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    Selling a big haul of my GazettE collection. I've been holding onto a lot of merchandise for years now and have decided to finally part with some of it and keep specifics for myself. A lot of what I have is posters, so bare with me. All priced in CAD (Canadian Dollars). Offer worldwide shipping from Canada. If you want pictures, please email me at: kayorisuoh@yahoo.com CLOTHING: Black Moral sleeveless shirt with the skull on the side, size small - $25 Magazines: Fool's Mate May 2005 edition - $15 SHOCKwave 2008 w/ poster - $20 (I don't know the name) Jewelry Magazine with GazettE as the cover - $10 [ZI] July 2007 edition w/ poster and card - $20 Arena37 GazettE Special w/poster - $20 Misc: Kai, Uruha and Aoi plastic file keepers - $5 each Assorted magazine clippings with other groups included - $5 Books: Verwelktes Gedicht 2005 book, basically brand new except for white-out print on the inside cover - $30 Pulse Wriggling to Black tour book, basically brand new. Cover has some ware but the book is in perfect condition - $30 Repeated Countless Error tour book, brand new - $30 Unmarked pamphlet from 2008, has the three sets of cables on the cover and the boys dressed in their Guren outfits, basically brand new - #30 Posters: Repeated Countless Error Finale, used but in good condition, large - $15 Stacked Rubbish poster, good condition, large - $15 Kai poster, basically brand new, long poster - $10 Reita poster, basically brand new, long poster - $10 Nameless Liberty Six Guns poster - $10 Shadow VI II I poster, double sided - $10 Reila banquet poster, large - $15 the GazettE calendar pieces, all very long: Ruki (Regret costume) - $10 Uruha (Filth in the Beauty costume) - $10 Aoi (Filth in the Beauty costume) - $10 Kai (Filth in the Beauty costume) - $10 Reita (Regret costume) - $10
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