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  1. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to platy in DIMLIM   
    What the cheesy freak said.
    Let's keep any personal dislikes towards others out of the thread. Lets has divided us enough already.
    People who are new in the community are still learning the ropes, try a little patience 😅
  2. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to Saishu in DIMLIM   
    This thread needs more ESSENCE
  3. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to nekkichi in Tsuzuku/GENKI TAKEBUCHI new project SpelL first single "SPELL" release   
    mom can we hire Hora to produce my solo single?
    we have Hora at home
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    nullmoon reacted to Saishu in Dir en grey   
    We don’t get stuff like this very often, and it’s usually slapped onto bonus discs for expensive editions of albums. DSS had some demo versions of songs too. 
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    nullmoon reacted to EvilHippy in Dir en grey   
    I agree with you.
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    nullmoon reacted to Seelentau in Dir en grey   
    how weird is it that DEG's best song of all time is a demo version of one of their most boring songs of all time
  7. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to ghost in random thoughts thread   
    I used to be neck deep in love for vkei, pure DEG and GazettE stan. Now, these days I listen to lots of pagan folk metal or ambient music. WHAT. HAPPENED.
    Most people on the forum, probably:
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    nullmoon reacted to shiroihana in What do you do when you're sad?   
    Try to get better at something.
    I try to turn negative energy into positive energy because otherwise I'm too complacent to get stuff done.
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    nullmoon reacted to CAT5 in random thoughts thread   
    Seeing how careless people are in their relationships and just how careless and selfish ppl are encouraged by this culture to be....it's pretty disheartening. Ppl wanna have these ideal relationships, but they don't wanna put in the work. They'll cash in somebody for another, as soon as that person doesn't fulfill them in some way. Somebody said recently, "if you ain't willing to struggle with somebody, then you ain't never gonna have it", and that was some real-ass shit. Too many ppl are expecting perfection from others, but are unwilling to cope with the fact that they themselves are imperfect. The best thing I think you can ask for relationship-wise is simply somebody you can work with...somebody you can build with. Cuz contrary to what ppl want to believe, everybody on earth is fucked up in some way. Social media will have folks believing that there are ppl walking around here that are 100% perfect and "healed", which is the buzzword they like to use. Nah, errbody fucked up and struggling with something or some "things". Thus is life. But it's that very expectation of perfection that stifles true love. Folks will tell you they love you all day, but when shit gets rough...when shit gets difficult - that's the time to put that love into action. If you ain't never had to practice patience, understanding, or forgiveness with someone, how can you claim to love them?
    That disney shit got ppl fucked up....love ain't an emotion. It's an action. It's a function. If your "love" is based on emotion, then you don't have a house built on a sturdy foundation, you have a sand castle that's gonna be blown away by the very next wind. Building something strong and beautiful, like the Cedars of Lebanon, takes time and patience...you gotta grow roots first.
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    nullmoon reacted to Saishu in DIMLIM   
    I wouldn’t call it that, and I don’t think anyone else did either. 
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    nullmoon reacted to Furik in Show Yourself (again)   
    I don't remember my last post. Maybe 3-4 years ago.
    Here's me with a real dinosaur at a zoo on Halloween.

  12. LOVE!
    nullmoon reacted to Hohchicano96 in Dir en grey   
    This is the most recent post on the Albums of Bikini Bottom page on Instagram:
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    nullmoon reacted to Shaolan974 in umbrella 10th anniversary new look has been revealed + mini-album "アマヤドリ(Amayadori)(Re:arrange side)" release with 長谷川正(Plastic Tree)   
    release date of their mini-album "アマヤドリ" (Amayadori)(Re:arrange side) has been changed to 2020/11/23 (2750yen)
  14. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to nekkichi in DIMLIM   
    aliexpress D.I.D. x
  15. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to platy in DIMLIM   
    Ditching the make up wasn't even that big a deal, the musical shift was.
    Anyway, I enjoyed MISC but it needs some serious work.
    And re: everything else, LETS agree to disagree.
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    nullmoon reacted to platy in DIMLIM   
    It doesn't matter if they wanna leave vk, tons of previous vk acts have moved on outside the scene and been successful. Look at Miyavi, sure his music is questionable now but his roots were in vk and there's something special about that.  Most people here would've followed dimlim to hell and back, regardless if they carried on in vk or not.
    The issue is that under RETSU's leadership, dimlim's reputation and image has been turned into a joke. They could've left vk and been signed under any number of other labels that would've managed their look/marketing/social media but, Mr Lets wants to be as true to his craft as possible by managing everything himself, including relations with fans (the very fans who keep this project going, who put food and clothes on their table). I don't think he has any previous experience with this and it shows. Seriously just look at what Issei did with NAZARE in less than a year, dimlim devolved violently when they had every reason to have surpassed NAZARE in popularity/numbers/whatever.
    If you can't see what's wrong with those interview videos they released on youtube or with the lack of direction/communication that's going on currently, then I'm sorry but I can't spell it out for you more than it's already been done. I don't even know what you are arguing against/for anymore.
