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  1. Tsukiyo Yazawa

    No problem 😄 Maybe you saw me somewhere else ^^ Regarding Deep, I really like it. It makes me think of Mujun To Sora by Lynch. Thanks, I will check out more musics by König. Hello, thank you ! There are many songs realesed by SCREW that I like (especially Wailling wall or Doukoku No Ato). Too bad their songs became too commercial to me in the end
  2. Tsukiyo Yazawa

    Thank you very much ! Yes, I checked out a few musics by David but they didn't catch me. However, the one that you shared sounds great, I think I am going to give it a shot again. Thanks. On the other hand, I listened to Dracula by his new group, it was pretty good but far from what he did before in Megaromania, I mean, in my "personal ladder". In any case, I feel its two projects are a different style compared to Megaromania. Aside from Eternal Wish ~Todokame Kimi E~ by Raphael, I didn't listen that much 90s visual kei musics, but feel free to give me some advices. Thank you, glad you like it ! Hi, honestly, I would be really surprised because I don't have many friends on Facebook and I am not in any visual kei group ^^ Anyway, thanks for the nice welcome. Maybe you could suggest me some bands which sounds like those we have in common
  3. Hi everyone, I am Baptiste (but call me Tsukiyo), 25 years old. I was born in Vietnam but I grew up in France. I'm living in Belgium currently. When I was 12 years old, one of my friend who made me discover a lot a musics (rock musics) sent me two videos. It was Gianism Shichi by Nightmare and Garnet by D'espairsRay. At first, I didn't really like those musics, I guess there were too different from what I usually listened and watched. But there was something that was pushing me to listen to them again and again. Some sort of curiosity. After some days, I ended up loving visual kei. It was one of the most important event of my life beacause visual kei influenced me a lot after that. During several years, I was listenning to visual kei musics and I discovered many bands. But sadly, around 2014, most of the bands that I loved disbanded or started to realese more commercial musics. On top of that, I didn't like the new bands at that time. Finally, I stoped being interested in visual kei scene. But recently, one of my friend (another this time) encouraged me to post my photos on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tsukiyo_yazawa/ if you are interrested) and I got in touch with some other visual kei fans. This led me to try visual kei musics again and... here I am. So, I hope I will like some new musics because I am a bit tired to listen to the same musics for 10 years. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or just to say hi. See you My favorites bands are : ALSDEAD D'espairsRay DIAURA Lin-the end of corruption world- Megaromania NIGHTMARE -OZ- Phantasmagoria Sadie SCREW the Gazette Musics I love the most : Jukai Ni Saku Ai - SCREW Eternal Wish ~Todokame Kimi E~ - Raphael AURORA -destinies of world- - Megaromania
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