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Found 17 results

  1. vkgy latest interview, with a famous vkei writer! Also I worked hard on this one so it's a cross post with JROCKNROLL Nagasawa Tomonori (長澤智典) is a music journalist of note, having written for most major visual kei magazines and bands. We had the chance to ask him questions over several weeks, and so we explore his career, and his decades-long view of visual kei from the inside. Choose your favorite platform vkgy or jrocknroll If there are people who still have any questions about the "visual kei" history, we can do another round So if you do have any questions, throw them to me and I'll will ask them!
  2. Interview can also be read on jrockrnoll https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-bebop/3/ 和 (wa)(harmony) We don’t like that Punk has an aggressive image. There is a saying in Japan that goes “Respect with harmony”, which means that it;s important to not just get along with each other, but also to discuss and talk with each other firmly. We feel this is also important as a “band” as well, which is why we chose the kanji for “harmony”. Tommy: 鮫 (same)(shark) A shark is strong, beautiful and disliked. TsutomuUSA: 笑 (wara)(smile) Because I always want to give my smile to anything. Tommy: A musician can convey a lot of information at a glance, for example, melody, lyrics, style and expression. I thought it’s wonderful. I started to play the guitar after I saw a live video of THE BLUE HEARTS, I was immediately impressed by their amazing guitar performance. TsutomuUSA: I just enjoy playing. I was inspired by NOFX Tommy: I’ve been in BEBOP since my high school years. TsutomuUSA: I have played in a band since I was 17, I played in three bands before joining BEBOP. It did teach us that you never should give up, even when a band comes to a standstill, there is always someone who will share a helping hand. We’ve learned that friendship is very important and that you shouldn’t lose it. Tommy: Old-fashioned and clumsy. Tommy: When I saw “The High-Lows” at their first live tour in my hometown of Niigata, Japan. I saw the artist of my dreams in front of me, I was amazed that it was “real”. Tommy: I switched from guitar to vocals, and I started to laugh/smile on stage. Back in the days, I tried not to laugh, nowadays I wonder why I refused it. Tsutomu USA: That’s it’s gotten more dynamic. Tommy: I write songs based on the lyrics, So when I have a lyric that feels good, I’ll start writing the melody. Tommy: To escape into memories, which leads into creating lyrics. Yes, Tommy writes the lyrics and melody, and the rest is left to the band. We arrange the songs in the way we want, and after that we complete it together at the studio. Tommy: A place where you can drink alcohol endlessly. Yes, since we are a band, we're doing it in that style so it’s a challenge to find a member who can keep up with us. Tommy: The moment of when the ad-lib melody gets you hooked. Probably because you never can’t do it again. TsutomuUSA: What do you mean? playing? (Laughs) For some reason, we used to be stubborn about it. But now we are open to it, so if you see us on the floor, be free to have a chat with us. https://open.spotify.com/album/5Fs1iclSKw7EIvsM9tuSld It’s not something we can interfere with. We try to keep up our life as normal as possible, and if we get an invite to play a gig, we will try our best! Tommy: Whiskey, especially Nikka Whisky. TsutomuUSA: When I’m staring at my Shiba dog. The last live show with Fuzzy. It was a memorable and precious experience for Tommy to see his childhood friend, with whom he came to Tokyo together, leaving the band. The live performance was so memorable and valuable because the audience loved it and enjoyed it so much. Unlike some other punk bands, BEBOP are not an aggressive band at all, we do have good melodies and lyrics filled with lots of ups, downs and shadows. We hope that people who saw us live for the first time that they will leave with a positive one phrase in their mind. Tommy: Co-star with Johnny Rotten, Mercy and Hiroto! TsutomuUSA: Living on as a drummer Tommy: Just keep going! It’s not that difficult. TsutomuUSA: Everything is fun! Tommy: It’s alright to believe in what you feel it’s amazing. TsutomuUSA: Just have fun in your life.
