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  1. Mr.0

    So… They're no longer a visual band, but an Enka band.
  2. T-shirt added (double from the crowdfunding campaign)
  3. Mr.0

    I've received all the flyers (+some gifts) super quickly, thank you so much!
  4. Mr.0

    Interested in Gallo, An Cafe and WING WORK, could you please also send me pictures of those? Thanks!
  5. Chekis #7, 9 and 13 + t-shirt are sold!
  6. Mr.0

    Hi there! Can I have pictures of these following flyers: Amber Gris Last Tour Black Swan Dadaroma Lin Liphlich MIYAVI Scarlet Valse Gallo Gallo Scarlet Valse La'veil MizeriA The TH13TEEN KEEL Thanks @Messenger84!
  7. 4 Gothculture CD + the rehearsal CDr are sold! That was quick 😄
  8. Hi, I'm selling some items from SUI's solo project David. Prices are in euros, but I ship worldwide! Feel free to ask anything. CDs: ✡️ 創生録 I ~Birth and Confession~ (Deluxe): 18€ (4̶0̶,̶6̶€̶) ✡️ Gothculture -断章-: 10€ (1̶8̶€̶) ✡️ Gothculture -Claustrophobia-: 10€ (1̶8̶€̶) ✡️ All three CD: 35€ (76,6€̶) Chekis: ✡️ 1 chekis: 5€ ✡️ 5 chekis: 22.5€ ✡️ 10 chekis: 40€ T-shirt: ✡️ 3rd Anniversary Tshirt, Size M: 15€ (3̶0̶€̶)
  9. Mr.0

    SUI'll be doing his first gig with a limited audience on September 18th at Urawa Narciss. 「Gothculture番外編 -Mode Japanesque-」will serve as both support for the support and thank you for those who participated in his crowdfunding. The live will also be available to watch the next day for 1,918¥, or for free if you participated in his crowdfunding! You can purchase a digital ticket here. In addition of the live, he'll sell a CD with an english version of Gothculture (not sure what song(s)…) and a new pamphlet for 5000¥.
  10. Mr.0

    He'll be doing a paid twitcast on the 25th live from Urawa Narciss (where he was supposed to hold a one-man live) Gotta love the "Chlonicle"
  11. Mr.0

    Get your coins ready, this is definitively going to end up on Wizard Store!
  12. Mr.0

    But there is no streaming services back in 2000, how are la'veil supposed to release their single
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