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Found 10 results

  1. Well, it is what the title says. コロナウイルス is forcing people to stay home in Japan and the japs have a nice philosophy of spreading hope in times of despair, so they went there and performed anyway and are being nice and posting the gigs that got cancelled online for all to see, including us, poor gaijin. No live audience, no staff, etc. These are the ones I've seen so far: Let's make this collaborative so do share other links here if you know of any. I'll keep updating this list. Previously unreleased lives uploaded for viewing due to the Corona situation are also to be freely shared in this thread - MH Staff And bear in mind most of these gigs will be available for a limited time only, so hurry up and watch or download the ones you're interested in watching ASAP.
  2. I've updated with lots of new items for sales and lowered all prices. Negotiations are possible~ (Prices don't include paypal fee and shipping) ** Small SS offered for a limited time If you would like any good from the following bands please let me know ahead of time. ** 12/30 - New Years countdown: libravel / virge / Mother / Verxina/ kakatootoshi / raku×gaki / ari / 椋 (ex.DAMY) project / BlackHole project / SARIGIA / Helter Skelter/ SHIVA / mama. /kagekui / jigsaw /RAN / GREED / SiREN / Envyl / DOBE / shitoshito /and more~ 12/31 - UNiTE New Years oneman 1/4- bass party 玲夏(ダウト) / Ba.瑠伊(vistlip/Lill) / Ba.ハク(ユナイト) / Gt.LiN(ユナイト) / Dr.直人(ダウト ) / Vo.KØU 1/5 - 幸樹 & 結 & Shindy 1/7 - yamitera / asty / Howl / misui / shishi 1/15 - grimorie/hello/rave/ Køu / smileberry / haklo / grace UNiTE. Vexent LEZARD Grimoire Zigzag Kameleo Posters OTHER For Flyers and Magazine photos please check the link here: Or you can just let me know what bands you are looking for because I don't have pics of every single flyer. Thanks for reading~~ !!
  3. Hello Monochrome fellows~ ヾ(。・ω・。) As I sorted through my VK collection, I came to realize that I way too much VK goodies, which have been sitting on my shelf for years. To make space for newer VK stuff, I've decided to sell some items, so they can go to a new home where they won't be lying on the shelf being ignored, lol. For now, this list mainly includes goodies. More will be added later on. This is my first time selling items online, so please bear with me as it will take me a bit to learn shipping rates, prices, and such. Apologies in advance. Here are some notes: - I ship from the U.K. - I only accept payments through PayPal. - All prices will be listed in UK pounds. - Prices do not include shipping rates. - Flyers/smaller magazines/bookmarks will be free with any purchase if requested. Please let me know if you prefer any particular item. These will be on a first come, first serve basis. - I bought some items from second-hand stores, but I've never used them myself. I will mark which items are bought from these stores. (They literally sat on my shelf unused, lol.) - Pictures are inside of the spoiler tag. (I apologize for the fuzzy/unclear pictures. My camera wasn't cooperating with me.) Please let me know if you're interested in anything ^^ If you want extra pictures or have any questions, then please don't hesitate to ask! D=OUT Kabuki Disco Poster (x3) - £7 (each one) - I obtained these posters while in Japan when D=OUT was promoting their Kabuki Disco album. It will be tightly wrapped and unopened. There are little bends at the corners, but nothing noticeable to the overall quality of the poster. The picture below will show what it looks like (minus the signatures and lamination). Kiryu Shuka Ensen Photoset (x1) - £10 (whole set) - These photos came as extras from Brand-X when I ordered the album a long time ago. I'd prefer to sell this as a whole set. Royz Concert Glowstick - £5 - I bought this when I attended one of Royz's concerts. The item has only been used once. It comes with batteries and still lights up a bright neon green. When shipped out, I will cover it in bubble wrap. SCREW Chekis - £10 (each one) - These are some of the SCREW chekis I've collected. If I'm not mistaken, I bought most [if not all] of these at SCREW's 7th anniversary live and were only available then. (Note: I'll be posting more later chekis and photocards. If there's any particular member you want, then let me know and I can check to see if it's available for sale.) Biosphia Cheki Booklet - £6 - I bought this at their Osaka Muse live (5th May 2013). It comes with a handwritten note of which live it was sold at on the inside (in one of the cheki slips). Bookmarks - N/A - If making a purchase, these can be added to the order with no extra charge if requested. Reversion Fruits pin and guitar [Two Man Live - vistlip & baroque] - £4 This was purchased from baroque's and vistlip's two man live. It contains a pin and a guitar pick. The items are not sold separately. Gazette pen & sticker - £3 - I bought this from a second-hand store, but I've never used the item and has been in the same condition since I bought it. The items are not sold separately. Sadie Undead small mirror - £3 - I bought this from a second-hand store, but I've never used the item and has been in the same condition since I bought it. Luna Sea iPhone 5 case - £10 - The item was only open once to look at. It has never been used before and is still in original package. Flyers/Magazine(s) If making a purchase, these can be added to the order with no extra charge if requested.
