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  1. Keiyuu

    the songs are yasi-pasi-yasi-pasi (◕‿◕ )
  2. Keiyuu

    Far too many... To list a few: Sense of Shape - Illusion La'Mule - Lepra MeiNIAC - 愛縁奇縁 and 以心伝心 Tinker Bell - Tinker Bell Crow-Sis - 失われた私 【zɔ́:diæ̀k】- 輝いて… Ka・za・ri - CLOSE MY… Kneuklid Romance - クモオンナノキス MONO∴TONE - PRIDE FOR MYSELF -overconfidence-/白夜 TRANCE - Vision
  3. Keiyuu

    Lots of nice stuff on Matina so it's not an easy pick, but I'd probably go with: Madeth gray'll MIRAGE (first period) Sense of Shape LAYBIAL Distray Lagna Honorable mentions: AZALEA, オルゴール (Orgel), Lumi/Ere, Eze:quL, DAS:VASSER
  4. Keiyuu

    I definitely agree. Their early stuff is godly.
  5. Keiyuu

    This makes me so nostalgic. They appeared around the time I started with vk. Good (and not so good) times... And some of those that were already mentioned like Crystal float and Yume kago ~tragic Cinderella~.
  6. Keiyuu

  7. Keiyuu

    Kaiki (ex. Silver-Rose, ROUAGE, WITH SEXY), arguably the most important figure in the 90s Nagoya kei scene and founder of the indie labels noir and its successor Soleil.
  8. Keiyuu

    She's a Japanese actress called Tsubasa Akimoto, mostly known for action/stunt related stuff. http://www.tsubasa-project.co.jp/talent1/akimoto_tsubasa.html But note that when you google her name in romaji you'll mostly find pictures of an AV idol with the same name.
  9. Keiyuu

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  12. Keiyuu

    Velze Dieulawahl
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