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  1. Prove me wrong but I really can't see phenomenon of Nuclear Blast Records. I feel this label only gathers "popular artists", which isn't always equal to good music. There are some exceptions (my favourite so far is WEDNESDAY 13, although I am disappointed by his last music video - Devil Inside) obviously but it doesn't really change my mind.
  2. Yuri

    I actually have quite a lot of albums I enjoyed last decade. First which come up on my mind: Dir En Grey - Dum Spiro Spero Arise In Stability - The future that amnesiac draws Coldrain - THE REVELATION Coldrain - The Enemy Inside Lunetia -ECILA Reol - 虚構集 girugamesh - Gravitation 「Story of Hope」 - Historia Unlucky Morpheus - Unfinished Unlucky Morpheus - Rebirth Revisited I Promised Once - New Blood Serenity in Murder - The Highest of Dystopia Serenity in Murder - The First Frisson Of The World Undead Corporation - Flash Back Undead Corporation - No Antidote 大凶作 - ライブでよくやるやつ MergingMoon - Kamikakushi MORRIGAN - Xiss in the Dark SiM - SEEDS OF HOPE A Ghost of Flare - Aerials Messgram - Eternal Craving Babymetal - Babymetal Fear From The Hate - Cursed Screamers For All The Frozen Tears Imaginary Flying Machine - Princess Ghibli KEEP YOUR HANDs OFF MY GIRL - WAIT & SEE Head Phones President - Stand in The World Gyze - Fascinating Violence Pentagon - WANDERLUST ストロベリーソングオーケストラ - 月蝕のサーカス
  3. Yuri

    Well, it doesn't sound that bad... but I prefer their old tracks. Kinda too much pop-rock for me
  4. Yuri

    YES! I'm wondering if songs are going to be mostly instrumental like on Northern Hell Song
  5. Yuri

    I feel like they aren't a doujin band anymore. Or at least their schedule is less dependent on doujin events. Still, happy to hear about new single =)
  6. Yuri

    Marry me please
  7. It's good to have a list TODO for some next days (at least it works for me). But not a rigorous one but more like flexible plan. You may have those days where you just write everything gibberish and it may be very demotivating. During this time I would more suggest you to read more about subject or something around it. Don't forget about breaks - they are very crucial. For example try to write something for 30 minutes, then do a break for 15-30 minutes, write for 40 mins, and over and over again slowly increasing time you spend on your work and adjusting your breaktime. Personally when I study I love switching from physics to chemistry and then to maths. It's really effective for me instead of hanging over chemistry all the day. But I think it won't help there. I think you should be able to do one page in one day, one and half page in second day (I meant here you should be able to increase your progress slowly day by day). You shouldn't forget about thinking about things and go to bed with them. If you are worried you won't remember them in next day - write it down. Have a notebook (or smartphone) somewhere under your bed or somewhere else. If you play video games much, I suggest you uninstall them unless they don't distract you. All of them. Even mobile games. If you go by bus/by tram somewhere it's a good time to think of stuff as well. When I used to do long reports on labs sometimes contacting with other people around the world helps as well. But as I mentioned that in video games part, unless Facebook/Twitter/MV don't distract you. And PLEASE, don't stay late hours hanging over your work. It's not effective at all. Don't forget about your bedtime, sleeping is important. EDIT2: Forgot to mention about rewarding yourself after reaching your daily milestones. Eat something what you love, play the game for some hours which you love or do whatever makes you feel better and happier. Staying in good mod during writing helps a lot.
  8. Yuri

    I'm broken inside. Whyyy T^T
  9. Howdy, I really like your avatar! It reminds me a bit of Hatsune Miku's 結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 tho =)

    1. Sparrow


      Hey, thanks! It's from a shirt I got in Harajuku ^^

  10. Have you ever had that feeling that you'd want to check new albums out or just try new bands out but you don't have free time for that? I used to had that for 5 years I think. It was caused mostly by school and pretty bad Internet connections (dorms etc) and FINALLY, after those years I'm able to check "new releases" out from 2012 or even older. omg I'm so excited.

    1. Komorebi


      Have fun!

    2. Yuri


      Thank you! I'm sure I will =)

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