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  1. Good old highschool days when alice nine were in their prime 😍 And definitely agree that oz were so good as well with versus. Natsuki growls were godly.
  2. Title track sounds very experimental... not sure I like the chorus. I thought after the remake albums they would return with some type of refind sound similar to their early days. I’ll have to listen to full album before judgement.
  3. Always support my boys!!! For a second I got scared and thought I read it would be called love songs... their ballads have not been all that great.
  4. michi510

    I’ve followed them since 2006, so I’m glad they get back to the name that brought them initial success. In the end, music is the thing that is the most important. I hope they continue to pump out music like the last 2 remake albums! Their refined skills+old compositions was so great and nostalgic.
  5. These 2 recent albums are so nostalgic. Throws me back to their activity before Alpha. I'm just in awe with how they have implemented all they have learned these 15 years and made each of their compositions better.
  6. michi510

    glad to see these guys still making music and doing what they love! they were so awesome during their vandalize days
  7. michi510

    keep the releases coming!! alice nine. is back
  8. michi510

    can't wait for them to come back. glad they are still around since i've started listening to them since 04. isntrumental quality of music never disappoints.
  9. michi510

    Just my opinion, but could have seen this 2 years ago after them going major. They peaked so early, then all their mainstream music had no improvements. You could see/hear it with every release, these guys had no more inspirations or ideas to write better songs.
  10. michi510

    Probably about more tours outside of Japan after their MSG gig. Or another press conference about more yoshiki statues
  11. michi510

    TBH, i really have lost all hope for any new material from them. i've pretty much come to realize that it may never happen. x was great. yoshiki is just milking off their long gone glorious days.
  12. michi510

    I believe who composed what was imbedded in the track itself. I saw it using software like ID3 Editor/mp3 tag. Don't have the tracks with me now but I could post the compositions later.
  13. michi510

    i have to somewhat agree with these reviews... Nothing really stood out from this album, aside from +- for me. Reading the compositions, I felt like they just asked each member aside from Nao to create one new song for the album. I guess that's why though, I've heard the singles so much that it made going through the tack list so fast. I DO however admire the production value on this disc. Having gone through each of their albums, each one continues to have better mixes and sounds incorporated. That's why I think this band is different than the rest. The group pumps out different ideas each time. Every member improves their technical skills on every release.
  14. michi510

    10th anniversary i bet!! but wow... time sure flies... i still remember stumbling on yami by accident on kazaa in 04..... i'm glad they're still around making music
  15. michi510

    i LOVE jellyfish reprise SOOO MUCH!!! reminds me of their zekkeishoku days... but with higher production value
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