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  1. acbpn

    you guys thought too much. apparently this name is from, people who don't know Japanese language and give their characters names while playing a Japanese RPG xDDD
  2. acbpn

    luckily I'm not a western fan and I'm an axxhole.
  3. acbpn

    I still didn't manage to buy a new computer cuz I'm going to move to another place next month. recently have been playing Dynasty Warriors 9 tho my current PC sucks. appearance is all the way low and framerate drops like crazy, still playable. also will try more titles of musou series including Dragon Quest Heroes. everyone said DW9 is baaaad, but I don't really think so. maybe because of the DLC pack price? or the not-really-enough update and maintenance? or the move-system change? (just like what Koei did with DW6) meh, fxxk it I don't care. I love the open-world setting and the side-quest system. the character setting is still amazing. nuff said, scrxx those haters. and what a good time coming back to this series, I missed a lot of titles since my previous trial was exactly DW Strikeforce 2 on PSP...
  4. acbpn

    retrogamer +1. grown up with PS1 and PC-Engine but I'm only into rts and fps and shmup till now.
  5. acbpn

    I'm playing Starcraft 2 trilogy again, this time on brutal difficulty; and sometimes play against AIs to train my apm and micro. will buy Nova Covert Ops and try Mass Recall mod when my new PC arrives.
  6. no one of emo fans could talk about emo without mentioning midwest emo. https://realsportsboys.bandcamp.com
  7. acbpn

    thank you very much for the thoughts, much appreciated! I made a list of wanted games yesterday night, most of them appeared on XBOX, XBOX360/PS3, XBOXone/PS4 both. since PS4 doesn't have backward compatibility (almost), I have already no reason to get PS4. so I'll keep my eyes on XBOXone X then. [cough cough Call Of Duty goes first cough cough]
  8. acbpn

    I'm wondering which to buy, XBOXone X or PS4 Pro.
  9. acbpn

    mine, as simple as shxt, as a big fan of [Amatory].
  10. acbpn

    Exodus still rules but last album is okay, keepin' my eyes on new stuffs.
  11. acbpn

    Breakdown Of Sanity - Restless (2016 new song) I'm super hyped about BoS's new album Coexistence!!!!!!!
  12. acbpn

    ††† - Self-Titled album
  13. acbpn

    I only divide my music into three parts: 1.Visual Kei 2.-core, fav melodic death metal, technical death metal, brutal death metal 3.others for the details, something like this, H:\Musique\Visual Kei\Active\Kamijo\2015\Royal Blood~Revival Best~_2015.07.15\Emblem.m4a and basically, I follow the vocalists of visual kei scene, so for bands, it'll be like this, H:\Musique\Visual Kei\Active\真生\2015\漂流_2015.11.25\運命の人.m4a you'll notice this is actually SID. btw, I have three external hard drives, 500G+1T+64G, and I don't save videos and instrumental and live and remix tracks. 1T for the music, 64G for my job and 500G for video games.
  14. acbpn

    god awful... so many great classic vkei bands gonna disband... now vkei scene is at the bottom of the music line seemingly.
  15. acbpn

    r.i.p and wish byou-sama could be in another band or do solo soon.
  16. my everything will be ready. (check the purse and ask the friends)
  17. so, is there the free download link now? I'm curious about it cuz it's been 18 days later and I didn't find it anywhere.
  18. acbpn

    I changed my computer and finally got my hands on Samurai Warriors 4-2! then, I've been playing SuperHot for three days, what an avant-garde plain white graphic with unique element of playing! such an innovative FPS! and I'm addicted on Xonotic and Nexuiz recently, an open-source and free multiplayer very-fast-paced FPS, even quicker than Quake 3 and UT3! download from their official website: http://www.xonotic.org http://nexuiz.com well, some of you may recommend Red Eclipse to me but I dunno what happened, just can't run .exe, wat da hell! Cube engine pixxed me off... even Cube 1 and 2 doesn't work... *sigh* some screenshots of Xonotic from official website... as a Quaker and UTer, this is a must-play!
  19. ever: Bara to Matsujitsu (ex-Silent Mind Syndrome), genre: industrial metal/ gothic metal, role: support bassist→vocalist, stage name: tempest now: HRM Projehktes, genre: harsh noise wall/ dark ambient/ ritual ambient/ experimental/ glitch, role: everything, stage name: code HRM future plan (or dreams...): 1.Intestiloido, genre: brutal death metal (maybe slamming), role: vocalist, stage name: tempest 2.Crooked Hell, genre: deathcore (maybe downtempo), role: vocalist, stage name: tempest 3.Single Death Races, genre: mathcore (maybe chaotic hardcore), role: vocalist, stage name: tempest 4.Downfall Of The Optimiste, genre: metalcore (maybe progressive elements with djenty things), role: vocalist, stage name: tempest
  20. acbpn

    Heven returns from heaven.
  21. I'm pretty upset...I felt I'm gonna get melancholia very soon...

  22. acbpn

    and I finally beat GG Aleste hard mode without losing one life yesterday...hurray!
  23. acbpn

    I'm addicted by uno recently, can't help lovin' it! really love the gameboy color version, and sometimes play an online version.
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