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  1. rakkausai

    Anzi hasn't played with Kamijo in over a year now.
  2. rakkausai

    Nocturnal Bloodlust isn't fronted by a female. But I found the name Ciel Nocturne.
  3. rakkausai

    I'm trying to remember the name of a Japanese metal band that was female fronted. The name had Nocturnal in it but I can't recall the whole name. Does anyone remember them?
  4. rakkausai

    My bet is he's announcing another large donation.
  5. rakkausai

    Thanks but no thanks, I'll wait till Karma makes it available for download.
  6. rakkausai

    Next time I will use you. Thanks!
  7. rakkausai

    Well lots like I won't be getting the towel either, hasn't been shipped. Her mother took it to the post office for her, but they didn't like the way it was packaged and now want to charge more for shipping than the towel is worth. What a waste of time.
  8. rakkausai

    Most welcome. Hopefully I was fair enough in my review.
  9. Contacted _Yomigaeri on twitter for her shopping services for Rands goods, she wasn't charging a fee, so that part was great, so I asked for a towel and the latest album. Communication was very sparce and I constanly had to bug her to get any news. She only ends up getting me the towel as the day she chose to get the CD, the store had an instore. Lucky enough the band finally released it for download. So that was fine. Took about two weeks after she gets home to finally ship the towel. I've asked her what the shipping price was, still waiting for the answer as I should be getting a some money back. Maybe it's just me but if someone offers a shopping service, they should be more active in dealing with their customers, keeping them updated, do things when you say you'll do them as you areresponsible with someone elses money. I wouldn't use her again.
  10. Where would be the best board to put up complaints about people who provide poor shopping service?
  11. rakkausai

    Just noticed that Balalaika staff changed their twitter handle to _official_kk, tweets are deleted but still the likes showing, new band? 
  12. rakkausai

    Hardly mysterious and no, this isn't a joke, this is L's new band, it was announced at The 3rd Birthday's last live last month. The fans received the DVD with this new logo printed on it.
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