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  1. sai

    I'm honestly surprised the tricot album got so many positive reviews over the internet (one website rating it a 9/10 even) because I agree with CAT, I couldn't find a single memorable melody on the entire album.
  2. sai

    REALLY DIGGING THAT VIDEO. I love the artistic direction of it. Hmm, the song really grew on me as it played. To be quite honest "trinity" was a good effort on their part, I enjoyed it quite a bit. "Wall" however left me completely unimpressed apart from the title track I hope this one will be better!
  3. sai

    Love it omg. Never got into Gain before but this is really nice! I'm in love ;___;
  4. The electronics are not the problem, they never were. The problem lies in what you do with them. There are plenty of bands who make this kind of stuff work wonderfully, with a good balance between vocals/instruments and electronic elements. So I don't think that electronics immediately equals "another DIVISION" or any of the sort, it's just waiting if they've finally improved on how to use them.
  5. sai

    If you have an issue with how the staff does their job and suggestions on how they could improve, there's a report button just for that. There is no need to insult other members like Rocketeer who have done absolutely nothing to you either. It seems to have escaped my notice yesterday, but I'd like to have this addressed now that I have the chance. Not everyone gets along with everyone and that's fine, but there's no need to publicly insult and or involve people who have nothing to do with this. Also hitsuji-hime, the staff has decided for this to be your last warning. Next time you step out of line there will be consequences. Also the staff is fairly aware you, Pretzels, have issues with nekkichi and honestly, the two of you need to either 1) Keep it to PM or 2) If one has blocked the other, stop pitting your fights on the forum. It's very tiring and doesn't belong here. If you're going to chase eachother through threads to start arguments, I won't have any other option than to start hiding all of those posts or (if it gets terribly out of hand) start monitoring your posts before they're allowed to be published. What is going on between you two doesn't concern MH, nor is this the platform for the two of you to continue this feud. Now, just go on with...I don't know, sadness over Lycaon's disbandment or posting pictures of James May, whatever floats your boat. As long as it's not pointless drama.
  6. sai

    Holy shit. I don't mind you being happy about Lycaon's disbandment but you honestly don't have to be mean about it. There are plenty of people who enjoyed this band and they should be allowed to feel sad about this. All comments like these do are starting flame wars and fights. Negativity like this is unwelcome and will be kept an eye on from now on. Not just for you specifically, but everyone else as well. Don't be a dick.
  7. sai

    What is Reese's I've literally never seen/heard of it omg.
  8. BECAUSE NOTHING IS AS FUN AS FIGHTING EACHOTHER IN AN ARENA AMIRITE This link is a back-up because the website that hosts it had its server die on them so: http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/ MY RESULTS: CONGRATS NOS-KUN also feel free to put your favourite J-Rock artists in and have them battle it out I don't honestly care
  9. sai

    The same as Jigsaw, really. They have some really solid tracks that I like to listen to here and there, but I haven't been able to sit through a full album of theirs yet. Oddly, the only time I managed to get through Rhapsody in Beauty was when I played it backwards (so from 10 to 1), which somehow made everything sound better together (at least for me). I guess I'm just waiting for a click that'll settle in at some point because their whole atmosphere/concept is great.
  10. Went for option number 3. I've tried plug for a while, but I don't really feel most of the music played there, it's not really my taste. If others enjoy it that's fine though! I mean I'm not going to shit on other people's fun just because I don't like it lol.
  11. Alright, that's enough. Even though this is the International subforum, the regular rules of the forum still apply. I do not speak Russian, but I've understood enough to realize that this is a dispute between nekkichi and Pretsy that is best off being discussed privately (as was already the case, from what I can understand). Keep personal issues to PM and Hellion, don't add any fuel to the fire. All you're doing is starting drama for the sake of starting drama. This is not allowed on the regular forums, nor is it allowed here, keep that in mind.
  12. We apologize for the unexpected downtime. From now on we will make sure this video will play in order to make your waiting a bit more bearable

    1. sai


      ^ if you're at work you probably shouldn't click this btw lol

    2. Ito


      Thank you for that PSAi

  13. some people have absolutely no sense of humor do they

    1. CAT5


      aye, srsly, haha. You just gotta ignore that shit tho, cuz misery loves company! Don't accept an invitation ;3

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