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Found 5 results

  1. In celebration of the 20th anniversary since the formation of Matina and MIRAGE, KISAKI will hold BURIAL OF EPISODE-TOKYO- at Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE on 2018-03-31. MIRAGE will hold a one-day(?) revival, featuring original members AKIRA, YAYOI, and KISAKI, plus support guitarist A.O.I (SHAZNA) and drummer Matarou (魔太朗) (VANIRU). Session band Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ) will appear: V. Kouki (幸樹) [Mist of Rouge~DOUT (ダウト)] / G. ? / B. Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之) [Mist of Rouge~More] / D. TERO (テロ) [VIDOLL~†я i ¢к]. TOKYO YANKEES, THE DEAD P☆P STARS, Vasalla (覇叉羅) (one-day revival), KING, and Kra will also appear. Premium tickets include a t-shirt. All attendees receive a present. This marks [the beginning of?] MIRAGE's “burial” (meaning has not been revealed). KISAKI made some remarks about his “retirement.” KISAKI might have formed the new company LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, though it doesn't seem to be a record label (yet). Please see the full writeup at https://weloveucp.com/blog/matina-event-revealed-matina-all-stars-mirage-burial-kisaki-retirement-and-new-company/ for additional details.
  2. RomanNoodles

    I should probably add a caveat to my request; I will except lyrics for anything and everything you're willing to provide(it doesn't even have to be a translation). Thank you.
  3. ALL CDs have their obi if not otherwise stated!!!! CDs & booklets are in perfect condition, CD cases may be somehow damaged that's why prices are so low ^^ - Accepting PayPal, Western Union and bank transfer within europe (SEPA & IBAN needed) - Shipping worldwide from germany - Shipping quotes on request AIORIA - 蒼月の陰影 5€ AIORIA - 光彩の沈殿 5€ Aliene Ma'riage - MANNEQUIN 7€ ANTI FEMINISM - 神が与えた普通でないモノへの集団的確信犯 open for offers!!! Ash - 反抗期・・・ 5€ Ash - ・・・発情期 5€ AZALEA - 禁断症状 7€ AZALEA - 滅びの庭 5€ Blast - ADAM 5€ DAS:VASSER - 青玉ーサファイアー 6€ Da'vidノ使徒:aL - クッキーチェアー 6€ Dear Loving - Identification Card 5€ (sorry for crappy photo but it's difficult to get a good pic of that metallic stuff) Dear Loving - Still... 6€ いろは (Iroha) - あおなじみ白書 通常盤 4€ Lamiel - 黒 open for offers! Plastic - CAUTION! 6€ MIRAGE - en Rouge 5€ Mist of Rouge - 華麗なる白霧 7€ 雀羅 (Jyakura) - 「呪縛ト不フ緋色ノ舞依」 7€ Eze:quL/Mist of Rouge coupling tape 7€ ポロリ(Porori) - 想ひでポロリ 5€ The Pumpkin Head - メロン記念日 6€ S - 蜘蛛 5€ Remage - 人工知脳の性的欲情 5€ vellaDonna - REW 5€ Syndrome - SEXUAL 6€ Veill - 骸の残像 7€ WAIL - Cradle/scene 6€ WAIVE - Spanner 1st press 10€ Syndrome - 兎と羊 Single (Tatsuya era) 5€ Syndrome signed poster (Asagi era, 小夜時雨 Single release) make me a reasonable offer!!! Vidoll early era signed photoset 25€ D.N.A. signed photoset 15€ (photoset of Kisaki, Riku, Jin, Shall, Sui, Rayka, Itsuki, Co, Yuui and their autographs on the back) LOST ASH signed photo 10€ Versailles - Ascendead Master Single Regular 4€ UNDER CODE PRODUCTION BIBLE photobook & DVD 25€ (DVD contains live clips & off-shots) KISAKI - a basement Melody... III photobook + DVD 10€ chariots - Son PV DVD + double-sided photoset 12€ Moran - 堕落へと続く偏愛の感触 Single 5€ Himitsu Kessha Codomo A 青と春と僕と (Ao to Haru to Boku to) Single 2,50€ 劣等時代 (Rettou Jidai) Single 2,50€ 人生ゲーム (Jinsei GAME) Single 2,50€ 青春特撮 (Seishun Tokusatsu) 3 PV's DVD 5€ シンディケイト (CindyKate) Night people TYPE A Mini-Album CD/DVD 8€ (噂の)アウトサイダー 初回限定盤 ((Uwasa no) OUTSIDER Shokaigenteiban) Mini-Album CD/DVD 8€ 濱NIGHT☆CITYBOY