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Found 6 results

  1. Artist: fboy Album: tune Release: January 8, 2017 Label: 646224 Records DK Tracklisting: 01. sink 02. tune 03. dungeon 04. lights 05. gauntlet 06. portal 07. ghost 08. cold 09. imps 10. stone 11. you 12. dreamz 13. heal Stream: SoundCloud, Spotify Buy: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Hello MH. Here is my new album that i've been working on for quite some time under the moniker fboy (a reference to my first AIM SN 'furikuri boy'). It's an instrumental album that is minimalistic at most with standard electronics. I have noticed it's a good driving and studying album. I hope you enjoy!
  2. Was bored and curious about what he was saying so I also did this song. Ryohei Shima is the singer for the rock band the dresscodes. はじらい Like A Girl feat. 志磨遼平 from the dresscodes / Hajirai Like A Girl feat. Ryohei Shima from the dresscodes Lyrics: Ryohei Shima Music: TeddyLoid Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Kono yoru ga hajimaru wa TUNAITO odoretara Hatenu BIITO de Aseru MUUDO de BEESU RUUTO ue ikou ikou I ni wa I nari YOU ni wa YOU nari Mata SHE ni wa SHE nari SUNE ni kizu EBURIWAN Machi-au ga yue Machigau izure Maniau ga yue Maji aseru mune Hanikande Mada hajirai nagara Odoru odoru odoru odoru Tobikau kono RAITO ni Inukarenai you ni Otona ni kawaru no o Kizukarenu you Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Saa yoru e magirero PAATII RAITSU mitsukaru na SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Sono na ni hajinai KURABU RAVAA Onegai dakara DONTO SUTOPPU MYUUJIKKU Hirake FIRUTAA ato, FYUUCHAA mo Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Yori DOOPU na BIITO e Yori DIIPU na MUUDO e Yori BIIPU na RUUMU de Yori sottemo kuukyo de Machi-atta mama Machigatta mama Mashi datta nara Maniatta ka na Mada ima naraba Mada kanau nara Modoru modoru modoru modoru Takanatteru kodou Minukarenai you ni Asa ga mou kuru no o Kizukanai you Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Tada toki to hariau HARII APPU Onegai dakara Bokutachi no MYUUJIKKU Douka ima kono shunkan o tomete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Kono yoru ga hajimaru wa TUNAITO odoretara SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Saa yoru e magirero PAATII RAITSU Onegai dakara DONTO SUTOPPU ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka RIGURETTO wasure sasete Kanji: http://mojim.com/jpy158313x1x11.htm
  3. Artist: Net Slum Album: Net Slum LP Release Date: November 7, 2015 Genre: Instrumental Electronica, Ambient, Trance, Trap 01. I Can't Do Anything On My Own 02. Get It Right 03. I Fucking Feel For You (Me) 04. Sound The Alarm 05. The World Has Gone To Shit 06. This Moment Is Clarity 07. Cut My Face Off 08. Blood Streams 09. Can I Take You Home? 10. Murder The Murderer 11. I Don't Want To Wake Up Stream/Download My new album! Released today! Just a bunch of instrumental songs that I put together over the past year. I hope you enjoy!
  4. The Moon Is Convergence (aka Furik) I Can't Get Away (Single) 2015 01. I Can't Get Away Download Just a song I made today. Hope you like it. Happy Halloween!
  5. The Moon Is Convergence (pka FURIK) Right/Waves EP 01. Right 02. Waves 03. Fuck (Vocal remix of Right) 04. Alarm 05. Interpol Release Date: Now? Stream/Download Just made a EP - work in progress - as a follow up to my spring Pessimist EP. Nothing special. Just highlighting a new direction and attempt at rapping, I guess. The EP will becoming much larger in the coming weeks, months to become a possible album. Tracks will be slowly added over time. So far there's five.
  6. Furik

    g4t3k33p3r Album 2015.02.09 01. 3nt3r 02. w0r1d 03. f13Ld 04. w4rp 05. b0ss 06. v1ct0ry 07. L34v3 This is my first album in over 2 years or so. Today I released my new album g4t3k33p3r for free to listen to on YouTube under the moniker digitalmonster. (After some copyright disputes, it'll be up on SoundCloud sometime. It's also available on SoundCloud and Clowdy now too.) It's a 7 track 20 or 30-something minute dive into instrumental dance, chiptune and creepy atmospheric ambience. I tried to sway away from the current EDM sound but it's still somewhat present in some parts of songs (but it's not the main point). I know a lot of the songs are long but please give it a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's kind of music you could listen to while studying, driving around or relaxing - it's very chill and not heavy at all. Streaming Hub: SoundCloud (320kbps) (160kbps) Clowdy (320kbps) last.fm (320kbps)
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