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  1. DAY 1 is on the fanpage at vk.ru for free, same quality you're looking for...
  2. Asakusa

  3. Why did the mod deleted my post? It wasn't meant to be mean or hateful tbh
  4. Asakusa

    A lot of people prefer the original because of the mix For me it would be a selection of tracks from both
  5. Asakusa

    How is that nobody is talking about the previews from the new album? weird
  6. Asakusa

    Promotion Edits versions from the band almost always miss like a minute or so https://youtu.be/aeN6LqawRB4 Edit: fuck I can't delete this post, mobile ver. hates me
  7. When I first heard the chorus I got blown away by how beautiful it's sounds. So much negativity in here imo
  8. Does anyone know how to buy in japanese iTunes but from another country?

  9. Asakusa

    This is exactly what I was going to say. I wanted an "epic" track too but after understanding that this season is more "emotional" it does makes sense.
  10. Asakusa

    Hace muchisimo tiempo que no comento en este thread jajajaj Soy de Chile y he ido a ver a DIR EN GREY las dos veces que vinieron, Asian Kung-Fu Generation y Maximum the Hormone. Lo más probable es que este hilo vuelva a revivir en unos meses más así que loh vimoh (nos vemos) xD
  11. Asakusa

    A lot of people who doesn't like metal always asked me -how do you dance to this kind of "music"?- Now I'll just show them the PV for Beautiful Dirt
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