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  1. Insomniac Dozer

    Yoshiki-Sama knew he couldn't unleash "Kiss the Sky" until the world needed saving. You've gotta admire such devotion to his fanbase and philanthropic efforts. (I'd still buy it even if I'd hate myself for spending money on Born to be Free twice)
  2. Insomniac Dozer

    I've been looking for some of the first DEG live bootlegs, but they're pretty obscure online now. At one point my search brought me to this thread from a couple of years ago; someone linked to a Batsu thread that had MediaFire links that apparently still worked at the time. Unfortunately, even going onto Batsu through the Web Archive, all those MediaFire links are dead now. I was wondering, did anyone who still hangs around here manage to snag those while they were up? And could you be convinced to put them online for the sake of preservation (and/or satiating my purely selfish curiosity?) Probably a longshot, but figured I'd give it a try.
  3. Insomniac Dozer

    lol I'm very grateful that this was uploaded since I probably won't be getting my copy for a while yet. I've kind of turned my opinion around on Guzou Moratorium and Hyouhaku Flavor since I've just had the album playing in full lately, and the latter really translates well live. The former is a bit more of a mixed bag live, but the visuals are so cool. I don't think it hits as hard around the midpoint as the studio version does, but I appreciate how much more organic it sounds here. The performances of Nurebairo and Uso are both really nice too, I'm digging how Dorothy translates live as well. Need to rewatch it, but it's a fun release! I think I might still like Mutans better, but I prefer this one as a whole to Passio.
  4. Insomniac Dozer

    The popping sound is probably intentional, but I get the feeling it's just some ridiculous thing they did for the single. I'm pretty sure the original analog single version of The Daemon's Cutlery had some really wonky production as well. I'm hedging my bets somewhere between "will sound clearer on the album" and "won't even be on the album."
  5. Insomniac Dozer

    Even though The Insulated World is down there with Withering as my least favorite DEG album, I don't hate it - I'll always have an appreciation for it too since their last US tour cycle was the first time I saw them, and it was way better live. Really hoping for good things with the next one, or at least decent production (lol.) Arche was only two albums ago, and that's one of their best, so who knows!
  6. Insomniac Dozer

    The new The Invisible Man really impressed me! I'm not a big classic horror buff, so I'm new to this series, but framing this horror movie as a sort of stalker thriller concerned with controlling relationships felt very fresh to me. It's really effective at using the main character as the focalizing point, which creates an empathetic and dire atmosphere that doesn't let up. Very unpredictable, something about the structure and pacing felt unconventional, I found myself really surprised by where the movie went. Highly recommended, Leigh Whanell did a great job with this one.
  7. Insomniac Dozer

    Man so like a month or two ago, a few copies of DEG's World of Mercy LP showed up on NeoTokyo, and they sold out while I was trying to get their credit card service to load. I've been collecting records for a few years and DEG records are sparse, so I was kind of severely depressed for a few hours, days, whatever. Anyhow, I saw Liquefacio pop up on there a few days ago and really warred with myself about dropping $100+ dollars on a concert blu-ray, but I just did and it looks like I got the last copy in their stock. This was probably an awful decision, but I've loved their previous DVDs so I'm really stoked to get it! (Also the money was worth it alone to vindicate my aforementioned NeoTokyo heartbreak) Did anyone else order it? What little I'm able to find on Japanese social media makes it sound very AESTHETIC. It'll probably pop up on VK before I even get it but w/e
  8. Insomniac Dozer

    I also joined here primarily due to a love for Sukekiyo, so welcome!!
  9. Insomniac Dozer

    I've been listening to Dai 7 today and it's nuts, thanks again for the rec! Exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, the Bass is mindblowing and I really dig their songwriting. Crazy how futuristic it sounds despite being almost 20 years old. I'll probably try 5 next, my cursory research tells me that 7 is relatively "mainstream" for them which, again, is kind of mindblowing.
  10. Insomniac Dozer

    Ya, Midsommar had a great and unique aesthetic to it - something about it just didn't land with me. I actually watched it before Hereditary and, upon watching the latter, I felt that disconnect with Midsommar even more; that said, I probably owe Midsommar a rewatch after watching his previous film. Noted, thank you very much for the recommendation! I haven't heard of them, but it looks like their discography has a lot of material to work with. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for - I'll check them out when I get a chance to sit at my computer.
  11. Insomniac Dozer

    Midsommar was pretty good; it felt so much like a brighter and more folk-y Hereditary so it didn't do as much for me. Just kind of left me with this feeling that is was Hereditary: Spring Break Edition. Very impressive cinematography though, and the psychedelic editing is so cool!
  12. Insomniac Dozer

    Thanks! Good luck with the writing degree - your success depends on how you choose to use it! The Nightmare series is worth revisiting imo - liked them as a kid, loved them as an adult for their practical effects and imaginative design. I've not seen Underwater yet - I've heard very mixed things about it so I'm definitely interested in seeing it for myself. I need to catch up on horror that's come out the last few years, the most recent one I've seen the blew me away was Hereditary.
  13. Insomniac Dozer

    I haven't used a forum like this so long and nostalgia is just rushing through me. Hi! My name's Jake, if we're doing that kind of introduction. I build car washes and, at night, dry my tears with my bachelor's degree in writing while bingewatching horror franchises; in case you're curious, Nightmare on Elm Street is by far the best franchise to watch front-to-back. Pleased to meet y'all. I've been lurking here for a little while because I'm a big fan of Sukekiyo and there's very little discussion of them on the English-speaking web. I'm also a big fan of Dir En Grey (SO GOOD when I saw them in December,) Envy (@my username - seen them twice & their new album is shockingly good,) plus a bunch of different stuff primarily in the indie, emo, and metal orbit. My VK/J-Rock cred is pretty low, but I used to be obsessed with Deluhi years ago because I was majorly into Galneryus so... There's that at least. Another reason I joined was because I've been learning Bass recently and - while getting into bands like MUCC, Kannivalism, Suspended 4th, Tricot, and 9GOATS BLACK OUT - I've realized how much more interesting Bass in J-Rock is than it typically is in the West. Listening to stuff like this is really inspiring while struggling to learn an instrument, so I'm trying to see what other bands are out there. This seems like a good place to browse for that purpose, so... Hi!
  14. Insomniac Dozer

    Valentina sounds like it could be really good, but I unabashedly love Dorothy and will not be mad about more songs like it. Sesshoku is lol, gave me a similar feeling to the opening and closing tracks of Infinitum - which imo are their worst songs by a pretty large margin. Expecting something closer to Infinitum than anything else they've done. I've grown to like Infinitum a fair bit since it dropped - though I'm not sure it's the best direction to commit to, given everything they did leading up to it. We'll see though, it seems like they're basically in "wild card" mode.
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