TYPE A (HamaNIGHT☆CITYBOY) Single 1€ 濱NIGHT☆CITYBOY TYPE B (HamaNIGHT☆CITYBOY) Single 1€ メトロポリス TYPE B (METROPOLIS TYPE B BSingle1€ ボクサー ( BOXER) Single 1,50€ ソウルエクスタシー ( SOUL ECSTASY) Single 1€ 座☆銀のNAON TYPE A ( Za☆gin no NAON) Single 1€ 座☆銀のNAON TYPE B ( Za☆gin no NAON) 1€ 昌代とByeBye TYPE A (Masayo to ByeBye) Single CD/DVD 2,50€ Brodiaea - di;Vision Mini-Album 4,50€ Brodiaea - trace of abyss Collection Album 6€ Brodiaea - Inferno Single 2€ Pashya 愛育エンジェル (Aiiku ANGEL) 1,50€ 誘惑ヴィーナス (Yuuwaku VENUS) 1,50€ 魅惑ヒロイン (Miwaku HEROINE) 1,50€ Cu[be] Velvet Berry Single 5€ [Pandemic CORE] Single + Bonus Comment & Live DVD 8€ ロジカルシューター(LOGICAL SHOOTER) live-distributed 2€ [email protected] エレク統帥 (ELEC Tousui) Single 1,50€ アナロ軍曹 (ANALO Gunsou) Single 1,50€ 希望ノススメ ( Kibou NO SUSUME) Collection Album 8€ Arc 【F】face Collection Album + Interview DVD 11€ 落書き教科書 TYPE B ( Rakugaki Kyoukasho) Single 1,50€ コントラスト TYPE A ( CONTRAST TYPE A) Single CD/DVD 2,50€ Departure of one's lot TYPE A Mini-Album CD/DVD 6€ Phantasmagoria SURVIVOR’S GUILT-2005 Live DVD (signed wrapping foil!): 20€ TERRITORY OF DIVINE-.2006.3.27SHIBUYA-AX Live DVD: 14€ Black-Veil Before ChristmasLive DVD: 16€ Phantasmagoria CRYSTAL FINALE Live DVD: 25€ ECLIPSE OF MYTH Live DVD: 25€ forbidden-INSANITY of the UNDERWORLD- Live DVD: 36€ Phantasmagoria REQUIEM -FUNERAL EDITION- Collection Album CD/DVD + TDC (Kisaki) 15€ at the ends of the rest period Live DVD 12€ Material Pain SHOXX Promotion CD + lyric sheet 1,50€ NEVER REBELLION -Special Disc- Third Stage (comment & instrumental track) 2,50€ Bloodly-clown & 放課後倶楽部 - Figure 4 Leg Rock Omnibus Album 4€ LOTMAN - UNTITLE Single 2€ リョウキタンテイシャ マカロニ( RYOUKITANTEISHA MACARONI) - ボンジンハケシテシナズ ( BONJIN NOT' DEAD!!) Single 2,50€ リョウキタンテイシャ マカロニ( RYOUKITANTEISHA MACARONI) - ウラココロ ( URA KOKORO) Mini-Album 5€ VISAGE - reversal film Mini-Album 4€ KNEUKLID ROMANCE - SHINE TYPE B Single 1,50€ hurts - 悪魔ノ詩 -血盟- ( Akuma NO Shi -Ketsumei-) Single 2,50€ hurts - ア・カペラと前立腺 ( A ・ CAPELLA to Zenritsusen) Single 1,50€ Arc - 秒シミュレーション (Byou SIMULATION) webshop limited Single 2,50€ Decadence Omnibus Album 3€ Nihon [email protected] ch- Live DVD 12€ Kansai Seiatsu 2004~2005 Live DVD 16€ SHINKI -Graduation & Departure-~ Live DVD 20€ Kαin (new band of YUKIYA, ex-JILS) paradiselost album Limited Edition CD/DVD : 16€ GAKIDO - HAPPYMAKER Single CD/DVD w/obi + both Making of DVDs price: 16€ GAKIDO - Kotoba Mini-Album w/obi + photoset price: Mini-Album 12€ Photoset 11€ 20€ for the set GAKIDO - signed photos and big Shutaro signed button price: upper signed photo 8€ lower signed photo (autographs are a little smudged 6€ Shutaro signed button 6€ 17€ for the set
  4. elias

    I've got a question regarding Eze:quL A complete version of "呪縛" have ever been released somewhere? ...some cryptic VA or whatever, any clues... the ~Ver.S~ running 1:08min can be found on the demo "契約の印…嘆願の書"
  5. - Shipping worldwide (under circumstances also western Union) - Accepting PayPal - No prices set, so make reasonable offers CDs/DVDs Photosets & autographs Megaromania signed tourposter 2012 Megaromania signed photoset (old line-up including Leda) Matenrou Opera signed photo Vidoll signed photoset (very early period with old line-up) Vidoll photoset Lareine photoset Jupiter photoset Versailles photoset 1 Versailles photoset 2 Versailles photoset 3 Versailles photoset 4 DAS:VASSER signed photo EllDorado signed photo Shazna signed photo Posters prices: 5-8€
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