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  1. Jenny7824200202

    Is the Nokubura Natsu and the Lycaon Satoshi cheki still available? If yes, would you be okay with 15 GBP shipped to Germany?
  2. Jenny7824200202

    Alright, sent you a pm^^
  3. Jenny7824200202

    Alright! So, did I get it right, that they both are 14 € total? What's shipping to Germany?
  4. Jenny7824200202

    Hey^^ Is the Tohma (D.I.D.) and Ibuki/Kifumi cheki still available?
  5. Jenny7824200202

    Are those Riddick CDs still available??
  6. Jenny7824200202

    Wanted to let you know that I received your chekis! Thank you!!
  7. Jenny7824200202

    Alright^^ Will you pm me your PayPal-address, so I can send you an invoice?
  8. Jenny7824200202

    Hey^^ I'd give them away for 25 € each (they are pretty hard to get), but I could offer you 50 € shipped if you take them both
  9. Jenny7824200202

    Do you have prices for the CDs?
  10. Are you still selling the Crazy Shampoo CDs?
  11. Jenny7824200202

    7 $ the CD plus shipping 4 $
  12. Jenny7824200202

    Sorry, have been on vacation. The CD would be 5 € plus shipping^^
  13. Jenny7824200202

    Hi, I have the エミリィー CD up for sale. Interested?
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