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  1. Slsr

    I don't think some people understand how important news are some part of the community, personally I found comfort I could always find info about literally any random vkei band from forums here thanks to trombe. Luckily google, twitter and such are often times good enough to find at least some info but I also feel it is really easy to miss limited releases and such if they aren't reported here. I do have some faith tho that people can carry on posting news here decent enough even without trombe. That said thanks to trombe for his effort and good luck for those who plan to put effort to post news, you are the true heroes xD...
  2. Slsr

    @paradoxalEn oo tulossa gazettee kattoon, oon muilla mailla silloin : ...
  3. Welp seems about what u xpect from some bandoman other than the part where he got caught. I am sure thing like this happens otherwise too : ...
  4. Sounds like it will be cool album as expected . Really love vocals & keys of this band .
  5. Slsr

    Kinda shame but in the same time felt their release quality was going downhill anyway so might be the best thing to do : ...
  6. Their second song is out youtube: And if u missed first song from previous topic that was made before actual forming, link for it also :
  7. Slsr

    Welp, some stuff here : Seems these girls have been around sometime already (not rly heard about them befor tho -.-...), it is nice Also like these guys, really nice song by them here Also nice and really potential kinda new band here, wouldn't be surprised if they were rly popular band in the future TBQH. Welp, this band is ded already but wanted to share song bcuz it is rly good (also found about them only after disbandment, ul...)
  8. Yo again not singing live even if he does in those demos, such waste T__T...
  9. I am very picky when it comes to male vocals in Japanese music so I guess it gotta be female vocals for me, both can be awesome though : P.
  10. lol, I have heard some shit this year but this takes the cake for sure, gj guyz for making my day
  11. They were playing in this music festival so doubt many of the people did come for them. As for DVD, it doesn't seem very impressive unfortunately :x...
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