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  1. aetarna

    BLESS THIS MESS is also on spotify. And yep, seems like Deluhi was removed/blocked in regions in the meantime. Once I'm less dead from December, I will edit the masterpost.
  2. aetarna

    Updated the list with bunch new artists. Sorry for delay, I ended vegetating for too long. @Peace Heavy mk II thanks for all the great updates. I noted that Buck-Tick seems to be region locked since it shows an empty profile for me. I'm so excited to see Grieva and La'veil MizeriA added to the spotify library @emmny Thanks! Noted the mistagging issue
  3. aetarna

    It's just Poland strikes again. It looks like touring here is a dangerous thing....
  4. aetarna

    His leg is broken?? Oh shit! I mean, his fall in live on Warsaw live looked pretty terrifying. I was on a side a bit above the crowd [in sort of "lounge place"] and saw it clearly. He resumed singing while he was still on the ground, and the staff helped him up, and then on stage. He finished the concert, wincing, and strutting about. I was hoping he didn't sprain his leg. But looks like it was much worse.
  5. aetarna

    The thing is, it's okay to get bored with music genre or scene, and search for something new and exciting elsewhere. Styles changes, tastes change. The little vkeaboo me from 13 years ago would love current scene with how brootal and black latex with black lipstick it is. Meanwhile my current self, wouldn't mind to find an oshare band carrying the tradition of Shazna with similar skill. And speaking of brutality, that Golden Bomber as Malice Mizer was the most brootal thing ever It's not just visual kei scene, I had a surprise when I wanted to relieve the music of my childhood only to find that in recent decade only two or three bands surfaced that are listenable and not forgettable to me... and I use the word "surfaced" on purpose, instead of formed, because they "formed" a lot earlier. Fortunately around half of the old fossils are still there and making new material, but still
  6. aetarna

    Yes. And no. I first got "over VK" in 2007 or was it 2008? But then a year or two later I returned. Then I got bored again. And thus begun the cycle. Now I'm just having years when I'm "less interested what's going on in VK, but still checking out from time to time" and years when "gotta work with that backlog of stuff". I might not be as enthusiastic fan as I used to be when I was younger, but I can't really just drop the scene like it never existed either. Especially since I still can find listenable new stuff, and few old favourites (Buck-Tick, L'arc en Ciel, Dir en Grey) are still around and kicking. Oh well, joys of getting old.
  7. It's fifth and second wave for me, even though I really enjoyed third and fourth, and everything before. I'm still looking for favourities in sixth and seventh, so I'm checking it, hoping for something to stick. But I'm coming to realization I might be stuck in the past a bit.
  8. aetarna

    Fine, I'll bite. Trans people are people, and as such, they have varied opinions on every subject. I have two friends who have like... totally opposite opinion on the subject. And oh neither uses "zir" or "it" pronoun, just "he" . One is indifferent to the music, but loves the clothing and variety it gives. He's a fashion maniac hah, and an ancient goth so guys in make-up and corsets isn't anything new to him... The visual kei amps up the production quality a lot. The other hates visual kei with passion, along with Japanese games and pop-culture in general, that is full of androgynous men. It makes him uncomfortable.
  9. Rentrer en Soi, D'espairs Ray and Kagrra are like, my main trio, so the choice is tough. I miss them all, but I think my voice goes to Kagrra. I know there's Kiryu around, and argument could be made that they have a band going into their steps but.... colorful kimonos isn't what made Kagrra awesome. Kiryu went completely different way musically. What I miss about Kagrra is that unique elegance in blending beautiful singing voice and melodies incorporating traditional japanese elements. I'm probably getting old, but their "softness" is also what I miss and can't find anywhere.
  10. aetarna


    Mini-album "ISOLATION" [CD+DVD] 3,000yen [CD+DVD+"Chain Reaction" Bag] 13,889yen ■CD 1. ISOLΛTION 【Lyrics: LEONEIL / Songs: VANIRU / Arrange: Cube Juice】 2. Dreaming Crystal 【Lyrics & Songs: LEONEIL / Arrange: MIYO-KEN】 3. ANOTHER DIMENSION 【Songs: YUTO】 4. コズミック・ナイト-PRISMIX- 【Lyrics: LEONEIL / Songs: K.Taira】 5. JUST YOUR DREAM-Sharpness- 【Lyrics: LEONEIL / Songs: YUTO】 6. LOVE AGAIN-To Xxxxx- 【Lyrics: LEONEIL / Songs: YUTO】 7. The VORTEX 【Songs: YUTO】 8. ISOLΛTION -The Vortex- 【Lyrics: LEONEIL / Songs: VANIRU / Arrange: YOW-ROW】 ■DVD 「ISOLΛTION」Music Video
  11. aetarna

    This looks kind of fun. http://www.last.fm/user/aetarna/listening-report/year
  12. aetarna

    Huh, by 2009 I was heading into my longest break from visual-kei so to speak. Especially after disbanding of Kagerou, Rentrer en Soi and Phantasmagoria. Some of other favourites followed soon after, cementing the break for me. The fandom in my country fragmented itself few years earlier, and I had no idea how to approach the groups of young, new fans. I was way too old for this stuff in their eyes. I also remember it was the time v-kei fandom started losing its presence on manga convention - before there was always j-music dedicated room, or even two - one for prelections, events, contests, make-up presentations etc, and other for pv viewing. Global fandom wise I think it's a combination of several factors. Tightened anti-piracy grip which made it harder for new people to find something and gain their introduction, could be one thing. Fall of myspace and great livejournal exodus too. I still fondly remember numerous communities either focused on band, label, or other kind of activity, like live reports, magazine scans, making pretty graphics, lyrics translation, fanart and so on. Fansites died a bit before too. Tumblr might be okay for pretty graphics, but it's hard to hold a discussion there. You can have a blog dedicated to one thing, where you only reblog things related to that - but it's a blog, not community of people who interact with each other.
  13. Those photos look good! Despite all the drama I hope this project takes off. Call it nostalgia factor.
  14. aetarna

    Good point! That's why I kept D on my list, even though all their releases disappeared both from their page and from favorited library - though I still have the songs on the playlists, just greyed out and inaccessible. Similarly with Kiryu, I'm only seeing one album from the single-every-4-hours-band. For Kamijo I'm seeing 2 albums, one mini and two or three singles... also some Vampire Stories OST lol. I'm wondering if I should add Dolly up there. I don't see any albums from vkei Dolly there, but a friend of mine said he listened them on spotify - if anyone can confirm their releases on the Dolly profile then I will add them. Thanks everyone for more links, I've added them to the list!
  15. aetarna

    @helcchi Sure thing! I'm leaving house right now, but when I'm back I will update the masterpost with those new bands you posted!
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