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  1. wow four cali≠gari deliveries in one day.


    Now it's the waiting game with Ao's webshop & suruga-ya...

    1. Seimeisen




      I think I read on Ao’s shop that orders arrive between 10 days to 2 weeks and suruga-ya orders take at least two weeks. This will be fun...

    2. anakuro


      @Seimeisen I think it was 10 days to two weeks to ship, so even longer for delivery...😩 At least with the wording that's how it sounded idk, & most shops send a notification when they ship and I still haven't gotten one from Ao... at this rate I'll get both packages from him at the same time.


      It's my first time ordering from suruga-ya so I'll take your word for it👀

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