込み)  ************************************************************************************************************************* if you are interested please contact me at [email protected] i can send you some photos of the dvd or other information you need.
  6. RULES & INFO Shipping from UT, USA, will ship worldwide. ALL SHIPPING IN THE USA IS FREE. All Prices in USD. For shipping quotes to locations outside of the USA, please message me here or pm me. NOTE: If you're outside of the USA, I may take a couple extra days to ship it as I need to go to the post office Leave me a message here or pm me if you're interested in anything. Payment Methods: Paypal (fees may apply), concealed cash (at your own risk) CDS Alice Nine Stargazer: regular edition single, like new, $6, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. BLUE FLAME regular edition single, like new, $6, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. D=OUT CARNIVAL Ukiyo Euro Special Edition (DVD&CD, region 2 dvd), good condition a tiny bit of scuffing, $5.50, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. SOLD ONE Regular edition single, like new, $6, Pictures: 1, 2. the GazettE BEFORE I DECAY first press regular edition, very good, $13. Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4. Sadie Kagerou regular edition single, like new, $5.50, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. Cry More Regular Edition single, like new, $5.50, Pictures: 1, 2. OTHER 12012 - The Pain of Catastrophe (limited type b ), out of print, very good, $6, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. ClearVeil - Black Velvet single (Limited type b ), like new, $4.50, Pictures: 1, 2. D - in the name of justice (regular edition single), very good, $6, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. DELUHI - VANDALISM, out of print, very good, $25, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. DuelJewel - Vamp Ash single (type A , DVD&CD), out of print, like new, $10, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. SOLD Kagrra, - Hyakki Kenran (Limited Edition, DVD&CD), out of print (clear file, trading card and photo included), very good, $47. Pictures: 1, 2, 3. SOLD lix. - Seimei no Shuuen (limited edition single), out of print, very good, $5.50, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. Nightmare - VERMILION. single (type A, DVD&CD), like new, $7, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. MAGAZINES Arena 37c (all out of print) Vol. 284 May 2006 Gazetto, good (poster not included), $11, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 343 Apr 2011 Acid Black Cherry, like new (poster included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 344 May 2011 Uverworld, like new, $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Rock and Read (out of print) Vol. 038 Aoi & Hiroto, very good, $9, Pictures: 1, 2. SOLD SHOXX (all out of print) -------(one free with any order over $60) Vol. 206 April 2010 Alice Nine, like new (poster not included), $8, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 207 May 2010 Nightmare, like new (poster not included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 208 June 2010 Yomi x T.M.Revolution, very good (poster not included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 209 July 2010 Ayabie, like new (posters not included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 213 Nov 2010 the GazettE, like new (poster not included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 214 Dec 2010 SuG, like new (posters not included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. Vol. 216 Feb 2011 ViViD, damaged (posters not included), $4, Pictures: 1, 2, 3. [Damaged when I received it, the 2nd picture is of the tear in the side.] Vol. 219 the GazettE, like new (poster included), $7, Pictures: 1, 2. POSTERS Aoi Calendar Page from the official 2010 Calendar, like new, $13, Picture: 1. [Can be folded by request] Arena 37c Vol. 284 May 2006 Gazetto, like new (laminated), $12, Pictures: 1, 2. [Note: cannot be folded] Cure Vol. 014 Nov 2004 Gazetto, good (issue during the laminating process), $8, Pictures: 1, 2. [Note: cannot be folded] SHOXX Vol. 141 Nov 2004 Gazetto, very good (laminated), $10, Picture. [Note: cannot be folded] SHOXX Vol. 206 April 2010 Alice Nine, very good (laminated), $10, Picture. [Note: cannot be folded] FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE (free with each order until they're gone, choose one magazine or 2 of the flyers) From left to right: gab jan 2011 vol. 49 lolita 23q vinyl syndicate vol. 22 club zy mag vol. 002 arimura ryuutaro from plastic tree music pleasure digest july 2008 vol. 004 from left to right: flyer: gpkism / suicide ali filt vol. 38 may 2009 sticker: visual kei dvd magazine famina plus 1 jan 2010 bandage special flyer: blood flyer: blood film flyer with lucy liu
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