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  1. Hey, because I'm moving in a few weeks and I'm tired of carrying stuff, I don't pay attention to any longer. So I'm slowly starting to sell stuff. I'll keep updating the list. All CDs are in a good condition and I kept their obi (if they're gone, I'll tell you about it). Shipping from Germany to everywhere, payment via paypal. CDs: Calmando Qual - Heretical God + Photoset (both signed by four members in 2006) (20€) Fuzylog. - コナマイキアドベンチャー (12€) HAKUEI - THE WORLD IS MINE (Regular Edition) (5€) HITT - 「カッコつけマン」 (15€) 砂月 - AWAKE + Official Webshop Comment CD (30€) UNDER CODE - UNDER CODE PRODUCTION Bible, just the book, no DVD. (offer) Flyers (1€): 1=Password (event August 2010) aicle x rshitei 2010 Anzel Stripper (March 2010 Minialbum, free oneman) baelscope (2010 Tour) 2 Blackcat (eventour october 2010) 水楽 (August 2010) small artist pictures Called=Plan (Radical, Cherry Boy&Girl Maxi 2010) small artist pictures calmando qual (doors) chaos system (2010) 2x chemical pictures 2rd oneman devil,made,devil,and,devil diva (2nd maxi single mercy of cicada 2010) 2x dopes. (first one-man 2010) dying message 1st oneman 2x dying message free single existtrace (knife 2010) hero (single september 2010) irokui (2009) irokui (minialbum 2010) jackman free oneman 2010 kyokutou girlfriend (live album + 2 days december 2010) 2x (hardly any text) kyokutou girlfriend (live album) (hardly any text) Lix. (september 2010) lolita 23q (2010) luzmelt (3 month single 2010) merrow/misaruka (side project) meth. can't come back single Metry (2dn Single 2010) 2x nil delete heads (event august 2010) one star (1st maxi 2010) 2x orochi お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 (single + tour 2010) 2x お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 (single november 2010) Ouroboros (July 2010) rice (oneman November 2010) royz Area (2€) rubik Scapegoat (August 2010, tour) 2x skull (2 singles 2010) somatic guardian (autumnbootcamp 2010) small artist pictures spiv states 1st oneman 2x Sweet Madonna (voice Maxi-Single) Tu[ism] (2nd Mai Unnamed story 2010) v-last (3rd single 2010) v-last (tourfinal october 2010) 2x v-neu (wave single 2010) VII Sense 2nd single 2x velgat (events april-july 2010) velgat (events august 2010) 2x yazzmad (1st Single 2010) Ziggrat (live schedule september-november 2010) 2x zoro (august 2010 4th single) 2x
  2. Hey, is the otogi CD (with DEATHGAZE's Ai on bass) still available? If so, how much would the shipping to Germany be?
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