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  1. wow nice icon and header...:dark_kuusou:

  2. wow nice icon and header... :kuusou:

  3. redaudrey

    The new album will be called [evolve] and will come in two types (CD only for 2800 yen and with DVD for 3500 yen) tracklist: 01.Enter the NEOPHASE 02.Swallow 03.:evolve 04.CELL DIVISION 05.Amon 06.AN ENDLESS MULTIVERSE 07.ティアドロップ 08.春の風 09.MISSING LINK 10.ALL FOR YOU DVD : LIVE映像(10/4@大宮ソニックシティ 大ホールより「:evolve」
  4. redaudrey

    He really sounds that good live
  5. Pierrot more like Pierrno

  6. redaudrey

    Mana and Yoshiki would be quite the duo
  7. redaudrey

    Wataru also produced BABOO, which made their disbanding on 12/12 a little suspicious
  8. my friend translated it here: https://gb-lyrics.tumblr.com/kubigaitai !
  9. redaudrey

    Jun from Braymen posts about his cat on twitter more than anything else @jun_braymen
  10. redaudrey

    Kiryuuin Shou from Golden Bomber recently revealed that he has 200 million+ yen in his bank account
  11. It’d be good if it was pure white or black instead of that color
  12. It’s real, it just looks weird because they had such different styles then haha
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