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  1. Happy new year, and good bye...

    1. Keiyuh


      And don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty

      Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest

  2. The best Christmas and the best year ever... it was scary to choose between NOTHING and IMPOSSIBLE, and it seems we have no way back... love and be loved, MH no minna! 

  3. Rarely post selfies, but here's my poor attempts at being... at being, okay. Feel myself so old, dear jesus... https://wear.jp/sp/romanticist1120/

  4. I wish I could reach this level of prettiness


  5. I'm not even sure what's going on, feeling myself absolutely lost. 

  6. Doesn't matter how many battles I've won growing up from UWU KAWAII BANGYA MARRY ME to my current self, mentally strong and responsible, how many "friends" were lost just because I felt myself emotionally abused, but society and "fandom" are rejecting that fact that people are tending to grow up and change their selves and their lives. This isn't even fun anymore, but I can't stop thinking I was trying too hard to see I've got literally nothing, this kind of "zero" you may describe as "stability". I'm drained.

  7. What the fck is going on here

  8. Misa!! Long time no see!!


  9. I think I give up on uploadings, sad to see it's just drowning and doesn't get an attention it deserves... 

  10. Host and "nowadays" vkei culture is so cheap, jesusss. Finally able to describe that emotion after being chikaned by random vkei-ish guy on my way home, and his "friends" were just laughing. It makes me so sick, I dont want this kind of attention at all, especially from such a 下品 people...

    1. nikuman


      chikan them back 😡throw drinks at them


      also im surprised when i still see vkei/ old school looking hosts. once i checked on one of those host ranking sites out of curiosity and the top guys were all pale dudes with bowl cuts 

    2. 少女椿


      @nikuman I hate being touched by people I'm not emotionally attached to, so I just run away and started to cry when I got home. It wasn't the first time, the first place in my personal ranking is a really awful situation when I was kissed by a drunk host and he was trying to touch my bra while I was too shocked to run away... 

  11. Vkei meets engrish, and this is absolutely adorable 


    1. anadentone


      "hambr stick" oh Tomo, I think we know what "pencil" you were talking about . ;)

  12. If there's any possibility to live this life from the beginning, I'm ready to be sad, betrayed and lost, mentally and physically abused, if we will meet again. 2020 is an absolutely incredible year... never thought I would say this, but I'm happy to be alive. 

  13. That kind of embarrassment (a sudden cringe attack level) when you're scrolling 4chan's /cgl to find larme threads, see visual kei thread, and tons of oldschool visual kei pics inside. Anon, I know you're here.


  14. When you're a soft baby, but your cinderella boots are here to destroy everything 


    1. 少女椿


      Being a vintage manga heroine is a hard work, you know. Especially when my "date outfits" always sxcks...

    2. saiko


      Omg, I love it! Which retro manga heroine is your inspiration?

    3. 少女椿


      @saiko thank you ;_; my biggest inspiration is Kameno-chan from KISSxxxx, and Kusumoto Maki's girls as well!


  15. I can't believe this event was 9 years ago. Memories are fading, but it was the best birthday gift ever. 


  16. Wake me up when underground goth events will be great again...

  17. Nervously laughing when we're going for a walk and he's wearing high heels. 


  18. What if MADAME EDWARDA's recent liveshows are online just because all the members are people at higher risk for corona 

    I swear I'll bring you all my money when corona will be defeated 

    1. fruitfork


      Link to said liveshows pls >: )

    2. 少女椿


      @fruitfork ? what do you mean


      ACT :
      †13th Moon†

      ◆開演 18:00予定(17:50~配信開始)



    3. fruitfork
  19. I'm not sure I will hear something more romantic than "if we have no choice, let's drown and die together",  jesussss 😭

    1. reminiscing2004


      if we are reborn, let's meet again

    2. 少女椿


      @reminiscing2004 we're both manga maniacs, so this was, like, between the lines wwwww


  20. The cutest thing is when your ♡ is joking about jojo references but he doesn't have a clue what it is 😅

  21. I was asked to be a model exactly when my face hurts because of skin problems caused by permanent mask wearing... ugh :c

  22. Last.fm is temporarily unavailable, oh well... should we call an ambulance or let it rest in peace

    1. suji


      she's on life support x

    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Last.fm's been dead for years, it's just a corpse being puppeted by CBS like in Weekend At Bernie's

  23. Is it just me or weirdos outside your social circle but acting like we're best friends are just annoying...

  24. Never thought I would watch lucky☆star again, but that is how we're spending these hot summer days :3 

    What's next, Suzumiya Haruhi marathon? 

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    2. fruitfork


      I was saving Haruhi for this summer so I need to hurry up and rewatch before it's fall to bring me the 2012 feels

    3. 少女椿


      @fruitfork this!! I was like "it's August, right... what a big reason to rewatch haruhi!", and it seems I will (-w-) I'm a bit scared because we're watching utena right now and the next will be fukken LONG yuyu hakusho, so I need to plan my free time so we could watch it together, but I want to watch haruhi so badly... (; w ; )

    4. fruitfork


      Watch Haruhi on your own then before it's too late!! I think it's the kind of anime best enjoyed alone anyways. By the time your done with Yuyu Hakusho/Utena it'll be next summer lol

      Also I dropped Utena a while back at like episode 14 I need to start again.. Afterwards I wanna watch the movie : 3

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