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  1. hello bitch, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me

  2. I never actually wrote a reply for this thread this time, and I think it might be a little late but still. Two thoughts. 1. Am I the only one going through a slow warm up with THE NOVEMBERS? I'm starting to like more of their songs and overall vibe at a snail's pace and it seems a little off with how many people I've seen going gung-ho on them. 2. I liked NETWORKS' track a whole lot but I can't find their stuff anywhere... probably because they couldn't choose a less unoriginal name but anyway. Do they have a bandcamp or soundcloud or something? As always this thread is the best thing to go through in the month, music-wise. Keep up the good work!
  3. does anyone happen to have spare Jpopsuki points that you could donate to a lost cause (aka me)? if you're a giving soul send them to Erinx please

  4. in general i'm not too fond of it because i feel like it... dejoints? the flow of the melody and erases the raw bits of the voice, which makes it a lot less enjoyable for me. i.e. the last shiina single, the one with the murder coca cola PV. i think it'd would have been waaay better without so much autotune. i do believe it can has it uses, and as long as it matches the song/genre it can be a good resource.
  5. so does anyone have reliable explanations -posts, articles, whatever- in the distinction of japanese music with western music a.k.a. why the J- prefix should be there

    1. Erin


      i tried explaining it to a friend and it was so messy and all over the place. i could use a source with actual eloquence

    2. Biopanda


      What about the in-Japan usage of it? I often see references to "J-POP" on Japanese sites, but I don't know who started using it first.

  6. this thread is my favorite time of the month honestly i liked eito a whole lot. you could definitely pick up the LITE influences. past half the song you can notice it's a little rough around the edges indeed, kinda lacks a bit more of variety/substance. i still liked it lots though, i'll listen to their whole album when i have time. tempalay i'm kinda figuring out still. i'm liking the whole rising of beach pop rock in so many acts lately but ehhh. something about the distorted vocals with the instrumentation together doesn't sit that well with me. maybe i'll like other tracks. for a second i thought the THE KIDDIE comparison was a joke lmao it really reminds me of them. i was such a fan in like 2010/11... i really liked this KAFUKA track though. it's kinda nostalgic. the karasu wa masshiro track feels... a little different? the vocals are a lot more toned down and harmonize a lot better with the instrumentation here. also the synth is sick. i'll probably be humming it for a while. this thread always gives a lot of good recs! thanks a lot
  7. @god: why does new daoko go so hard

  8. what the fuck the font

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kyoselflove


      yeah it's like arial narrow or something. making my eyes cross lol

    3. emmny


      rt change it dis

    4. leafwork


      oh I thought you mean the font change in iOS 8 l0l

  9. Erin

    I hate that I'm trying to get my shit together, have some nice short and long term goals, and still somehow can't find it in myself to gather motivation and get past my dumb insecurities and just Do stuff. I hate that me and my family's relationship is so bleak and barely customary. Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own house. I have a weak will and forget my rage. wooh that sure helps unwind
  10. are the cat receipts finally out. can i fight cat too

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    2. PsychoΔelica


      lol what's the deal?

    3. CAT5


      *hides behind K-triangle*, yeah, what's the deal!!?? :P

    4. PsychoΔelica
  11. Erin

    i keep wondering if daoko does this for the $$$ and publicity and actually hates singing such sugary pop things. the second half of he song is pretty okay
  12. your regular rec leech here to ask if anyone has any good recs for surf pop or nu disco stuff

    1. Erin


      by surf pop i mean like... surf pop-ish, like, kayoko yoshizawa or something

    2. Erin


      i was already familiar with all of those but Reina nosa! i liked that track a lot

  13. http://kohyukii.tumblr.com/post/128854222270/cicada-夜明????街-bed-room-2015-lp-this-is-just THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!!! does anyone have recs that sound somewhat like this, lounge/dream pop-ish?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CAT5


      hm, this really sounds like early ACO

    3. Erin


      i was rec'd the whole EP -which i still don't do- but this track's really up my alley

  14. aaa, there's a lot of tracks i liked in the latter sections, and acts i haven't heard of. i'll make sure to leave some reviews for the ones i liked the most later!
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