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  1. ichigokuroi

    Seen them previously in Holiday Osaka a couple of times. Good stuff.
  2. ichigokuroi

    Bout time they record a studio ver. of 凛.
  3. ichigokuroi

    Vocals: - Boye (My heaven's luck sisters) Vocals: - ??盤??ーモニカ??プログラミング … 諒介・??ックルベリー・フィン (ドクターモルモット) Lead guitar: イワン (??京ヒーローズ, ??ラヂオ) Rythum guitar: オニィ (Uma) Bass: ??や (JADE, アケノカラス) Drums: 良一 (otoiro, ??ビロン) Keyboards, Programming: atO aka 阿斗 (字??)
  4. ichigokuroi

    'another generic CHUGGA CHUGGA HURR HURR' - nice one.
  5. ichigokuroi

    no cellmon, only got yuumon.
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