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  1. *りりこ*

    What the f*ck happened to OOR? They should change their name to One Ok POP...
  2. *りりこ*

    Thank you so much Yeah actually a Japanese friend introduced me The Back Horn and I sadly agree, they're very undervalued as well XD Hope they will still be around!
  3. *りりこ*

    Thank you Always glad to meet another Merry fan. I think they're very undervalued, but maybe it is better for us fan XD
  4. Good morning!I am introducing again (I was very active some years ago but didn't write for a while honestly). because finally I have a chance to come back to Japan for a longer period than last time and to enjoy some visual kei lives, and I want to get updated with new bands. I am a 22 years old girl from Milano, Italy, who is majoring in Japanese at university. My Japanese level for now is a lower intermediate, between a N4 and a N3. I am interested in visual kei and Japanese subculture since I was 12 years old thanks to anime. My favourite visual kei, Jrock and J-metal bands are (well, half of them is disbanded lol, thank goodness there are other awesome bands still around :D) R-shitei, Merry, Kagerou, D'EspairsRay, Dir en grey, Mucc, girugamesh, The GazettE, Vidoll, Ayabie, Dio, Nega, Kiryu, DIAURA, SuG, An Cafe, MEJIBRAY, lynch., Plastic Tree, Miyavi, Maximum The Hormone, ONE OK ROCK, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, BUMP OF CHICKEN, the back horn, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, coldrain, Crossfaith... Speaking about western music, I really like nu-metal, grunge and metalcore. For now I have been able to see some visual kei and jrock concerts just in Italy because every time I went to Japan (sadly not that often XD just twice for now) all the lives I was interested were already sold out or I did not have enough time (like it was a last-minute trip because I found a very good plane offer and so on), so I really can't wait for the next time as I am planning to see at least 3-4 concerts of some of these bands I listed here XD I am also really interested in anime and manga, videogames, art and design from Japan. I also enjoy and like to learn about Japanese traditional culture as well but that doesn't stop me to be interested in subcultures as well. I would really like to know some new visual kei and jrock bands who recently formed and you think are good, so try to suggest me some new bands ^^ Best regards, E.
  5. *りりこ*

    LOL he definitely does such a tour because of European girls and it's quite ridicolous, but he was in a great band and still he's a talented musician, so not sure if going lol
  6. *りりこ*

    Never been to a Japanese all-girl band concert, and they sound quite good, so I don't want to miss this chance, definitely going ^^
  7. *りりこ*

    I want my money back! I've been a MERRY fan since 2010 and I've always dreamed to see them live... thank goodness the money I lost was just the VIP ticket (60 euro)... try to think to people who booked airplane ticket and hotel... that's disgusting. Also, the websites where they sold e-ticket for Merry's tour says that "refunding must be made by the organizer itself", so I guess we will never have those tickets refunded....
  8. In Paris there's a big terrorist attack... so many people were killed... omg...

  9. *りりこ*

    MERRY EUROPEAN TOUR DATES 27 feb: Milano, Italy @ Elyon 28 feb: Paris, France @ la Boule Noire 1 mar: London, UK @ The Underworld 2 mar: Cologne, Germany @ MTC 4 mar: Wroclaw, Poland @ Firlej 5 mar: Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash 6 mar: Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk They heard my prayers!!
  10. *りりこ*

    What about Italy or Spain? We Southern Europeans are the unluckiest I am not sure if I will able to go because I can not use much money since I have to save up to come back to Japan, but stilI, I am glad they are coming to Europe. They're such a great band which has been a little undervalued in Western jrock fandom.
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