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  1. HotaruFilth

    -se- 1. sons of star fucker 2. 25 3. please god 4. 溺れる魚 5. 受刑者の日記 6. blood 7. family 8. monster tree 9. ドリスからの手紙 10.桜と雨 11.色別の亡い空虚 12.盲目の羽根と星を手に 13. follow the night light 14. raison detre 15. star baby 16. dim quiet 17. body bag No. 18. through the looking glass 19. re:make en -imp- 20. lunch box 21. quo vadis 22. 蟻塚
  2. HotaruFilth

    You're quite right!
  3. HotaruFilth

    For me Sakura to Ame was the best. It moved me so much, i cried T_T And they said they would be active for 1 year.
  4. DIMMDIVISION. announced their new single [ Tiny Worth] to be released at their oneman on January 19. 1. Presto World 2. In Dub. 3. 深淵に横たえて ¥1,600
  5. Reminded me of deadman's "follow the night light" lyrics. "Wake" in the first line "wake nara hanasenai..." was actually written as 理由なら話せない.
  6. HotaruFilth

    cocklobin announcement scheduled for 2018/09/06 22:00
  7. HotaruFilth

    Just in case, the new single is available on zoisite now. 1.Brightly,Brightly 2.Slide 3.Brightly,Brightly(another version) 4.Slide(another version)
  8. HotaruFilth

    They haven't released anything for 5 years, and performed 2-3 times a year only. For example, their latest lives were: 2018/4/28, (no lives in 2017) 2016/11/18, 2016/1/21, 2015/6/27, 2015/3/2, 2015/1/10, 2014/9/2, 2014/8/2, 2014/5/27, 2013/11/18 ...
  9. DIMMDIVISION. announced their 3rd single [ Brightly, Brightly / Slide ] to be released at their 1st oneman live this Sunday.
  10. For maybe 2 months already i can't add new events to last.fm. I fill in all the details but when I press the "add event" button on the last step it just reloads the page with all spaces blank. Anyone else has this bug or is it just me?><

    1. HotaruFilth


      Ah, I see. Seems like you can't add an event if you don't attach a poster. Meh. What if there's NO poster><


  11. HotaruFilth

  12. HotaruFilth

    For those who haven't noticed, Mako will act as a special guest at Schwarz Stein's oneman live at Shibuya REX on February 25, 2018. Kaya also mentioned in his twitter that it's only a "prologue" (whatever it means) (upd: it meant only the new release for SS and their autumn tour). Anyway seems like this time there'll be a continuation of the story (upd: nah, there wasn't xD) The last time I started a separate topic about it someone moved it to SS 15th anniversary discussion as insignificant, so I think I'll just leave it here.
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