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Found 3 results

  1. Selling some rarez of my collection ^^ audiorips were made by Melokei - shipping worldwide from germany - accepting PayPal & Western Union - shipping quotes after requesting Madeth gray'll 狂死楽園 2nd PRESS - 15€ /w HQ audiorip Preuve d'être 存在と無 (1st demotape) limited to 666 - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 悪の哲学 (2nd demotape) limited to 666 - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 眩い虚辞 (5th demotape) limited to 666 - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip Platina 右目 (0th demotape) - 25€ (basis for negotiation) Platina (2nd demotape) - 40€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip アンヴァーリット (3rd demotape) - 30€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip オルゴール (4th demotape) - 30€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 精神異常者 (5th demotape) - 30€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 赤の裁き (live distributed demotape) - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip BAISER Ashes to Ashes (MEGURO ROCK-MAY-Kan 1995.5.6) - 40€ (basis for negotiation) featuring the track "DEEP" and a secret track tour ~Terra~ 2nd scene an eclipse of the sun (live distributed) - 25€ tour -Terra- Final an eclipse of the EARTH (live distributed) - 25€ Kaleidoscope - 15€ w/picture card set Terre - 15€ /w slipcase La luna - 12€ w/trading card Paradis Lost ~the case of Adam~ - 25€ w/slipcase 華 - 25€ UTOPIA box - 50€ /w VHS rip (basis for negotiation) MIRAGE THE END OF EPISODE「DELETE」-2000.1.16 OSAKA HEAT BEAT- 40€ (basis for negotiation) LORELEI BOOTLEG Madeth Gray'll & MIRAGE SOLD!!!
  2. Izumi of Madeth gray'll has been posting two covers on his youtube channel, one which is a Madeth gray'll cover with Hatsune Miku vocals. He has also been tweeting about starting a new band with a female vocalist which (presumably) will start activities in 2016. https://twitter.com/0620St
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    Hey everyone. I've just finished putting together a biography of Madeth Gray'll here. I know this board has a lot of followers of this band, which is why I am posing this question to you: Could you read through this and make sure I have my facts straight? I pulled information for that from a number of sources and some of the dates did not match up. This mostly stems from when they officially joined Matina and when their CDs were no longer self produced. Additionally, I'm questioning some of the romanization of their song titles. For example, "呪ワレシ華ノ生命…" is often romanized as "Noroi wareshi hana no seimei..." However, when I look up the first kanji in a dictionary, "呪" is not read as "noroi" unless it is followed by the character "い." The romanization above is how JaME writes the title, as well as the other instance of "呪" in their album Lucifer, but I'll don't exactly trust them. Additionally, JaME has the title "廃人狂イ人形" romanized as "Haijin kyou ningyou" which I'm sure is incorrect. "狂イ" is supposed to be read as "kurui." Had the "イ" not been there, "kyou" would be (one of) the correct way(s) to read that kanji. Why couldn't they pick less ambiguous names? >: | The reason I'm asking for help here is because I feel having accurate history is very important. Many times, bios get copied and pasted over and over without anyone to really check to see what's correct and what's inaccurate. Over time, the lines become so blurred that it's hard to figure out what's real and what never actually happened. This kind of thing happens all the time, such as when people upload "demo-tapes" that are album versions of a song in a .rar file by themselves, or when last.fm bios are just the names of people that may or may not have even been the last line-up for a band. I'm trying to prevent / correct that with Deadeyes-Star. SO Thank you for reading and let me know if I royally messed something up. Expect another thread like this within two weeks after I write up a bio for 弥叉, which is another band who's history is all over the place.
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