  3. You also can check the interview on https://vk.gy.
  4. Menopause is a “dark industrial duo” with connections to the vkei scene, who was formed at the end of 2016 by Aya-ne (vocals and programming) and Kenji (guitar). This interview is cross-posted to jrock-focused interview site, JROCK'N'ROLL. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-menopause/
  5. In early 2020, guitarist OGA and bassist Yodo, who were working together in Nagoya, invited vocalist Sutari to form Sacrifice. The members have cultivated a harmonious musicality, as shown by the compatibility between Sutari's voice and the compositions of OGA and Yodo. Read on to learn about the dark musical world that radiates from the band's inner self... Read: https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-sacrifice/
  6. ALCYON is a Nagoya (名古屋) based visual kei band who formed in December 2017, and started activity in July 2018. They typically focus on heavy-toned music which contrasts beautifully against the high voice of vocalist Sera. They celebrate their second anniversary this July at Nagoya Fits ALL. Read on to learn about their two years of activity so far. It's a band who we somehow never really notice, however their music isn't bad at all and since last month we also can enjoy their music via digital platforms! So please check them out here! https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-alcyon/
  7. Scarlet Valse is a symphonic metal band who is at the frontline of the Starwave Records lineup. They've been active since 2011, and are renowned for their charismatic and responsible nature. Read on to learn more about them. READ: English READ: Japanese
  8. INTERVIEWS 01) NEiN 02) NETH PRIERE CAIN 03) CLACK inc 04) BURGUNDY RAIN 05) Luvielle 06) Shuuen no Rasetsu 07) JIRUDORE 08) Astaroth 09) La'veil MizeriA 10) GLIM GARDO 11) NOCTILUCA 12) The Ghost inside of Me 13) nurié 14) DIVEL 15) Scarlet Valse 16) ALCYON 17) Nagasawa Tomonori 18) Sacrifice 19) LINER NOTES NEiN CLACK inc. BAND SEARCH DEVILBarats CHECK WHO THEY ARE (INTERVIEWS)
  9. This week, instead of an interview we caught up with NEiN and got comments from each member about the songs on their first full album! Please check it out and buy the album, if you’re so inclined Buy it: http://nein-web.com/download-2/ Read: https://vk.gy/blog/self-liner-notes-nein/ Also this one is cross shared on JAPANESE ROCK'N'ROLL https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/05/29/self-liner-notes-nein-katharsis/ --- It actually feels a bit as an interview (^_^)/ For sure to check it out, and let us know, if we should ask more bands for such liner-notes ^^
  10. Today's interview is with newcomer visual kei band BIS (ビス). BIS (ビス) is a young and charismatic band, having formed at the turn of the year after several months of activity as a session. The band released one digital single, MAGICAL SUICIDE STARDUST LAND, and have just released their first official single, 12012. Read on to learn more about BIS (ビス) and their new single. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-bis/
  11. Today we have an exclusive interview with vkei band GLIM GARDO. GLIM GARDO is so new that they've yet only performed secret lives, but their music has already gained attention. Vocalist Sakuya (朔弥) has a melodic yet powerful (almost metal-esque) voice that contrasts nicely with the contemporary heaviness of the instrumentals—and all of this is wrapped nicely in the skin of a dark, dramatic fairy tale. Read on to meet this band that we're expecting a lot from. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-glim-gardo/
  12. Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth. Astaroth is an orthodox visual kei band who revealed themselves at what was advertised as a solo oneman by vocalist MISAKI, on January 16th of this year. The members have a strong connection to the Kansai (関西) scene, and they've drawn favor thanks to their promising first single. The band talked to us about their inspirations and how their first steps toward activity have been so far. Astaroth, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-astaroth/
  13. luvielle (ルヴィーユ) is a very new band, who at the time of this interview had held very few lives. Their style evokes a feeling of “the good old days of VK,” and for that they've gained some attention. They were gracious enough to speak with us about their concept and their plans. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-luvielle/
  14. READ https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-burgundy-rain/ Please give your thoughts about the band answers of this interview.
  15. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-clack-inc/ Big thanks to Kenbo! He helped with translating a few questions to Japanese. And surely also that every member answered the interview very nicely! It's an interview everybody enjoys, so please read even if you aren't a fan! ^^ EDIT: Why did we choose this band for an interview? CLACK inc. is maybe not the most popular or best band around (for some of us), but if a band changes their members it's always interesting to dig in them a little bit. I'm also glad that Jae_agent33399 helped us with giving a good direction of questions we could ask. Looking at the history of this band and members and current members it's a good band to have interviewed too, because hey it's interesting what they have been up to and if they can hit more people hearts! Because this band starts a new area I won't share their music in this topic. Still I hope that people are exited to discover more about their upcoming single. I'm looking forward to it! So keep tuned okay? A really big thanks to Kenbo, without him, this interview maybe wouldn't be possible at all.
  16. Another interview in collaboration with vk.gy Hopefully you enjoy reading this interview too. Hopefully i.D.A will follow someday too... Why this band? First of all, good NAGOYA bands? where are they? Many are disbanded.... So to support Nagoya Kei a bit, we decided to interview NPC, we also requested iDA, but iDA takes longer to answer the questions.... NPC is really not a bad band their music really sounds decent and good, also on twitter they have more followers than the ida dudes. Their new look is really with and Gott~ I think this band is a nice growing band which is sadly underrated by us. it's a talented band, maybe with members who don't really have a known band history or a band history at all. But surely those guys know how to deliver good music. Their first single really hit greatly. it's a really amazing song. yet... (I prefer iDA 😛 ) I personally don't like this song at all, but I think it's a typical VKEI song which can easy liked by those who totally loves that type of style. After all, if you are a visual kei fan, you won't regret to check this band out. NPC has more typical VKEI parts inside their music than iDA has. I'm sure that's the reason why they got a bit more followers than IDA. Also the guys are fun to follow on twitter! Maybe their interview is a bit "off", still I hope it's interesting enough to really check them out and to share them a little bit extra love. I wouldn't like to see them also disbanding after 2 years (T_T)~~ They are too good for that! And a big thanks to Asakawa Ryu the boss of double river record and owner of Nagoya holiday next. and this is too funny lol
  17. NEiN's interview was coordinated originally by me with help of John @inartistic we both made this interview our first interview together. Since NEiN is a band who fits also to less visual bands, we decided later on to cross post it also on JAPANESE ROCK'N'ROLL. Full interview in English can be read here. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-nein/ https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/interview-with-nein/ Also the original Japanese version has been shared for those who can understand Japanese https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-nein-jp/ https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/interview-with-nein/
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