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  1. DarkPaladin

    An old iPod Classic 7 Generation, an iflash quad adapter and four 128GB micro sd cards. Now the iPod have a storage of 512 GB from which 475 GB can be used.
  2. Does anybody have the album from Ironbunny which released today?

  3. Salty Dogs new single Elexir can be bought through iTunes and Google Music, but unfortunately only the three tracks are included. Does anybody have an actual copy and is willing to share the tracks 4 to 6?

  4. Does anybody have the deluxe edition of the album metro station from the band metro station? It's a band from my youth. I do have the normal version but I did not get my hand on the deluxe edition (17 tracks) back then.

  5. Does somebody have the latest release from salty dog elixir?

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Looking for that one too!

  6. DarkPaladin

    At first I thought this a bad joke but than I realized we do not have April fools day today. I'm quite shocked by this message and as the rest of their fans I'm sad now. My mood is now like another one bite the dust.
  7. Does anybody have the releases from Novelbright? I just listened to their new official video Walking with you and I fell in love with it

  8. DarkPaladin

    The band MY FIRST STORY is going to release a new album which will be called S S S in two editions - regular and limited. The release date is set to the 17th of October. The regular edition will cost 2315 Yen and the limited will be priced at 3241 Yen. The tracklist is still unkown. The album can be pre-ordered via CDJ see link below: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/INRC-32 as well as the homepage of the artist: http://myfirststory.net/news/
  9. The band Another Story is going to release nearly after two years a new album, which will be titled Yours Truly. The album will be released on the 13th of December this month, so next week. It will contain 18 track (see track-list below) from which five songs were written by PABLO from Pay money To my Pain. Cover: Track-list 1.Gone 2.End of story 3.Five 4.The greatest plan 5.Untitled 6.Masquerade 7.The clown in the light 8.System 9.Sanctuary 10.The Other Side 11.Nobody 12.Ring 13.Cynical, Magical 14.Dying Breed 15.Hollow 16.Underworld 17.Closer 18.Happy Deathday Price: ¥2,484 (Tax in) It can be ordered via CDJapan. May be it will also be available via iTunes like their previous album Truth or Dare or Signs http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/INRC-26
  10. DarkPaladin

    Tracklist 1.Return to Zero 2.Before I Fail 3.Power of Life and Death 4.LLLD 5.To Catch the Right Way 6.Interlude 7.SHINE 8.Set Your Goal 9.Accept Each Other’s Sense of Values 10.Fight Against the Limit 11.The Sun Also Rises Cover:
  11. DarkPaladin

  12. DarkPaladin

    Can somebody bring the link back to life? BREAK THIS FAKE sound great.
  13. DarkPaladin

    new look
  14. They will also release a new album on 10.25 according to their homepage
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