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  1. You know the feeling when your SO wakes up in the middle of the night because you're listening to that one song loud and on repeat and you can't deny it because that's what you've been doing for the past two hours.

    (PS. need better noise cancelling head phones. These let everyone know what embarrassing shit I secretly love.)

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    2. yakihiko


      What song? Right the day RAZOR's the Core dropped, I listened to it for basically 6 hours non stop. More clear, from 10pm-04am.

    3. The Bread Wolf

      The Bread Wolf

      Hell like I'm gonna tell ya'll about the shameful stuff penetrating my brain if I'm embarrassed for even my husband to know.

    4. Axius


      The Core ive been getting into recently i love it. Its like a beautiful balance of vocals.

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