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  1. Gaz

    now this club has a totally different meaning also their vocalist looks like my dad with a wig ;o;
  2. bump! last chance to buy something before the forum falls into oblivion~ ;w;
  3. Gaz

    your looks are stunning and band list is superb as well. enjoy your (brief) stay here, i guess ;w;
  4. Gaz

    i like this series as well! first trilogy was very good, even though many plots and twists were predictable and too blockbusterish/cheesy for my tastes. however, 4th book (aka 1st book in the second trilogy) was much less entertaining than the other books and already felt like just milking of the initial trilogy. hence i'm quite reluctant to read the 5th book, but i saw people were praising it a lot, so i will get to it eventually. finally finished Malazan Book of the Fallen. well. what can i say? simply brilliant. masterpiece. best series i've ever read. A Song of Ice and Fire feels like a child's play in comparison to this. also makes me sad because i doubt there would be any series that is better than this one. anyway, i'm looking forward to reading other books from the Malazan universe and also my next re-reads of MBotF.
  5. This is some amezing news! Loved the preview as well ;w;
  6. this was one of the best interviews so far! thanks for doing the god's work m(_ _)m my fav parts xD ❤️ (and yes, Rei, you can touch my boobs whenever you want 💋)
  7. there's a few unreleased songs out there that look tempting af :0~ 10k yen tho......
  8. tapes moar tapes: ANIMIST - Uranus (demotape) $16 Delusion Mania - Blame for Me (demotape) $23 D'EVERGE - D'EVERGE (demotape) $15 La destin'ee - can't say the words (demotape) $9 Rafflesia - Regeneration (demotape) $15
  9. Gaz

    こんなクソみたいなをする輩にはため息しか出ないが [2]
  10. Gaz

    didn't he already make fingering tutorials videos or something like that?
  11. those fucking weddings are killing the scene
  12. Gaz

    went to see Tenet for a second time and i enjoyed it a bit less than the first one. i totally dig that concept and wanted to rewatch some scenes, while having all the context. anyway, i don't regret seeing it for the second time and i already know this would be my favorite 2020 movie (tho it is not that hard to achieve, since many premiere dates are being moved to the next year)
  13. Gaz

    reading the fucking Malazan Book of the Fallen right now. i'm currently on the 3rd book and shit only started to make some sense there. i wonder if this is gonna become my favourite fantasy franchise, hmmmm...
  14. it was actually 2 mins and 10 seconds long. the full thing would be around 4 mins long i guess :v
  15. Gaz

    nais! now i can finally buy them all P:
  16. Gaz

    i was sceptical about season 3 ever since the ending of season 2. paralell worlds is a complex thing and it's almost impossible to handle it gracefully. but watching 3rd season i thought "holy shit, they might actually manage to make it work". well, that was until i saw the last episode. it ruined the whole concept of the series to me. but seeing that pretty much everyone else loves the finale, i guess the creators made the right decision ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ regardless of the finale, this show is the best thing that ever happened to netflix and one of my top 5 series of all time. everyone should watch it because it's simply brilliant.
  17. Gaz

    sic jigsaw creatus est 

    1. Jigsaw9
    2. Gaz


      haha, sorry, I'm just overly hyped with Netflix's series Dark and its 33-year-cycle thingie xD happy birthday tho!

    3. Jigsaw9


      Ah, I see! :D I still gotta get into that show, never started it for some reason... but now it seems I have a sign that I must, lol.

  18. would love to buy that tape :-0~
  19. updated with tapes: DEAD SILENCE - DEAD SILENCE (demotape) $19 faze - Libido (demotape) $9 Ma-jera - そして、月が欠ける (demotape) $9 PAREID - RISE (demotape) $9 ラジオストリップ (radio strip) - 敗訴ストリップ (demotape) $9 姫羅-あいら- (Aila) - あめ (demotape) $13
  20. Gaz

    yoshiki is very kawaii
  21. surely you jest. also why t f t-shirt and parka only XXL size?? did all dem fangirls get overweight because of staying at home all the time or what
  22. thanks for the interview! though i do get a feeling that only MISAKI is seriously engaged into this band but for other members it is just a playground to get some new skills : /
  23. i only hope they never will. David is a snoozefest tbh and these fuckers are already delivering much better stuff, despite the vocalist being miles behind Sui in pretty much every way.
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