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    Punk got a reaction from Total Saikou in Your last music-related buy!   
    malice mizer gardenia tour pampleth
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    Punk got a reaction from Setsuna in [SELLING] CD, DVD, VHS, MC for sale!   
    It guy is the coolest and fast old vk seller  i bought my first japanese music  cd from him 
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    Punk got a reaction from geist in Dir en grey   
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    Punk reacted to spolochon in Honest opinions on K POP?   
    I know quite a few people who were definitely into VK "in the old days" and are mostly into Kpop now, saying they lost interest in VK because there's nothing so great anymore, got boring and all. As far as I know, they enjoy the fun of kpop, mostly (even if they liked the darkness of some vk bands... I guess growing up can make you yearn for lighter stuff, as your life gets dark enough as it is).
    Also, let's face it: back in the days, many VK fans considered the musicians as SUPER GOOD. I mean technically good. As in considering Dir en Grey's Die or Karyu as some of the best guitarists ever. And so on for very liked bands. While, let's be honest... the melodies can be nice, that's one thing, but they're extremely rarely so good technically? 
    So, well... now they enjoy the dance, which can be very good indeed, and the happy-light mood of the songs. Why not, to each their own. And many VK fans enjoyed the bands for the musicians' faces, it was most obvious when concerts were played in our countries: unsurprisingly, they now praise the good looks of Kpopmusicians. "To each their own". Special bonus: they can see some bands quite often, and in large venues.
    @Punk The Japanese government was very hypocritical (probably not for the first time, on different matters): 10 or 15 years ago now, they launched a program called "Cool Japan". It was aimed at promoting Japan as a "soft power" (to be understood as "culture power" in diplomatic terms). I was at a conference where some Japanese official in my country presented it, a few months before it was actually put into place, and the aim really was to promote anime, music, manga and other culture products consumed and enjoyed by youngsters. It was meant to help fund their exportation, through different grants / financial incentives.  But for whatever reason (I don't even want to think of the possible reasons), things changed when it was put in place: I only ever saw it used to promote the classical culture of Japan (tourism for the oh beautiful landscapes, traditional ceramics, no and other traditional types of theater, and so on.) From our end (countries where the culture would have been exported), when we got in touch with the Japanese officials (embassy and such), the answer was that the demand had to be made from Japan. But the Japanese artist or organisation never -asked- to go abroad, they were always contacted first or at most contacted people abroad to know what conditions could be offered for "that act" to be exported: they wouldn't ask money for the export to happen because they wanted to be paid for the export. "Japanese pride".
    To sum up, it was everyone's fault. Although we can note that the government found ways for "traditional culture" to be funded by the Cool Japan program, while it appears it never applied such efforts for the "youngsters culture". 
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    Punk got a reaction from Arkady in Your last music-related buy!   
    malice mizer gardenia tour pampleth
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    Punk reacted to Kirito in Why did gackt leave Malice Mizer: Discussion   
    Gackt is very talented but clearly he lost himself.. His YouTube channel is the good example of that. He became a boring Youtuber.
    Also I won't believe 100 % his words about Malice Mizer, the guy is way too self center, and I know from experience where it can bring..
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    Punk got a reaction from melmo382 in Why did gackt leave Malice Mizer: Discussion   
    One friend of mine ( translator -student)tell me that Gackt was few years back visiting Poland  and the warsaw University bring to him to the students of translation jap-eng .
    She talk with him a  good time and asked about M.M subject 
    He said that the Mana wife and M.m Manager yukie itoh fired to him  
    He said also than never will happen one M.m Reunion and he and Mana is different level . True or no were his words 
    Btw Mana asked to gackt for M.m 20 anniversary show and  he received one im with other bussiness  .
    I always asked to myself if mana had not arranged her affairs with Kozi as  would have done to sell illusion of the Malice mizer reunion ??
    For if you someone no knew Kozi was meeting since the M.M broke up with Tetsu and yu-ki but never with Mana  until that the 2008 Mana posted in his old blog about one Reunion with kozi and  more guys and the next year kozi  usually until now ever play with Mana .
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    Punk reacted to BrenGun in An interview with 大人のSilver-Rose   
    Former Silver-Rose vocalist YOWMAY has restarted the band under the name “Otona no Silver-Rose”. However, YOWMAY has restarted the band with brand new members. Silver-Rose was formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1994. Even until today, the music of silver rose has been respected and loved by many visual fans enthusiastic. So let’s hear about this interesting restart!

    Choose your language!
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