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    nullmoon reacted to Tokage in Dir en grey   
    say what you want - even with the absolute scraps they've been feeding the fans they've still somehow managed to do more during the pandemic than THE GODZETTE
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    nullmoon reacted to Duwang in DIMLIM   
    That would be my friend and pretty much all the bangya who used to go to Dimlim. lmfao
    This is old drama and I'm way over this band so idc anymore. Here's your tea.
    My friend tweeted about how awful Dimlim was after their live at Aoyama Rizm last November, saying how it's time for Dimlim to be taken out back.
    She wrote the tweet in English and, despite Retsu being utterly terrible at English, he understood that her comment was critical and he blocked her. 
    This also happened to a few people I know who don't like Dimlim, which proves that Retsu ego searches "Dimlim" on Twitter and blocks anyone that writes anything critical about the band like the edgelord that he is. 
    Surprisingly he never blocked me (probably because I'm not very active on SNS), but he blocked everyone I know who used to go to Dimlim even though they supported the band for years and didn't do anything to wrong him.
    Retsu's always been a douche but this was the nail in the coffin for me and the few bangya that gave 3-man Dimlim a try.
    His Twitter was suspended though so the evil has (partially) been defeated.
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    nullmoon reacted to Demivee in DIMLIM   
    I can understand both of your points.
    Of course DIMLIM still has a huge potential with an A+ singer and a solid/creative guitarist. And yes, even MISC. has some highs which I hope they could improve over the possible next record.
    But what is definiteley not deniable is that the presentation of the band (Retsu) is literally a catastrophe. There is no concept, no content and no clear path of what this band is aiming for.
    In my opinion - and that should be for the most people here - is that I like a band partially because of the music and partially because of the look/theme/appearence (whatever you may name it).
    The music: ok they changed (and it's our turn next hehe) and I can accept that.
    The apperance: They wanted to quit VK, that's ok! But what are they aiming for?
    And for that I think this band is nearly dead. They abandoned fans from the past as they wanted to do a cut and will be struggling to gather new fans because of a) no shows at the moment and b) no concept.
    And that's a shame as this band had/has so much potential.
    Ah yes and that "positive reaction from overseas" is - in my opinion- a leftover from CHEDOARA and I would bet that most of the people who got tickets for the oversea shows didn't buy them to get wild over "Lament" if you know what I mean..
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    nullmoon reacted to Kabukichoatmidnight in DIMLIM   
    I get what you mean about those guys not really contributing much to writing but my point was more that a complete lineup would make them feel more like a "band" again. Backing tracks are ok for temporary situations but the feedback on their most recent shows that the backing tracks haven't really been working for them and the performance just sounds weak and a bit dead overall. That's just what I've heard, last time I saw them Taishi and Ryuya were still in the band and it was a killer show for sure! It does make me wonder how they'll approach future shows, if they will play older stuff or stick with MISC only as it seems anything before CHEDDAR has been dropped as of their more recent shows.
    + I would love to see more female members in v kei bands as well! Some of the female metal/rock bands in Japan are actually pretty wicked! Also, makes sense to get some actual girls in the bands rather than dressing one guy up in the band as a girl all the time.... Haha, still don't get why that seems mandatory for most bands... haha.
    I know they didn't contribute to writing all that much. I been with DIMLIM since the beginning so am aware who the key song writers are.... But hell, my favourite era of DIMLIM was the Issei stuff, but hey...
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    nullmoon reacted to Kabukichoatmidnight in DIMLIM   
    Hahaha if only this happened that'd be amazing. Tbh it would probably do the band a favour if Retsu left, he seems to be getting all gassed up on "sadboi" music atm and seems to change what he likes all the time. Like I remember a live stream with him and Ryuya on instagram where he was blasting like Gojira in the background all the way through. Then later on insta questions said he "doesn't listen to that type of music anymore", then MISC happened and due to lack of activity it makes me wonder if he's losing interest in the rock/metal stuff completely. So who knows wtf is going to happen from here. Announcing a disbandment would probably make most sense, before DIMLIM turns into a sadboi rap trio. Though that could be lels....
  22. Interesting
    nullmoon reacted to Seelentau in Dir en grey   
    nani the fuck
  23. LOLOL
    nullmoon reacted to nekkichi in Dir en grey   
    which sadie member was that?
  24. LOVE!
    nullmoon reacted to 少女椿 in The Virginity Topic   
    I thought I was into girls and extremely unlucky with relationships, and I was that kind of sad old virgin (asexual old virgin) everyone always mention when it comes to talking about poor singles. But then I lost my virginity with the man I love to the moon and back, I'm 27 and finally feel myself ready for this kind of relationships (like, I feel myself hungry and naughty all the time we meet!), so yes, virginity isn't a question of time, but question of your mental state... I feel a bit ashamed of being a virgin for too long, on the other hand I'm ashamed to lost my virginity before marriage, because I was raised like that... 
  25. LOVE!
    nullmoon reacted to ghost in What video games are you currently playing?   
    Got these just in time for Halloween. Dino Crisis is one of the tensest PS1 game I've played holy stegosaurus it's actually scary.

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