  4. suji

    Tokyo Chaos 2016 will take place at National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium on December 31, 2016. Participating bands: Alice Nine アルルカン (Arlequin) BAROQUE Blu-BiLLioN ダウト (D=OUT) DaizyStripper DEZERT heidi Kαin カメレオ (Kameleo) MERRY Mix Speaker's,Inc. MUCC The THIRTEEN vistlip Session bands: Hitomi session: Vo. Hitomi (ex-Moran) Gt. 海 (Umi) (vistlip) Gt. 祐弥 (Yuya) (ex-DuelJewel) Ba. 玲夏 (Reika) (ダウト (D=OUT)) Dr. Nao (Alice Nine) 押しちゃんズ: 逹瑯 (Tatsurou) (MUCC) ガラ (Gara) (MERRY) 怜 (Ryo) (BAROQUE) aie (the god and death stars, gibky gibky gibky, etc.) kazu (the god and death stars, gibky gibky gibky, etc.) ユアナ (Yuana) (STEREO.C.K) 明希 (Aki) (シド (SID)) SATOち(MUCC) & more... http://www.tokyo-chaos.com
  5. special sessions will perform at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL on October 24 "悪の華" members: Vo.Hitomi (ex-Moran) Gt.源依織(minamotono iori) (ex-Femme Fatale) Ba.Lay (ex-Fatima-->obscure) Dr.秒(byou) (ex-AvelCain) "登龍門" members: Vo.幸樹(kouki) (ダウト(D=OUT)) Gt.威吹(ibuki) (ダウト(D=OUT)) Ba.亜季(aki) (Sadie) Dr.Aki (Lc5) Key.泰斗(taito) (ex-AYABIE)
  6. eiheartx

    D=OUT / 卍 - MCD

    卍 / ダウト 11月16日 発売 全身全霊豪華盤 S.D.R-302-A / ¥5,500(税抜き)/ CD2曲+ライブDVD 【CD】 1. 卍 2. 私を奪って… 【DVD】 新宿ReNY LIVE DVD 初回限定盤 S.D.R-302-B / ¥1,800(税抜き)/ CD2曲+MV 【CD】 1. 卍 2. 私を奪って… 【DVD】 卍 MV+MAKING 通常盤 S.D.R-302-C / ¥1,200(税抜き) / CD2曲 【CD】 1. 卍 2. 私を奪って…
  7. Shaolan974

    PS COMPANY LIVE DVD "攻撃ハ最大ノ防御ナリ。-OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE- ~2015.04.05 オリンパスホール八王子~" (Kougeki wa Saidai no Bougyo nari. -OFFENSE IS zabesuto DEFENSE- ~2015. 04. 05 Olympus Hall Hachiouji~) has been available for ordering through his official webshop. (6500 yens) Tracklist : [レイヴ-RAVE-] 01. ヨクバリーゼ (Yokubaliese) 02. Day×By×Day [the LOTUS] 01. A.P.O 02. Grace [bORN] 01. RADICAL HYSTERIA 02. ケミカルロマンス (Chemical Romance) [花見桜幸樹 (Hinamizakura Kouki)] 01. 雪国 (Yukiguni) 02. アイラブ東京 (I Love Tokyo) [テキーラ東京 (Tequila Tokyo)] 01. Kung-Fu Lady 02. 恋ポタージュ (Koi Potage) [ViViD] 01. 「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~ (Yume~Mugen no Kanata~) 02. Winding Road】 [やまぴかりゃー (Yamapikarya)] 01. アメリカン・ショートヘア (American Short Hair) 02. ねこまっしぐら (Nekomasshigura) [sCREW] 01. Barbed wire 02. ANITYA [ダウト (D=OUT)] 01. 感電18号 (Kanden 18-gou) 02. フェンダー (Fender) [WK] 01. White White White 02. Kick Kick Kick [NAOKI] 01. Shyな君へ (Shy na Kimie e) [Kra] 01. 不思議な世界からの招待状 (Fushiginasekai kara no Joutaijou) 02. エキストラキングダム (Extra Kingdom)
  8. I'll be updating this periodically so please do visit back often for updates >v<)/ Do drop me a comment or PM if you're interested in getting something / have any questions! T&Cs: 1. Prices do not include shipping fee 2. Collection Methods: Meetup (Singapore only) / Normal Mail / Registered Mail 3. International Payment via Paypal (includes Paypal fees) 4. All prices are stated in SINGAPORE DOLLARS [WTS] Band Merch; Screw「Xanadu Seventh Heaven」Muffler Towel $20.00SGD [PIC] SuG「Crazy Live Coaster」Muffler Towel $20.00SGD [PIC] LM.C「Perfect Fantasy Live Tour 2014」Muffler Towel $20.00SGD [PIC] SuG「Thrill Ride Pirates」Bandana $12.00SGD [PIC] DIAURA「Silent Majority」「Menace」Artist Photocards $3.00SGD each (Discounts given for purchase of more than 5) [PIC_1] [PIC_2] LOST