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  1. Akatsuki

    rittie - I believe it's because most of they releases is live-only S:
  2. Akatsuki

    Gazette - Defective Tragedy
  3. Akatsuki

    I want to hear/watch it. From now on, I must not "forget" to look in Gazette threads >-< But maybe I shouldn't look so much forward to it. I'll end up being badly disappointed ;-; And I blame Gazette. "A mix between Chizuru and Taion" Now I have freaky high expectations @__@
  4. Akatsuki

    I got my rocking horse shoes today <3 So finally I'm completely sure, what to wear christmas eve n__n *happiness*
  5. Akatsuki

    Agree with Chazzi about the piercings. It's really begun to look infected and I think he should take it out and see a doctor. Some antibiotic or something might help. I've never seen a piercing that was so bad infected S: poor Mao <3
  6. Akatsuki

    ??????-???- - ??????
  7. Akatsuki

    Waaah, Meth. is releasing a new maxi-single *dies*
  8. Akatsuki

    The Grudge - Pleasure and Die
  9. Akatsuki

    I want to get some music by them .__. They make me smile
  10. Akatsuki

    Gazette - Defective Tragedy
  11. Akatsuki

    I don't know if I prefer Mirror or Coll:set O__o I love a lot of D'espairsRays music.. but I think I like Garnet the most at the moment =D and it's only a single. Oh well, it is on the Europe release, buut >-< argh I don't know what I'm trying to say D:
  12. Akatsuki

    12012 - over...
  13. Akatsuki

    ??? - ???????
  14. Akatsuki

    Kaya - Silvery Dark
  15. Akatsuki

    I looked for music by them awhile ago, but when I lost my internet I forgot all about it x-x But I want to try them soon.
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