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    @DisposableCrap, the publisher made it private. I have the direct link but they've changed the settings, and I never downloaded it. Bummer. @The ReverendThank you, seriously, it's easy to not realize (or forget) that people do actually use the site and it always makes me really happy to know that it's been of some use, somehow I think that phrase is actually in Ura Cinderella, too (but I'm a megasloth and can't be bothered to pull it up). His pacing saying it in Tokyo Cinderella is really weird, though, huh.
  2. TokyoCinderella

    Hey, thanks! That makes me happy to read There was a time when we had the entire discography translated -- but when we looked back after getting a better understanding of Jojo's lyric-writing style, we decided there was a lot of junk. Unfortunately we lost the spark of motivation to get back to revising everything. BUT, I did bring a new mod on recently who should be helping get the site back up to speed when they settle in. And I'll keep trying to update when I can, but alas, life.
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    Sorry if I was a bit prickly before, it was way past my bedtime. I also totally missed your compliment, thank you for that! I gor my friend to take a photo of the inside of the thing, so I thought I'd share for you --
  4. TokyoCinderella

    I did a quick search around their social media too, and they did mention it once but not as an announcement or anything --> http://lineblog.me/official_9allo/archives/10546805.html I have the EP info listed out on the fansite I linked before, too, and honest to god never publish anything I don't know is absolutely true. I do own the CD, but it's with a friend at the moment so it's not physically with me. I'll take a picture later or something if that's absolutely necessary to prove this is a one-track CD. Anyway, with minor bands, not everything is always online, or online in an easy place to find :/ Especially these guys, a lot of news and info only comes out coherently at lives and instores. Just to put it out there, too, the CD was 500-yen (one-coin) which means only one song 99% of the time.
  5. TokyoCinderella

    I've followed the band the past four years. I have a copy. Also run kuroi-ondori.com . Ummm I don't know what to say, I keep up with their news?
  6. TokyoCinderella

    The EP is 1 track, Maou-yamiuta-. It was just meant to be a sneak peek for the album, you're not missing anything.
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    Not to pick a fight, but I think Ha Tanchou is one of the best songs on DIAVOLO -- but I see where you're coming from if you like their heavier-sounding songs. Ha Tanchou is just particularly cool to me because it's a continuation of the Kokkei Shugisha Renmei series of songs, which have some pretty intense WWII references in the lyrics; they're really well-written. (And the song is super fun at lives.)
  8. TokyoCinderella

    Tracklist is out -- http://tokyocinderella.tumblr.com/post/152354095267/lucifero-tracklist
  9. TokyoCinderella

    The LUCIFERO tracklist is out; broken down here -- http://tokyocinderella.tumblr.com/post/152354095267/lucifero-tracklist
  10. TokyoCinderella

    Chanty: http://kushop.tumblr.com/tagged/chanty MeteoroiD: http://kushop.tumblr.com/tagged/meteoroid (scroll past the magazines for the fliers) Priority -- amber gris 9goats black out moran emmuree Other -- nega sel'm avelcain dezert grieva Low-priority -- arlequin bfn savage diaura krad kuroyuri to kage lycaon munimuni sibilebashir yazzmad
  11. TokyoCinderella

    They've done this a few times in the past so it's not a totally new thing, but we're not quite sure why they're doing it this time. Before, they went under this name when (1) Lulu had left, Wajow was playing support, and THE GALLO was "officially" on temporary hiatus, and (2) here and there when (usually at sponsored lives) they have more than one set at the same live; usually, they'd appear as Kokkei Shugisha Renmei when playing the opening or otherwise earlier set than THE GALLO-as-headliner. They do play THE GALLO songs, but I remember one instance in 2012 when Wajow was support, that they played a Chemical Pictures song (Tenten's band was at the event too, and he's Jojo's senpai, so it was just in homage and probably not really related to the temp band name.) So, we don't really know what's up yet but suppose there's not much to be done but wait until those shows to see what's up. I suspect they'll be using a different support guitarist, or start playing as 4 members without support, and they're using the other name so that it doesn't count as "official" activity while they're feeling things out. Just a guess, though.
  12. TokyoCinderella

    They do have a man-man lovesong of sorts --- kyokutou koi shigure ai. I dont have our translation online at the moment..
  13. TokyoCinderella

    They do have a man-man lovesong of sorts --- kyokutou koi shigure ai. I dont have our translation online at the moment..
  14. TokyoCinderella

    Thanks for the signal boost! Ths faggots and dykes thing isn't in lyrics, it's just kind of a slogan or subtitle for the album.
  15. TokyoCinderella

    LOL. I'm so glad we're out of the kaede-putting-stupid-shit-on-his-head phase. Also, HI, now that you've changed your name I see who you are. XD Added you.
  16. TokyoCinderella

    You guys win the internet. Andy looks awesome. About the "TRE" -- unfortunately no, they're just writing the band name as "GALLO" (they did the same format for the covers of INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS); we're thinking the "TRE" refers to the third album. Also, BELIAL was just posted on the webshop even though it was supposed to be limited to the live last night. Guess it didn't sell well. Sooooo if you're interested in dropping $20usd on a $6 CD for shipping, haha...
  17. TokyoCinderella

    Diavolo is a JJBA character, too, though. XD
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  19. TokyoCinderella

    The new album is titled DIAVOLO.
  20. TokyoCinderella

    Not just that -- 7th anniversary will be 5/5/2016 at Ikebukuro CYBER, followed by the BLAZE one-man on 5/6. The "retirement ceremony" at the live everyone was worried about was Vivi. Vivi will no longer be with the band. (Trolls!) Devil (ex-THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS) joined at O-WEST on the saxaphone for three songs -- Shinigami, Yamikaze, and Kinku. And if anyone's interested, Romanized setlist: 01. Kyoumei 02. Kikei 03. Tokyo Harenchi Gekijou -Eden- 04. Nemurigami - HYPNOS- 05. Tokyo Harenchi Circus -Shinsekai- 06. ALICE IN DEAD END 07. Musou 08. Kokkeishiki Sousoukyoku Dai-ichiban -Dube- 09. Maou -Doukoku- drums solo 10. BOUTIQUE BEELZEBUB 11. INCUBUS guitar solo (Wajow) 12. Tokyo-shi Shitaya-ku Shounen Touzokudan - Kotetsu 13. SUCCUBUS 14. Shinigami -THANATOS- 15. Kamikazekata Kuchikukan - Yamikaze 16. Kinku EN1 01. Mimizu 02. Dainippon Kokkei Shugisha Renmei Koushinkyoku Ho Tanchou EN2 01. Tokyo Cinderella
  21. Well, with LuLu's current state... And Sibile with Shimizuya now :/ But hell yes! Let me know if you need me to get you a ticket; they go up on 9/5 iirc! COME BACK TO THE NIGHTMARE
  22. Eh, I guess what I should clarify is that the tracks don't sound like them. I'm trying to listen on and off to see if they grow on me, though. I do like Kaede's backing vocals in HYPNOS. But Jojo sounds totally bored in SUCCUBUS and HYPNOS, at least in the clips they've chosen here. :/ The staticy backup vocals in Shinigami are kinda weird, but that one's probably the one I like the best. I don't think they've ever significantly changed the lyrics on a remake before (except for Maressha, but that was a little different), so I'm looking forward to seeing how different it is. And curious if the solo is still done by Hikaru since Wajow pretty much does them all now.
  23. I for one didn't like the samples.
  24. Because this is only being done for a special instore, purchases are limited to in-store (no online sales), according to the ohp.
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