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  1. No way you were on M-H

  2. WHERE?????? I'm still waiting on my CD. It's been in LA since the 16th. EDIT: Found a torrent! Souzou sounds the same.
  3. Ling has easily become my favorite band and more of recently. Definitely takes some time to warm up to TK and even Mikyoko's vocals, but once you get past that you can start to appreciate Ling a whole lot more. For those reasons I would also recommend to a new fan to start on 'just A Moment' or 'still a Sigure virgin?' as the vocals are a lot more refined probably due to signing on with Sony. Also I feel like that was their pinnacle. Overall though my favorites are: Souzou no Security (DAT guitar riff), mib126, abnormalize (grew a crazy amount on me), actually I could probably just keep going those two albums are near flawless. I'm also sitting here going nuts waiting for their Best of Tornado album. D:
  4. Spike760

    ^ The RAZR HD MAXX should only be $100 more than the RAZR HD... but in the end you can get a portable battery pack for about $40 which will double your battery life which in theory would probably give you better battery life than a RAZR HD MAXX. ~ My curent setup on my Galaxy S3. Awaiting the Galaxy S4, or whatever the Verizon variant of the HTC ONE to come out and then most likely switching to either flagship.
  5. Spike760

    Here's me with my wannabe vk hair
  6. Spike760

    I know a lot of you say you don't like them, but I want to say that's probably because you've never given them a chance, or you're judging them based on your previous experience of hearing older albums. Don't worry I was the same way. I always just thought they were like some dumb emo band, but honestly they've easily become one of my favorite bands overall. Each of their albums are honestly great in their own way, but each carry their own sound. My Chemical Romance just released their newest album "Conventional Weapons" on February 5th. I can't decide if this one is my favorite yet, but it has some really fucking awesome songs. As mostly visual kei fans, I think a lot of you will appreciate their music, as it has awesome guitar riffs and especially solo's and amazing vocal melodies. They're probably one of the closest bands to visual kei in America. This is one of the new songs off their "Conventional Weapons" album, please give it a try, with an open mind. Who knows you might like them as well!
  7. yay my gf actually made hamburgers! todays awesome!

  8. Spike760

    I've only had it for about a month at the most so far. I switched from a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a Note II. The Note II was really great it had outstanding battery but felt a little big in my hands. I ended up rooting the Galaxy S3 to have all the Note II features though. It's a great phone though, and the body is actually polyurethane which is the material they make football helmets out of. It's very durable too, my phone one of the first days I had it fell off my laundry machine onto cement which is probably a good 3 - 4 ft drop landed directly on the display, walked away scratchless. The Google Play Store actually JUST got the Nexus 4 back in stock yesterday if you haven't already gone with the Optimus G which is still a nice phone. Also the Galaxy S4 is supposed to be out within 3 - 4 months which is going to be my next phone. My last few devices despite my tablet have all been Samsung, never had any problems.
  9. Spike760

    I have both consoles, and they mostly just sit on a shelf at home. D: I actually have been carrying around my Vita with me though because I recently purchased DJ Max Tecnika Tune which is surprisingly difficult. The memory card does really bother me, I have a 8GB card and I've already had to reformat the card in order to do the download for DJ Max. I don't really play it enough to care about all my saved information, although it kind of sucks I have to start over in All Stars because I cleared it with everyone on hard mode which is proving to be more difficult than I originally remembered. The 3DS I haven't touched in way too long, I can't even think what the last game I purchased for it was. D: Most my my mobile gaming now-a-day happens straight from my phone. My phone's graphics are already I would say better than the 3DS and possibly better than the Vita, or at least on par.
  10. Spike760

    If you weren't going to use it as a phone much, you're much better off going with a tablet. You can pick up a Asus Nexus 7 (Google Android flagship tablet) 16GB for $199 directly off Google's Play Store. As far as smartphones go though, I'm obsessed. I gave up my life of J-Rock to pursue a life of Android. I will never own an iPhone because they're very limited and overpriced. My line up of smart devices over the past couple years: Motorola Droid > HTC Sensation > Samsung Galaxy Nexus > Samsung Galaxy S II T989 > Samsung Galaxy Nexus (2nd one) > Samsung Galaxy Note II > Samsung Galaxy S III I535 Other devices: iPod Touch 4G > Vizio TAB > Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi > Asus Nexus 7 16GB I can do pretty much whatever I want with my Android smart devices and that's the reason I love them. I can remote into my PC, stream any of my media to my device, connect the device to the TV and use my PS3 controller to play games. They have emulators all the way up to the original Playstation even. Google Play Music is the sickest app ever, it allows you to store up to 20,000 songs on their cloud and stream them using a data connection to the phone. And the best part of it all is you can customize the phone to look however you want it to look. My current setup:
  11. Spike760

    So just recently I started doing themes for GO Launcher EX for Android. It's become really addicting and I'm starting to think I should publish my themes to the Android market/Google Play Store. ~ NEON.GREEN v.1.0 (it's already a little different) ~ white.OUT v.1.0 What do you guys think? Would you also be willing to pay .99 - 1.99 for these themes? Also is anyone into themeing as much as me? I change mine almost daily now. Screenshots Also my matching (old) Galaxy Nexus & Galaxy S II:
  12. Spike760

    Starting the mini album right now, I watched the MV though, at first I thought Touch was kind of annoying but by the second time through I actually really like it; also the video! But yeah, miss A is probably my favorite girl group! Their first album is seriously amazing!
  13. X-5 HrpHHH4koHc Has anyone ever listened to X-5 before? They seem to be overlooked a lot, but they're actually pretty good. They just recently released their second single Dangerous. It's pretty good, but the b-side 'In Da House' is probably gonna be one of my favorite kpop songs of the year!
  14. This is one of my favorite American bands, it's a great transitional step from visual kei to Western rock. BBeJDPwO9kY ks_XlfGY4Sw
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