ASH「Kodoku no Kakera」「MESSAGE」Postcards 1 for $3.00SGD / 2 for $5.00SGD [PIC] Screw「Under the Screw」Trading Cards 1 for $4.00SGD / 3 for $10.00SGD [PIC] D=OUT「Tribal Arivall 2013」「Spring Tour 2013 -Kabuki Disco-」Trading Cards 1 for $4.00SGD / 3 for $10.00SGD [PIC] LEZARD Cheki $6.50SGD each [PIC] CDs; FEST VAINQUEUR Persona Shoujo Normal Edition (CD+DVD) [bRAND NEW IN PACKAGE] $15.00SGD [PIC] SuG BLACK Album Normal Edition (CD) [uSED; NO TRADING CARD] $15.00SGD [PIC] [WTB] Anything FEST VAINQUEUR. (excluding albums and singles purchasable online) CLØWD Kou & Ryohei Chekis LAGNA Rita Chekis [PER REQUEST] I have other trading card and cheki merchandise that are not put up at the moment. Please don't hesitate to ask for pics if you're interested in any of the following below; DIV Kameleo ViV SuG ex. DILIAL Ryo Alice Nine Landz. / Sonic Death Monkey LOST ASH
  9. FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER: 25% OFF OF PURCHASES OVER $175 20% OFF OF PURCHASES BETWEEN $100-$174 15% OFF OF PURCHASES BETWEEN $50-$99 10% OFF OF PURCHASES UNDER $50 (Shipping will be added AFTER the discount) EXTRA: prices lowered!! -Prices are in US dollars. Shipping not included, will be shipping from NC, USA. -I accept Paypal only -Can combine cds from my '150+CDs' sell post with items from this post! -Feel free to ask for pics or if you have any questions! DVDs: Choshinsei- Time to Shine- Japan Special Edition [w/DVD, Limited release] ($60)$55 (this comes with cd, dvd, short manga, and more!) DIO- Tour Dictator ($45)$40 Moon Child (English Subtitles) [initial pressing Limited Release] ($90)$70 (comes with 3 discs, 3 art cards, photo album-as in one you can put pics in, and it all comes in a special box) Uchusentai Noiz- Japan Toy's Panic Kingof Oneman Show 2009-2010 Live DVD ($60)$50 (signed!) Plastic Tree- Merry Go Round the World [Limited Edition] ($65) $55 (t-shirt not included, but still has the special box it came packaged in) Plastic Tree- ゲシュタルト崩壊 DVD ($43)$38 Tokyo Michael- イルミナティ、ノヲト ($17)$15 Vidoll- Flashback ($35)$30 凛 -the end of corruption world- Independent "MAZE" FILM ($43)$38 Band Merchandise: AAA- keychain ($7) Alice Nine- Piece of 5ive elements 「THE BOOK」-Alice Nine 5th- -photobook from 2010 tour (signed! $50)$40 Alice Nine- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Alice Nine- towel from 2010 tour ($30)$25 D=OUT- strap from 2010 tour ($15)$13 D=OUT- folder from 2010 tour ($10) D=OUT- towel from 2010 tour ($30)$25 Irokui- Mirror from 2010 tour ($25) Irokui- signed photo of the band from 2010 tour ($25)$20 Jun Matsumoto- 2 sided photo/poster thing I got at Japanese festival 2011 ($10) Kagrra- 10th anniversary folder ($15)$10 Kagrra- 10th anniversary photo ($15)$10 KAT-TUN- Playing cards ($7) Miyavi- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Miyavi- folder from 2010 tour ($10) Plastic Tree- Re:chord -photobook from 2010 tour ($25)$20 R-shitei- Bassist Nanahashi's custom pick ($15) $10 Scandal- pin ($5) SuG- 2 stickers from 2010 tour ($8 )$6 Uchusentai Noiz- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Unite- pin ($5) Versailles- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Versailles- towel from 2010 tour ($30)$25 Vivid- sticker pack from 2010 tour (never opened) ($15)$12 xTRiPx- sticker ($4) Kirakira Summer Typhoon!! 2011 tour trading cards- Regular Cards- 1 for $5, 3 for $12, 6 for $20 Special Cards- 1 for $8, 2 for $14, 3 for $20 pics for most of the band merchandise listed here as well as more items not listed (like trading cards, stickers, postcards, and more) can be found here: http://hogwartsgal.livejournal.com/
