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  1. This is nice news. I loved CodeRebirth so it'll be good to hear more Keita.
  2. Shmilly

    That's definitely the end of an era for the VK scene. It's been the go-to place to test a new band's popularity for years. The number of indie one-mans, taibans or even just visitations from veteran artists in this scene must be unparalleled. I've been to plenty of shows there over the years. Just the name feels special at this point. I hope they can find a new location just to keep the name going.
  3. Shmilly

    That's a shame, I enjoyed the album and the vocalist has quite a unique voice that I've liked since MEIDARA. I hope he sticks around.
  4. Shmilly

    Cautiously optimistic considering their new sound strikes a balance between their old sound and whatever Unleashed was. Also excited that Meku is back in a full-time band, although the style is quite different from what he usually plays/composes.
  5. Shmilly

    I think Kagami also mentioned that it's a limited stream, so you can only hear it one time. Be careful when you click on the link folks!
  6. Torn about which edition of DEXCORE's album to pre-order. As a fan and collector I want the Extra Edition, but I'm struggling to justify paying double for a tote bag, Eng/Jap lyric book and early access to a PV that will be available later...

    1. VkBrutaliaN


      At first i had the same problem, but after giving it a few thoughts the decision was clear.

      I won't use the tote back EVER, the PV like you mentioned will be openly available in late december for everyone anyway and the lyric booklet... well about 70% off all lyrics will be in english anyway...

      I hope i could help you with your decision > version -RED- it should be... XD

    2. Shmilly


      Yeah I went for Red in the end. I'll end up spending more to go to a live in October and pick up the White edition anyway!

  7. Shmilly

    From Kagami: "Honestly I worried a lot because I wasn't sure what people would think about releasing 4 types, but to put it simply I wanted to reach as many people as possible. An album that's easy to pick up for people who don't know about Dexcore. An album for people who see it and think, 'oh, an album from Dexcore. Maybe I'll buy that.' An album that pleases our biggest fans. After thinking and thinking about how to present an album that would please all these kinds of people, I decided to go for 4 types. I hope it can reach lots of people."
  8. Shmilly

    To confirm, the Red and Blue and Extra editions will be released on September 30. Pre-orders will start on July 10, with the Extra edition being limited to their online store (Waltz). The White edition is live-limited and will be sold starting at their live on October 10.
  9. Shmilly

    Unbelievably excited for this, gonna try and order the deluxe edition when it's available (next Friday JST). Annoying that two songs are only on the live limited edition though...
  10. Due to high demand, the archive is now up until 24pm Wed JST.
  11. I hope someone recorded it, I always thought their BG videos were really interesting.
  12. While I don't condone what happened in the past and the way it was handled, I am pleased to see NCBL back on the scene as I really enjoyed them back in the day. This new guitarist meshes better with the old sound than that one EP they put out, so I'm looking forward to the next phase.
  13. Shmilly

    Archive for the live stream is available now. Not sure how long it will be up for so catch it while you can.
  14. Shmilly

    The only time I've seen it live was during their 'ALL SONGS FOR YOU' double-live where they played their entire discography up to that point over two days to send off their ex-drummer Yusuke. That was an amazing couple of days.
  15. Shmilly

    Set list for their live stream (live has just finished, there will be a short talk later) RAZOR 7th ONEMAN TOUR 掟破り LIVE STREAM「狼煙」 掟 (SE) 01 狼煙 02 明日もし僕がどこかで朽ちて 03 LIQUID VAIN 04 デラシネーション SE〜MC 05 DNA 06 イノセンス SE 07 木枯らしの詩 08 神様のアイロニー (I think, one of many new songs so not 100% sure) 09 STARS SE〜MC 10 完全無欠 11 千年ノ色彩 12 嫌、嫌、嫌。 13 埋葬 MC 14 邂逅 15 PRIMARY
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