  10. Selling some older stuff (most indie bands). As for the cheki's I have to beg your pardon, I don't get together who is who....For it lay in a box over years I totally forgot about them Hope it is allowed to post a link to my fb, if not, I'll upload the pics in here. Thx for reading. Prices are negotiable // Shipping cost not in the price // shipping cost : Europe : 4€ (+2€ by supplement); International : 5€ (+2€ by supplement) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151657057057039.1073741825.637327038&type=1 For some of you don't have facebook and can't see my stuff, I'm posting them here (but first without pics) CD: * AibeLL - 夢色クレヨン 6€ * アルミ國土 (Alumi Land) - 銀色月世界 8€ (CD comes with a photo) * Arc - 想乃心 8€ * Bergerac - Genocide Streaming 10€ * Berergac Photoset 15€ * 蜂-biene- - SUR DANCE 8€ * bis - 平成コマネチ (Tsubasa edition) 8€ * CD Cellt - リヂィア 10€ // DVD Cellt - リヂィア 5€ (together 12€) * Duel Jewel - Visions 10€ * E'm~Grief~ - Pains of Aspiration 5€ * [omnibus] High Style Paradox IV 8€ * Jewel - Ugly 5€ (unopened) * Jewel - Clockwork [5]th Parade 10€ (unopened) * MaRiLL - Insvitation 8€ * パニックちゃんねる VS PANIC☆ch「新人戦」~夢に向かって 編~ 10€ * パニックちゃんねる VS PANIC☆ch「デビュー戦」~みんなの誓い 編~ 5€ (unopened] * PANIC?ch - Father's Expressions 10€ * お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 - 残された欠片の戯曲 8€ * ReivieR - Declare 10€ * R指定 - オカルト地獄 8€ * るヴぃえ (Ruvie] - Ivory Sun Light + Primitive Moon Light (just together) 20€ * tarrot - ~新未来ゲート 5€ * The Gazette - Stacked Rubbish 15€ * Cross Gate 2008 ( chariots - Jade // ?????? - honey drop // Siva - concealement // Juka - ??? (Suimenka), ?? - enemy) 8€ * JUDGMENT #004 (2008.10.22) [ Omnibus ] 8€ * [Omnibus] 枕詞 - HOLIDAY SHINJUKU発、01.Bergerac - fascinating // 02.メロウ- 喜劇の降る日に傘 // 03. TRiCK - 雨色 8€ * VanessA - Love of Insanity 5€ * VanessA - P.S.D. / I feel you 5€ * Veronica - Code No. S.M 10€ (comes with a DVD) * Villain - MAZE 10€ (unopened) * vNeu - Pulse New World 8€ * xTripx - Sieasta 8€ * Zip.cy - 放浪日記 8€ DVD * Bandshock DVD Vol. 6 10€ * 全国大会三本戦~いやがらせ~ // 全国大会三本戦~決勝戦~ // 全国大会三本戦~Free style~ 28€ for all // each 10€ * The Gazette - Tour 2007/2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Final 50€ * The Gazette - Tour 2006/2007 Decomposition Beauty Final 50€ Merch * Photoset Bergerac 15€ new price 10€ * Photoset Calmando Qual 5€ each * Photoset D=OUT 15€ new price 10€ * Photoset Dolly 15€ (with Yuina) new price 10€ * Photoset LuLu 15€ new price 7€ * Photoset xTripx 15€ new price 10€ * Signed Nega mirror (Jin, Yuu) each 20€ Cheki From left to the right: VanessA ハルキ, VanessA 恋一, VanessA Genki, ex-Zip.er Haruhi 2. Picture =) 3rd in 2nd row is 珠聖 (Jura) (ex-Berry Bell) the last on in the 2nd row is Yukkey (ex-Berry Bell, ex- FeaDior) the last 2 are Yue (ex-Berry Bell, ex-AILE) - Cheki by Yue himself is sold
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